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Thomas Bouldinge

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Thomas Bouldinge arrived in Elizabeth City, Virginia on the ship Swan in 1610. The colony of Jamestown was established in 1607 and became the first permanent English settlement in America. The winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestown is known as the “starving time.” Over half of Jamestown’s settlers died waiting for supplies; supply ships were delayed. The area occupied by the colony was mosquito-infested, and the brackish water of the James River was no good for drinking. Native Americans were rightfully inhospitable to the colonists, as well. Many historians believe Jamestown’s high mortality rate can partially be blamed on poor planning. The colonists expected to trade with the locals for their food between supply ships and threw most of their cultivating energies into growing tobacco. By 1611, most of the Jamestown settlers had died. The colony’s prospects for survival looked bleak until 1617, when the colony’s tobacco exports finally generated enough income to keep the colony going.

Very little is actually known about Thomas Bouldinge. He is accepted as one of the “Ancient Planters” of America. The Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters, much like the Mayflower Society, is a genealogy society whose members trace their lineage to early American settlers. In the case of the Ancient Planters, members must prove lineage from a settler who emigrated to America prior to 1616, paid their own passage, and survived the massacre of Jamestown in 1622 (i.e., lived at least three years after the attack). Thomas Bouldinge was 40 when he emigrated to America. He may have come to Virginia with a wave of immigrant farmers in order to cultivate the land for the purpose of growing food for the fledgling colony. He married a woman named Mary, whose name is often spelled “Bouldin.” Herein lies one of the major problems that descendants of this family have in tracing their lineage: the name has a multitude of spelling variations, and it would seem our ancestors themselves were not terribly picky about how they spelled it. Some variations on the spelling include Bouldin, Bolton, Bolding, Bolden, Bolling, Bowling, Bollin, Boulding, and Bouldinge.

Another problem with researching this line is that overzealous genealogists in the past have created outright fiction in order to establish family connections to Pocahontas. If I might be granted a moment’s indulgence, I have rarely come across any other historical figure that so many people wanted to claim as an ancestor. It is true that many Bollings may trace their ancestry to Pocahontas, whose granddaughter Jane Rolfe married Robert Bolling. However, Robert Bolling arrived in Virginia in 1660. If he is related to Thomas Bouldinge, it is distantly; therefore, Thomas Bouldinge’s descendants most likely cannot claim Pocahontas as an ancestor (unless they descend through some other line in their families as well). I have examined the problem of the Blue Bollings in another post.

Inconsistency with name spellings and shoddy research done by genealogists more concerned with documenting wishful thinking than actual facts are not the only problems I have encountered in researching this line. I have made the acquaintance of two distant cousins, Larry Bowling and Joe Bowling. Their collective research has traced the Bowling lineage back to three brothers — Alexander, William, and Thomas Bowling, who lived in West Tennessee in the early 1800’s. My ancestor is William Bowling (1784-1870), who is the great-grandfather of Stella Ophelia Bowling — my great-great grandmother. If you are doing math, you have probably wondered how I can possibly maintain a connection to Thomas Bouldinge through a descendancy from William Bowling.

My connection to Thomas Bouldinge cannot yet be proven through historical documentation, but it can be proven through science. Larry Bowling and Joe Bowling participated in the Bolling Family Association DNA Study in 2001. Their DNA results were compared with those of a known, documented descendant of Thomas Bouldinge. Larry summarized the conclusions of the study:

Several descendants of Alexander, one of William and one of Thomas participated in the study. They all matched exactly using the 12 loci y-chromosome test conducted by Family Tree DNA and the Univ. Of Arizona. This proves that they all shared a common Bowling ancestor and proves the relationship of these three men when combined with other evidence. In 2002, John Bouldin, a documented descendant of Thomas Bouldinge 1580-1655, Fh665, who immigrated to America in 1610 on the Swan, also took the DNA test and matched my group 12 of 12. This test was expanded to the 25 allele test and compared with mine. We, again, matched exactly 25 of 25, proving that we share a common Bouldin/Bowling ancestor within 23 generations with a 90% confidence and 7 generations at 50%. Another desc. of Thomas Bouldinge 1580 has also matched this group. Thus it would appear, based upon the DNA evidence collected thus far, that Alexander, William and Thomas are descendants of Thomas Bouldinge 1580-1655 through an as yet undiscovered branch of his tree.

Because my relationship through the Bowling line to both Joe Bowling and Larry Bowling can be established through historical documentation, and their relationship to Thomas Bouldinge can be established through scientific documentation, it follows that I also have a relationship to Thomas Bouldinge.

