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Famous Relatives

Posted in Genealogy and History has a new beta feature whereby you can discover your relationship to famous historical personages. The feature works by gathering data from the One World Tree and comparing it to your own ancestry. I accessed it through a link in my own uploaded family tree at If you like, I can invite you to view my tree if you e-mail me or give me your username. Caveat: the information in the One World Tree is only as reliable as the genealogists who shared that information, so there are errors. In fact, I think I have found a few, but I didn’t go over the information with a fine-toothed comb.

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  1. Hi, Dana,

    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in this great game of genealogy that Jasia (Creative Genes) started last week. List 5 things about yourself that no one knows, then tag 5 more blogs to pass it on. Check out Jasia’s or my website for more info. You’re IT!

    January 22, 2007
  2. Glenn Hill
    Glenn Hill

    Hi Dana

    I would love to see your tree on

    Mine is “Hill and Kyle ancestors”

    I am still looking into all the crypto-Jewish families back there associated with the Anthony`s, and in the process have found that I am descended from some of the other families who were also in the Court of Henry VIII, and were fro sure Jewish, such as the Bassano family. These last connections came via my Chandler ancestors, who connect into my Hogg family branch, with John Chandler being the first in America. John Chandler married Elizabeth ( Widow Lupo), after her first husband died in early Virginia. I believe that her family name was Bassano. Both these families were part of the Jewish community in the Tudor court 1520 – on through Elizabeth I and beyond. The Bassano family married with the Lanier’s, who have many descendants today in America, as do the Lupos.

    I am still tying to connect the dots with the Anthony research in England, but I suspect that the Anthony family also married into the Lupo and Bassano families, and also perhaps the Lanier family and the others as well !

    Mark the Pirate is still a mystery, though perhaps with enough Y-DNA samples from more Anthony men, we will connect him for sure with the other Anthony lines!

    I have been very, very , very busy, and will give you more detailed info latter.

    Oh yes, I saw a mention of early Jewish community in Scotland, during the 1200-1300`s, of Jewish Children who were sent north to Scotland to hide them from the riots that were occurring, Perhaps could help account for matches with Jewish families in both Y-DNA and MT-DNA, among those of us with lots of Scottish ancestry!! 🙂

    Glenn Hill

    April 7, 2007

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