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Month: May 2007

Memorial Day

Posted in Genealogy and History

Inspired by Randy’s post about relatives who have served in war time in the armed services, I honor the following ancestors who I know to have served our country during war.


  • Thomas Ray Swier, my father: Air Force

World War II

  • Udell Oliver Cunningham, my grandfather: Navy
  • David Edwin Swier (1921-2001), my grandfather: Army

World War I

  • Herman Cunningham (1895-1980), my great-grandfather: Army

Civil War

  • William Jones Bowling (1840-1916), my great-great-great-grandfather: Army, CSA
  • Shelby McDaniel (1833-1872), my great-great-great-grandfather: Army, CSA
  • John Thomas Stallings (1843-1916), my great-great-great grandfather: Army, CSA

Revolutionary War

  • Joseph Anthony (1713-1785)
  • Joseph Anthony, Jr. (1750-1810)
  • Churchill Blakey (1760-1837)
  • David Kennedy (1768-1837)
  • Alexander Kennedy (ca. 1738-after 1800)
  • James Stallings

Not included on this list are any relatives whose service records I haven’t discovered yet. Following is a list of other relatives who have served in the military:

  • Ryan Anthony Fondulis, my brother-in-law, currently in the Air Force
  • Martin Priester Cunningham, my cousin, currently in the Air Force
  • Teddy Wayne Cunningham, my uncle, retired Air Force
  • Billy Loid Thurman (1936-1991), my great-uncle, Army in Korean War
  • Alvin Herman Cunningham (1921-1962), my great-uncle, Army in World War II

Vintage Memorial Day Postcard

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the veterans, family members or not, for their sacrifices.

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What’s a Genealogy Blog Good For?

Posted in Genealogy 101

I haven’t posted in some time, but this time of year is hectic for a teacher, and I have had little time to do any genealogy research. I usually reserve my most intensive research for summers, when I have more time.

However, I did want to mention one the reasons I started this blog was that I hoped distant family members might connect via Google. As wonderful as the genealogy forums are for helping fellow genealogists connect, I think a blog has a wider audience. I have had quite a few family members connect with me through this blog.

If you frequent genealogy forums, but don’t have a blog, consider starting one. Don’t feel compelled to write in each day; I think too many bloggers worry about posting daily too much. A blog might open you up to a wider audience; you never know what you might learn or share!

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