My husband has Bolton relatives through his father’s mother, and my mother’s maternal aunt Winnie married Arvel Bolding. Despite the different spellings, these family members might find connections to Thomas Bouldinge (or other known Bolling branches) if they are willing to participate in the Bolling Family Association’s DNA test. Participants must be male, as it is a Y-chromosome study.

Thus, I can say my earliest immigrant ancestor in my Bowling line would seem to be Thomas Bouldinge, though I cannot trace my own Bowling ancestors past my ggggg-grandfather William Bowling. My ancestry to William Bowling is as follows:

Dana Michelle Swier
+ Patti Jo Cunningham
++ Udell Oliver Cunningham
+++ Herman Cunningham (1895-1980)
++++ Stella Ophelia Bowling (1867-1938)
+++++ William Jones Bowling (1840-1916)
++++++ Burgess Bowling (Abt. 1819-Bef. 1845)
+++++++ William Bowling (1784-1870)

This post is the fifth in a series about my known immigrant ancestors.

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  1. Frances Turner Steele
    Frances Turner Steele

    My Bolding lineage:
    Marvel Bolding, b 10 nov 1800, SC
    Enoch Bense Bolding, b 24 July 1823, S.C.
    William Roland Bolding, b Sept 1851
    John Bolding, b 12 April 1877
    Ruby Nell Bolding, b 15 April 1913 (my mother)

    Wondered if you have any information on my lineage. Thanks Frances Turner Steele

    December 27, 2006
    • Carolyn Pigg
      Carolyn Pigg

      Hello Bill,

      Can you email the newspaper clipping and the Oldest 1812 Survivor to me; I had it but my drive died; and a copy of a newspaper clipping from 1897, titled “Oldest 1812 Survivor”. He is Elijah Boulden Glenn, and the article mentions a connection to Pocahontas. I’ll send it along if you want to send an email. Also, I have done extensive research on the Boulding family in MD

      Thank you so much, Carolyn Pigg……email:

      July 13, 2010
      • Dianne Ridder Wade
        Dianne Ridder Wade


        I too would love to have a copy of the clipping and would still like to know which one of Pochontas’s sisters married Thomas Boulden, Bouldin, etc. I am a decendant of John Rogers Boulden, Mary Miller Boulden (G. G. grandmother), Catherine A. Boulden McDaniel (G grandmother). and Mary Alma McDaniel Ridder. My email address is;

        Thank you.

        Dianne Ridder Wade

        May 13, 2011
  2. David Boling
    David Boling

    I have also completed the 37 marker test and matched 36/37 markers with Larry and Joe. My line is through Thomas Sr.- brother of William. I was wondering who the pictures were of on your blog page banner.

    January 8, 2007
  3. Jon Daniel Bolding
    Jon Daniel Bolding

    I have been interested in tracing my lineage for many years. This seems to be a very interesting place to start.

    I would be interested in taking part in the genetic marker testing. My grandfather, George F. Bolding, told me of our family’s ownership of a plantation and associated slaves in the south in the years preceeding the Civil War.

    My father, James L. Bolding (b. July 1934), is deceased but could reveal no further information on our family tree.

    Please contact me and we’ll trade any more information that is out there.

    Thank you!

    Jon Bolding

    March 8, 2007
  4. darla bowling sams
    darla bowling sams

    I am a descendant of William.I’d love to hear more about Thomas.

    March 28, 2007
  5. Thomas Bouldin
    Thomas Bouldin

    I would like to know more of the bouldin line prior to Thomas Bouldinge 1523. I have traced my entire line from myself through Col Thomas bouldin 1706-1783 all the back to him.

    April 23, 2007
  6. Diane Wiley Bowers
    Diane Wiley Bowers

    I believe I am related to Thomas Bouldinge. It can be traced to Joseph one of 8 children born to Thomas Bouldin ( 1707-1783) Where can I get more information? Is there someone at this site that can provide more? Could someone contact me? Where would I be able to have a DNA test?

    Thank you…Diane Wiley Bowers

    June 21, 2007
  7. Lloyd Bolger
    Lloyd Bolger

    My Mothers surname was Bouldin she was the daughter of Harry Bouldin.
    I would be Intereseted in the D.N.A
    Marker test.I do know that we are desendent’s of col.Bouldin
    Also how far back do we go before comming to Amreica I heard that their is a bouldin Castle and is their any Royalty in the family?
    Thankyou Lloyd Bolger

    July 15, 2007
  8. Bill Travers
    Bill Travers

    I have a copy of a newspaper clipping from 1897, titled “Oldest 1812 Survivor”. He is Elijah Boulden Glenn, and the article mentions a connection to Pocahontas. I’ll send it along if you want to send an email. Also, I have done extensive research on the Boulding family in MD.

