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If you are visiting via a redirect and are wondering what happened, it might be easier just to take a look at this post from my personal blog.

I am rebuilding this site as best I can, but I am afraid a great deal of what I wrote here was lost. Thankfully, it was transcribed, which means I can always transcribe it again; however, the work is long and tedious.

I will upload the diary of Stella Bowling Cunningham as soon as possible. I have it on my computer. I will try to repost information that originally appeared on this site. Bear with me as I reconstruct what was lost.

Update: Thanks to Yahoo Cache, I was able to upload some posts. I will try for some more tomorrow.

New Domain

Posted in Site Issues/Technical

In order to make room for my husband to completely take over, I will be moving this blog to a new domain. My blog will still be available here for one week, after which time I will set up a redirect script. You will now find Our Family History at Please update your bookmarks and bear with me, as some links may be broken for a while until I get things sorted out.

PlanetHuff Down

Posted in Site Issues/Technical

I’m sorry if you’ve been trying to access any pages on (including this one) over the last couple of days. Tech support appears to have fixed the problem, but I don’t understand what it was — I thought I spoke Geek pretty well, but I’m obviously not fluent.

If you continue to have problems viewing the web sites on this domain, please contact either Steve or me by e-mail (remove the (AT) and replace with @).

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