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I have been tagged by two people to participate in this meme, but I have struggled with what I should say, and furthermore, who else I should tag.  I decided the best thing would be to participate, but not to tag anyone else, mainly because everyone I could think of has already done it and the thought of searching for genealogy bloggers who hadn’t was causing me to procrastinate something terrible.  So I offer five things you might not know about me (at least not if this is the only one of my blogs you read):

  1. I am a walking encyclopedia on Arthurian legend and Harry Potter lore.
  2. I have been published in education circles — a study guide for Beowulf for Penguin-Putnam and an article on integrating Judaic concepts with a study of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography in English Journal.
  3. My husband is a true crime writer, and he has a very popular blog on the topic.
  4. I am a big fan of blues music, but I like all kinds.  Blues is practically all I’m listening to right now.
  5. I have played flute, French horn, and guitar, but I do not currently play any instruments.  I could probably pick up the flute and guitar again with some practice, but I’m too rusty on the French horn.  I pick up musical instruments fairly easily.

That’s it!

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  1. Thanks for playing along, Dana!

    January 28, 2007

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