    August 14, 2007
  9. Sylvia Ross
    Sylvia Ross

    Thanks for the website. I descend from Thomas Bouldin (Bouldinge) through a line from William 1612> William 1665> Thomas 15 Jan. 1706> Francenia Bouldin Cox 25 July 1737> Thomas Cox ca.1759 > Edwin Fort Cox ca.1800 > Nathan Fort Cox 1843…and on down. My lineage back to Thomas Bouldin, 1706, has been verified by DAR. Unfortunately I have no real documentation from any earlier generations. Sylvia Ross

    October 14, 2007
    • Cheryl Alagna
      Cheryl Alagna

      My sister and I have just started researching our geneology and have a common ancestor with you. Francenia Bouldin is my ggggg grandmother. I would love to hear from you. Francenia has grabbed my attention and I would love to know more about her.

      Cheryl Alagna
      Plymouth Michigan

      August 26, 2010
  10. Hudson Glenn
    Hudson Glenn

    Do you know who Thomas Bouldinge’s wife was?
    I understand her Christian name was Mary.
    I have a copy of a deed that discribes her as Mary, Indian Planter.
    Any Thoughts?

    December 4, 2007
  11. Hudson Glenn
    Hudson Glenn

    Do you know who was married to Thomas Bouldinge? Mary was her Christian name.
    A Deed has her as Mary an Indian Planter.

    December 5, 2007
  12. Hudson, I’m afraid I don’t know who she was. I can’t even really trace my connection through a line — I know it’s there because of DNA tests taken by Bowling men in the family, but no line has yet been proven. Sorry I can’t be of more help (and I’m sorry I didn’t post your comment earlier — I was slow!).

    December 5, 2007
  13. Winette Sparkman Jeffery
    Winette Sparkman Jeffery

    I live near the site where Thomas and Mary Bouldin(ge) lived after coming to Virginia on The Swan(n) in August 1610 (some say 1611). I am a local historian/educator working in museums in the area. The city of Hampton, Virginia will be turning 400 in 1610 and have much about these Kicotan/Elizabeth Cittie/Hampton original settlers. My Bouldin line traces back to Thomas of the Swan, so I’ll try to keep this forum informed of any new info about his name being mentioned in history. As for Mary, please advise me regarding the deed naming her as Mary, Indian Planter… this is interesting as I have read she was also a Bouldin and married Thomas in England before the voyage. Many regards to all!

    January 18, 2008
    • Dianne Ridder Wade
      Dianne Ridder Wade

      Hi Winette,

      Have you been able to obtain anymore information on Thomas and Mary Bouldin(en, ing). I am a decendant of William L. Boulden. If you could please keep me informed on this history. My email address is

      Thank you.

      Dianne Ridder Wade

      May 13, 2011
  14. Thomas Bouldin
    Thomas Bouldin

    I have finally proved a Pocahontas desendency. From John Rolfe thru to Powhatan.

    February 19, 2008
  15. Barry Boling
    Barry Boling

    My dna test showed 12 markers to Thomas of the Swan. I’m related to David above. He is my cousin’s son. We have a information gap with my g-g-grandfather, Lewis. He showed up on the Adams County, Ill, census in 1840. He had already been married and widowed and remarried. It was said that he had been born in Georgia around 1800. We traced a Lewis, son of Thomas Sr, to Haywood County, Tennessee. This is the fuzzy area. Is this the same Lewis? When did the name Bouldin(ge) change to Boling? Any Tennessee help out there?

    February 27, 2008
  16. Thomas Bouldin
    Thomas Bouldin

    Bill Travers You mentioned on this forum you have an article “I have a copy of a newspaper clipping from 1897, titled “Oldest 1812 Survivor”. He is Elijah Boulden Glenn, and the article mentions a connection to Pocahontas. I’ll send it along if you want to send an email. Also, I have done extensive research on the Boulding family in MD.

    I would like to get a copy of this article How do I get in touch with you?

    March 8, 2008
  17. I would love for all of you to join our FREE site that we’ve been putting together to help the cousins of Thomas Bouldinge of the Swan communicate with each other in a ‘virtual’ reunion and research sharing.

    Take a look or email me


    Charles Patrick Bouldin (Chad)

    March 15, 2008
  18. Cathy Craft
    Cathy Craft

    Does any one know of Bolton descendants? I am a Bolton by birth and I am married to a Craft with direct lines to Pocahontas. My husband is a 15th g-grandchild to her with the ped chart info given to him by an older ancestor. I love genealogy. Its so much fun to learn of your family!

    April 5, 2008
  19. Rhea Hunter
    Rhea Hunter

    I am a descendant of Thomas Boulden (Delaware) and Sally Boulden (Pennsylvania). I am interest in purchasing a copy of the book that the Bouldin Family Association entitled “Voyage of the Swan”. Please let me know if it is still available for purchase. Thank you, Rhea

    April 24, 2008
  20. Hudson Glenn
    Hudson Glenn

    Send me your e-mail address and I will send you a copy of the deed of Mary Bouldin Indian Planter.


    May 30, 2008
  21. Walter Timoschuk
    Walter Timoschuk

    Related in linage to William and Thomas Bouldinge

    June 10, 2008
  22. joyce  gathright
    joyce gathright

    does any one have connections to Mary Bolding 1745- 1808 married sept 1765 (prob in new york ) to Alexander Peers in Dutchess n y county .
    she was born in u.s and died as a loyalist in canada..

    Mary’s bolding family of origin did NOT go to canada. with her and her own husb and children…..since there are not boldings recorded i n1790 census in new york… just 7 years after my mary and Alexander went to canada…it would follow that the boldings came from another area…or emmigrated from new york promptly after the war…

    i sure would appreciate help connecting my mary bolding to a line that stayed in us..

    September 6, 2008
    • Pat Minch
      Pat Minch

      Hi, Joyce Gathright. Alexander Peers (b. 1745) and Mary Bolding (b. 1745), who purportedly married in 1766 on Long Island, New York, are my gggg-grandparents. I, too, have been stumped for years on Mary’s parentage. Have you had any feedback on this inquiry, or have you come up with any further information which might connect Mary Bolding to a set of parents?


      January 9, 2011
  23. Janet Bouldin
    Janet Bouldin

    My BOULDIN family live in England I am interested in tracing my family tree My Fathers name was Eric His father was Harry Bouldin born in Lambeth London,his Father was Richard born in London and his Father was also Richard Has any one any Bouldin relatives also from London England?

    November 23, 2008
  24. Shawn Bowling-Musgrove
    Shawn Bowling-Musgrove

    Thank you for sharing! Is the Rev. Jesse Bowling (1758 VA – 1841 KY), who married Mary Pennington (1765 NC – 1843 KY), a part of this Thomas Bouldinge lineage?

    December 8, 2008
  25. Renee Bowling Clapper
    Renee Bowling Clapper

    I am too a descendant of William Bowling (1789-1870). My great-grandfather Robert S. Bowling’s grandfather was Jarrett Wesley Bowling who is William Bowling’s son. I have just started researching my heritage and I cannot pull myself away from the computer. I keep coming up with the information that Thomas Boulding III was married to Mary Bowling. Do you know if that is where the name got changed and if Thomas and Mary named one of their son’s William Bowling to keep her maiden name going? I suppose it would be impossible to really know how the names got changed. It was great reading the information you have and if you have any more information in the future that you don’t mind forwarding, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.
    Renee Bowling Clapper

    January 5, 2009
  26. Steven Bolden
    Steven Bolden

    I am also a Bolden descendant with proven DNA markers for Thomas of the Swan. I read a post on a Boling site that someone had suspicions that Thomas had a mistress, I will try to find the info again as it gives her name, but upon Thomas’s death the son born of this union took Thomas’s Boulding name. Does anyone have knowledge of this and who this woman was. My proven ancestry goes to Joseph, b abt. 1756.

    March 14, 2009
  27. BFA: We recently received information that Benjamin Bolling, born 1734 died 1832 is also related to Thomas (of the Swan).

    To Glenn, if it’s not any trouble, could you also send me a copy of the deed of Mary Bouldin Indian Planter. I am a descendant of Benjamin Bolling, Sr. through his son Elder Jesse Boling. Jesse was an Elder in the Primitive Baptist Church, at Fort Blackmore; later he became the first Magistrate in Perry County, Kentucky. My email is

    To Shawn Bowling Musgrove, Elder Jesse Boling’s father Benjamin is also related to Thomas.

    I look forward to returning to this site and meeting new family members.

    Carolyn Pigg

    March 25, 2009
  28. Dear Thomas Bouldin,

    Would you mind sharing your descendancy from John Rolfe to Powhatan? I am curious as to which Bolling. I am a descendant of Benjamin Bolling, Sr. born 1732 died 1834.

    Carolyn Pigg

    March 26, 2009
  29. Darla Bowling Sams
    Darla Bowling Sams

    I just wanted to update you. I have been working with Larry and the late Joe Bowling for a couple of years now. I did take it back one more generation with William Bowling Sr. b.approx 1760
    He was in Simms settlement/Elk river with William 1784 and they were listed as Sr. and Jr. Also there was a widow Bowling named Damarius.
    Larry and I think that the line definatley comed through Col. Thomas Bouldin.
    William 1744 married Ann Burgess. That is a name that runs through the family. Either the line runs from them, or from a sister of hers.
    More research needed.
    Keep in touch.

    June 8, 2009
  30. Marci Huebner
    Marci Huebner

    I have just found that I am a descendent of Thomas Boulding, from the Swan 1610. My lineage is Thomas Bouldinge III- William Bowling- William Bowling, Jr.- George Bowling- Joseph Bowling- Benjamin Bowling- Benjamin Bowling JR.- Jarrett Bowling- William Bowling- Jarrett Wesley Bowling- Wilbur Henderson Bowling- Isaac Roland Bowling- John Henderson Bowling- Marcella Bowling (my mother)
    My sister and I are taking a pilgrimage to Portsmouth to visit family and then on to KY to find gravestones, distant cousins, etc..
    I am interested in any family history that can be provided such as cemeteries, churches, and towns for the Jarrett Wesley Bowling and Nancy Taylor Vansant family that first moved to Elliot Co., KY in the early 1800’s or their descendents.
    Any information on the Ketucky clan would be appreciated. You can email me at
    Thanks in advance! Marci

    June 28, 2009
    • Sudie Bowling Green
      Sudie Bowling Green

      My grandfather, Thomas, was Wilburn Henderson’s brother. My linage is Jarrett Wesley>Thomas>Norman>me. My oldest brother was named Henderson Wilburn. I can remember Isaac Roland’s wife Fanny visiting in my father’s home in Wheelersburg, Ohio and vaguely remember Doug who ran a grocery store in New Boston. Is he your uncle? He is buried in Memorial Burial Park in Wheelersburg. I can remember how upset my father was when Doug died suddenly.
      Our family has lived in Wheelersburg, Ohio for years but my father and grandfather were born in Elliott County, Kentucky. There is an annual Bowling reunion in Sandy Hook usually in October.
      One of the Bowling cemeteries is Wells Creek where my grandparents, Thomas and Martha, are buried. We were told there is another cemetery near it where Wilburn Henderson and his parents are buried. Either our directions were wrong or the markers are gone because we couldn’t find it. Do you know of this cemetery?
      When we visited Wells Creek Cemetery in 1990, it was in perfect condition–fenced and mowed– but when we were there in 2009, it was desimated. The farmer who bought the land let the fence go down and cows had knocked over monuments and trampled over all of it. My grandparents’ stone was split in half. We hope to have the cemetery restored.
      Sudie Bowling Green

      January 29, 2011
  31. Ava nell (Bouldin) Timoschuk
    Ava nell (Bouldin) Timoschuk

    09-09-09 Greetings:
    How great would it be to contact Chad Bouldin at his invitation to
    join The Bouldin with your Tree, in a joint effort to gain much needed information? To jointly Plan a Clan Bouldin Gathering, Uniting in a Great Reunion for the 400 Years on American Soil, & inviting relatives from UK, and elsewhere in 2010; regardless how it is spelled?
    Please give serious consideration and thought to this idea? Please
    reply to or for input?
    Giving up-to-date e-mail addresses, phone numbers & address? All
    of the above inquiries are very interesting and meaningful!
    Join, and unite in one common cause to have the best referenced
    documentation for this very special Family, in history. To honor our
    Patriots throughout Pioneer Hardship – to now – PLUS living FREE
    and unafraid is A REMARKABLE FEAT! RSVP?
    Sincerely, Ava Nell (Bouldin) Timoschuk–

    September 10, 2009
  32. Winette Sparkman Jeffery
    Winette Sparkman Jeffery

    What better place for “Bouldinge” folks to gather than Hampton, VA as it turns 400 in 2010? That’s where Thomas of the Swan and Mary lived! I have the plat on a map!

    Regards Cousins,
    Winette S. Jeffery
    Hampton History Museum
    Hampton, VA

    October 3, 2009
  33. Carolyn Pigg
    Carolyn Pigg

    Hello Dana,

    I had to open a new Yahoo account and when that happened I lost over thousand documents, trying to get them to retrieve them for me.

    One document was on the Oldest survivor 1812. Is it possible for you to email that document to me? It would be so appreciated.


    February 2, 2010
  34. Bob O'Neil
    Bob O'Neil

    My granddaughter, Catherine Ford, living in the Chicago area has Pochahontas as her 13th great gradmother. She was married to John Rolfe who descends fron the Bollings (de Bollings, Bollins) at Bolling Hall in England.
    Catherine’s mother has a great deal of documentation to make this connection.

    March 8, 2010
    • Bob O'Neil
      Bob O'Neil

      Correction of my message on March 8, 20010
      My granddaughter’s line to Pocahontas is as follows:
      Catherine Spring Ford b.1980
      Tod Ford b. 1959 Kathleen Gilbert b.1962
      Edward Gilbert b.1938 Virginia Carter b.1939
      Green Gilbert b.? Virginia Lee McGown b.?
      Robert McGowan b.? Mae Lillian Spivey b.?
      Edward McGowan b. 1859 Lydia (Lidy) Huff 1859-1953
      Daniel Huff b.1814 Margaret (Peggy) Fields b.1824
      Leonard Huff b.1789 Hannah Bolling April 28, 1785
      Jesse Bolling b.June 1, 1758 Mary Pennington b.1765
      Benjamin Bolling June 30, 1734 Pattie Phelps b.1737
      John Bolling Jr. b. Jan 20, 1699/00 Elizabeth Blair
      John Bolling Sr. Jan 27, 1675/76 Mary Kenson/Kennon
      Jane Rolfe b.1655 Robert Bolling b.Dec 26, 1647
      Thomas Bolling b.1615 Jane Poythress
      John Rolfe b. 1584? Pocahontas / Maoaka b.1595

      I’m anxious to see if there is a connection to Dana Huff. Thank you for your hard work on this project.

      December 8, 2012
      • Kath

        FYI — this connection via Benjamin Bolling (1734) has been disproven by DNA. Benjamin’s parents are unknown.

        April 25, 2014
  35. Carolyn Pigg
    Carolyn Pigg


    Can anyone find the email address for Shawn Bowling-Musgrove, or email him and ask he to email me? I lost contact with him, and I need to talk with Shawn. Email address:

    Thanks for any help

    April 3, 2010
  36. Pamela Rowe
    Pamela Rowe

    I am a descendent of the Bouldin/Bouldens’ of Cecil, County Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware. My g grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Boulden. Her parents were Ezekiel Cooper Boulden and Mary Helen McCauley.
    I have had an autosomal test at 23andMe, as well as a mtDNA test at
    I am willing to discuss family history — feel free to write me at

    Thank you,

    April 9, 2010
  37. Holly Watson
    Holly Watson
    I’m related too!
    William Bowling- William Bowling, Jr.- George Bowling- Joseph Bowling- Benjamin Bowling- Benjamin Bowling JR.- Jarrett Bowling- William Bowling- Jarrett Wesley Bowling- William Patton- George Henry Bowling- Tishora Bowling Bays- my grandma- my dad- me.

    So it looks like William was the s/o Thomas Bouldinge III??? I hadn’t heard this yet 🙂

    This is really exciting. Anyone related to this line of the family– it’d be great to talk!

    May 11, 2010
    • Brittiny Murphy
      Brittiny Murphy

      William Patton- Thomas Jarrett Bowling-David Cambell Bowling- Rebecca Ruth Bowling- Nancy Lou Delaney- Rebecca Delaney- ME…. you know everything before William Patton… so i picked there to start… we would be extremely distantly related… but still cool to know. 🙂

      August 27, 2011
  38. I too am frustrated as I tie all the Bowlings together. We are all from Tazewell Co, Va. I have also been told that we are from the Thomas/Mary line and they came in on the Swan. My first cousin still lives in the home that has been in the family since the 1800 and we plan a family renuion in Sept at the ole home place. He and another cousin have actually been to the The Bolling Hall and Museum in England and got to sign that special book. He says he has everything documented. I have such an appreciation for what our ancestors went thru.

    June 5, 2010
    • Sudie Bowling Green
      Sudie Bowling Green

      My great grandfather, Jarrett Wesley Bowling, moved from Tazewell County, Virginia to Elliott County, Kentucky in the 1800’s.
      My grandfather, Thomas, Jarrett’s youngest son, was born in Elliott County in 1858. I am very much interested in ancestors still living in Tazewell and would appreciate notification of family reunions there. I would like to see some of the sites there. I know Jarret died in Knob Hill in Tazewell. Do you know his burial place? When you speak of the “ole home place,” whose home was it? Do you know anything about Jarrett’s son William, my gggrandfather? Was his middle name Wesley? I have read Jarrett’s will and noted that he left his estate to Wesley and Nellie, a daughter by his last wife. There were three slaves listed in his estate inventory.
      My linage is Jarrett>William>Jarrett Wesley>Thomas>Norman>me. Jarret’s first wife was Eleanor Garrison, whose mother was Rebecca Jane Bolling, the daughter of Robert III and the granddaughter of Colonel Robert Bolling, who married Jane Rolfe, Pocahontas’s granddaughter; however her father’s mother was not Jane but Ann Stith through whom we have common ancestry with Geroge Bush. Robert Bolling IV built Centre Hill Mansion in Petersburg, Virginia.
      There is a Bowling reunion in Sandy Hook, Kentucky usually in October.
      Sudie Bowling Green

      January 29, 2011
  39. I have always been told my ancestors came to America on a ship called the Swan. I think it is very interesting that Thomas Bouldinge was a member of the Ancient Planters and that my family has always been involved in the nursery business or some kind of agriculture. It seems the working of soil runs deep.

    June 14, 2010
  40. Russ Swanson
    Russ Swanson

    I would love to get some stories about any of my ancestors.

    email or

    Thanks, Russ Swanson

    Here is my lineage!
    Thomas BOULDING (born 1523 in Shelborne, England).
    Thomas Boulding II
    Thomas Boulding III
    Benjamin I
    Benjamin II
    James Henry
    William James
    Anna Marie Bowling (Synovec)
    Phyllis Synovec (Swanson)
    Russ Swanson

    July 22, 2010
    • Wynema Bowling Mott
      Wynema Bowling Mott

      Russ, I have the asme linage up to Jarrett. Ir’s my understanding that Jarrett had 3 wives and 18 children. He was also a Revolutionary War Soldier and was at the surrender in Yorktown. My Linage is from his first marriage, from sons Lynsey and William.
      This happened as my Great Grandfather Rev James Bowling, son of William, married he’s second cousin Margaret Bowling, daughter of Lynsy Bowling. Lynsy and William were full brother. I am a grandaughter of Everett W. Bowling, from Tazewell Va.
      Sorry I don’t have the rest of the childrens name from all his 3 marriages. I am going to my Bowling family reunion in Tazewell on 8-7-10. My first cousin Donald Bowling still owns the ole home place. Hopefully I’ll have more information at that time as he has alot of orginial documents. He also visited, Bolling Hall in near Bradford England. We must be cousins!

      July 29, 2010
      • Sudie Bowling Green
        Sudie Bowling Green

        Please notify me if there is a 2011 Bowling Reunion in Tazewell.
        My e-mail:
        Sudie Bowling Green

        March 15, 2011
  41. Cheryl Alagna
    Cheryl Alagna

    How wonderful to come upon this site. My sister and I have recently started tracing our lineage and have come across the Boulding line. It goes as follows starting with the most recent:

    Cheryl Mullee-Thomas Mullee father-Orean Cox-Bolin Cox-John James Cox-John Johnston Cox-Thomas Cox-and his father John Cox II who was married to Francenia Bouldin, daughter of Col Thomas Bouldin. I would love to stay connected to this group. My sister and I have asked my brother to do the DNA test but he lives in Texas and hasn’t agreed yet.

    August 26, 2010
    • Hope

      My grandfather is Richard Mullee (mother is Orean from TN, father is Thomas V. Mullee). I’ve been trying to find more information about Orean. Is this the same family?

      October 12, 2010
      • Cheryl Alagna
        Cheryl Alagna

        Yes our families are connected. Your grandfather Richard was my Dad’s younger brother. My father is Thomas Victor. Orean is their mother. Thomas Vincent is their father. If you wish to contact me directly, my email is As you can see, I was on this site once and haven’t checked it in along while.


        March 5, 2011
        • Pamela Rowe
          Pamela Rowe

          Hi Cheryl,
          You, and/or your sister, can do an autosomal DNA test at or 23andMe to find Bouldin/Boulden relatives (no longer do we have to wait around for a male relative!). 23andMe offers the test for $99.00 + a $9.00 monthly subscription fee (not sure what the rate will be at–it is brand new and will be offered in 2012. This test will tell you who “all” your cousins are (maternal + paternal); therefore, if you have Bouldin cousins’ ~ first through fifth, they “should” show up as a match for you. I am tested at both sites. If you want more info let me know.

          December 27, 2011
  42. Pamela Rowe
    Pamela Rowe

    I believe this is how my direct line connects.
    My gg grandmother:
    Mary Elizabeth Boulden–1857–Cecil County, MD–mtDNAH36
    Her father:
    Ezekiel Cooper Boulden–1824–Cecil County, MD
    His father:
    John Boulden–1767–Cecil County, MD
    His father:
    James Jr Bouldin:1747–Cecil County, MD
    His father:
    James Sr Boulding–1712–Cecil County, MD
    His father:
    William Bouldin III–1669–Cecil County,Md
    His father:
    William Bouldin II–1650–Cecil County, MD
    His father:
    William Bouldin I–1579–Stratford on Avon, England

    September 29, 2010
    • Judi Lank
      Judi Lank

      Pamela, Take a look at this record on the DAR website : Mabel McMullen Lank (Nat.’l # 484646) .She was my grandmother and her father, David McMullin married Mary Elizabeth Boulden (who was his first wife). David’s mother was also a Boulden from Cecil County,MD.

      March 4, 2011
      • Pamela Rowe
        Pamela Rowe

        Hi Judi,

        I just noticed your reply while surfing the web.

        Sarah Louise Boulden (David’s mother) was my 3rd g grandmother. I was unaware that David had a second wife; will you please pass that information along to me? It would seem we are first cousins’, two-times removed. Your grandmother, Mabel, was my great aunt.


        December 27, 2011
    • Greg Shelton
      Greg Shelton

      My name is Greg Shelton.
      My wife Dawn and I own a historic home built in the 18th century by James Boulden (from Cecil County). It’s on the Historic Registry and it’s known as “Poplar Hall”.

      contact me to chat about it.

      Greg Shelton

      July 9, 2014
  43. Alan Glendening
    Alan Glendening

    Dana, just started looking into my Ancestry and I find out that we are Great…… Cousins. Your gggg Grandfather Burgess Bowling was my gggg Grandfather Isham Bowling’s brother. I was having trouble tracking down Burgess Bowling until I discovered your site. If you wish to contact me feel free to email me.

    June 26, 2011
  44. Brittiny Murphy
    Brittiny Murphy

    This is my lineage to Thomas Boudinge:
    Starting with Thomas Boudinge:William Bouldin:George Bowling : Joseph Bowling:Benjamin Bowling, Sr:Benjamin Bowling, Jr. : Jarrett Bowling:William Bowling :Jarrett Wesley Bowling: Willam Patton Bowling: Thomas Jarrett Bowling, Sr: David Cambell Bowling: Rebecca Ruth Bowling- Ferrell: Nancy Lou Ferrell- Delaney: Rebecca Joy Delaney (my mother).

    August 27, 2011
  45. hello my name is Henry Boulding II and I am black. My family roots trace to charlotsville Va. I was told that we were owned by a man named Thomas tyler Bouldin and that is where the black boulding’s come from? Some one please help.

    October 3, 2011
    • Pamela Rowe
      Pamela Rowe

      Hi Henry,
      The Thomas Tyler Bouldin in my family tree is:
      Thomas Tyler BOULDIN
      Birth: 07 June 1906 in Virginia, USA
      Death: 24 September 1997 in Keysville, Charlotte, Virginia, USA
      The last census I have for Thomas is in 1930; unfortunately, no children, spouse, or slaves/farmhands/others are included in that census. In April we will have access to the 1940’s census; make sure you check and other sites at that time for clues.

      December 27, 2011
  46. JOE M. BERRY

    My maternal grandmother was Martha Jemima Bouldin, born July 7, 1873, Jackson County, Alabama. Her brother, Terrill Bunyan Bouldin, published a pamphlet on the Bouldin Family. According to this publication:
    Thomas Bouldin was born in Warwickshire, England in 1580, his father (Thomas) was born at Shelborne, England, in 1523. Thomas arrived at Jamestown on the Swan in 1610. His wiife was named Mary. On January 20, 1624, he obtained a land grant (Patent Book No. 1, Part 1, page 43, General Land Office, Richmond, Va,) for property in Elizabeth City County, Va.
    Thomas and Mary had a son, William, born 1620, moved tio Pennsylvania. William had a son named William, born 1650, died 1717, wife named Elizabeth.
    I will not burden one with more details, but will share additional information upon request. Was it Mark Twain that said, “Genealogy, like chastity, is a wonderful thing, but neither should be overdone.” Joe Berry

    August 24, 2012
  47. Mahlon Bouldin
    Mahlon Bouldin

    Hello Cousins,
    My family, too, is in direct line from Thomas Bouldinge. In the 1980’s my uncle, Alexander Lavator Gilliam, travelled to Virginia, researched the geneology of our line and compiled a sort of private book of documents for each of my brothers and cousins. Not sure if there’s anything new for anyone in it, but if this can help in research I’ll be glad to share the information.

    Mahlon Bouldin
    Memphis, TN
    Clarksdale, MS

    September 11, 2012

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