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Daniel Jouet

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Last updated on April 12, 2009

In 1685, Louis XIV issued the Edict of Fontainebleau, a revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Under the Edict of Nantes, Protestants were granted certain civil rights. Louis XIV’s new edict declared Protestantism illegal, and after its issuance, hundreds of thousands of Huguenots fled the country. The violence done to Huguenots in France prior to the Edict of Nantes is counted among history’s worst atrocities. Among those Huguenots who escaped the violence that was sure to follow the Edict of Fontainebleau were my ancestors Daniel Jouet, his wife, the former Marie Coursier, and their children Daniel and Pierre.

Daniel Jouet was born in about 1660 in ÃŽle de Ré, France, near the Huguenot center of La Rochelle. He was a sailmaker by trade (Van Ruymbeke 93). Daniel Jouet and his wife initially emigrated to London, England after the Edict of Fontainebleau. In late 1686 or early 1687, they received five pounds sterling to “go to Carolina” from the French Committee, who oversaw dispensation of funds to needy Huguenots in England (Van Ruymbeke 93). They would not leave for Carolina until 1695. First, they moved to Plymouth, where their third child, a daughter named Marie, was born. In 1688, they emigrated to Narragansett, Rhode Island (Van Ruymbeke 93). In 1689, the Jouets relocated to New York City where their fourth child, Ézéchiel was born (Van Ruymbeke 93). Ézéchiel, another son Jean, and two more daughters, Élisabeth and Anne, were baptized in the French Church in New York (Baird 306). By 1695 the family “suddenly and surprisingly” left for Carolina at last. They petitioned for naturalization in 1696, but did not remain in Carolina long before once again relocating to Elizabethtown, New Jersey (Van Ruymbeke 93). Daniel Jouet’s will was proved on October 10, 1721 (Calendar of New Jersey Wills).

Daniel Jouet’s rootlessness is explained by Bertrand Van Ruymbeke as “symtomatic of the post-Revocation exodus and of the displaced Huguenots’ unusual capacity for mobility” (94).

I descend from Daniel’s son Pierre, who established his own family in Virginia. It is not clear when, but some time after the Jouets emigrated, the spelling of their name was altered to “Jouett.” Pierre’s son Matthew Jouett was the progenitor of a long line of namesakes in the families of his female descendants. For example, his daughter Henrietta married Joseph Williams and would name her son Matthew Jouett Williams. Matthew Jouett Williams’ daughters Rebecca (Williams) Anthony and Mary Ann (Williams) Black would name their sons Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony and Matthew Jouett Williams Black, respectively.

Thomas Jefferson, by Matthew Harris JouettMatthew Jouett was a captain of the Virginia Militia in the American Revolution. His son is perhaps a more famous Patriot than he, however. Captain John “Jack” Jouett is known as the “Paul Revere of the South.” Captain Jack Jouett’s son Matthew Harris Jouett is a well-known artist. To the left is his famous portrait of Thomas Jefferson. [Note: Deb Comer in the comments is absolutely right about dates; the erroneous information was found on the site I linked. A lesson: Be careful about even reputable sources!]

Daniel Jouet’s descendants included Tories, too. Cavalier Jouet was a son of Daniel Jouet (Jr. — Daniel Jouet’s son). Cavalier Jouet remained in New Jersey; he was raised by his grandparents, Daniel Jouet and Marie Coursier Jouet. He was imprisoned for his Loyalist sympathies, but escaped behind British lines in New York. His property and estate were confiscated, and he emigrated to England. He returned to America in 1792 to attempt to regain his property, but was apparently unsuccessful and returned to Rawreth, Essex in England, where he died in 1810. Cavalier Jouet’s son Xenophon Jouet was also a Loyalist. He fought as ensign in the New Jersey Volunteers during the Revolution, then moved to Canada following the war.

My connection to Daniel Jouet may be traced thusly:

Dana Michelle Swier
+ Patti Jo Cunningham
++ Udell Oliver Cunningham
+++ Herman Cunningham (1895-1980)
++++ Amos Blakey Cunningham (1871-1962)
+++++ Mary Ann Penelope Anthony (1835-1917)
++++++ Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868)
+++++++ Rebecca Williams (1782-1832)
++++++++ Matthew Jouett Williams (1749-1818)
+++++++++ Henrietta Jouett (1727-1779)
++++++++++ Matthew Jouett (Abt. 1701-1746)
+++++++++++ Pierre Jouet (1683-1743)
++++++++++++ Daniel Jouet (Abt. 1660-1721)

This post is the fourth in a series about my known immigrant ancestors.

Book Sources:

  • Baird, Charles Washington. History of the Huguenot Emigration to America. Vol. 1. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1885.
  • Van Ruymbeke, Bertrand. From New Babylon to Eden: The Huguenots and Their Migration to Colonial South Carolina. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2006.

Web sources are linked above.

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  1. Barbara Clark
    Barbara Clark

    Dear Dana,
    I happened to do a search of Henrietta Jouett and came across your site. Actually, I had seen something else you had listed on another site a year or so ago, dated 28 Sept 2002.

    I am directly related to Henrietta Jouett through Mary Ann Williams Black, the daughter of Henrietta’s son, Matthew Jouett Willimas, Sr. I was very interested in the Van Ruymbeke book as I had not seen it and hope to be able to request it here. I live in Salt Lake City (I am not Mormon. My husband’s work brought us here.)and have access to great research which I do every so often. My uncle, Dr. O. W. Clayton of Birmingham, AL, sent me some information a few years ago. It was the first I had known of Huguenot relatives. Interestingly, I have been a francophile since childhood and continue to study the language and culture.

    A year and a half ago I was able to visit French friends who live near La Rochelle, France. Etienne took me to the “Protestant Temple” in La Rochelle which has a small library and then to a tour of the lovely island of Ile de Re. There is some thought that the Jouet family who lived on Ile de Re may have come from another area of France and I have found some interesting information which I have not yet had time to verify. I also visited the Huguenot Society in NYC a year or so ago. Most of what I found was available here. I am very happy to share any information that might be relevant to you.
    When I visited the Protestant Museum in La Rochelle, a lady who seemed to be the curator showed me 3 books.
    One of the texts indidcated that Daniel and Marie Jouet were part of a group of Huguenots led by:
    Ezechial Carre – pastor of the colony, studied in Geneva, served 2 churches in France-Mirambeau in Saintonge and La Roche-Chalais (town not clear).
    Pierre Berthon de Marigny
    Pierre Ayrault – doctor from Angers
    I have translated the French to English in the above descriptions. I would like to do more research on these when I have time.

    I would like to hear from you. I take it that you are a teacher. My mother and sister and her family live in Georgia. In fact, I am coming to Georgia sometime soon to help move my mother to an assisted living facility. My sister is a teacher on St. Simons Island.

    January 14, 2007
  2. Deb Comer
    Deb Comer

    Dana, I believe you’ve got your Matthew Jouetts mixed up. Your (and my) ancestor, Matthew Jouett (son of Pierre, father of Henrietta, grandfather of Matthew Jouett Williams – this is my line too) died many years before the Revolution began and even if he had lived, he’d have been far too old to serve as a captain in the militia.

    The Matthew Jouett who was in the Virginia 7th militia was “our” Matthew’s grandson, son of John Jouett Sr. and brother to Captain Jack Jouett of the famous ride as well as to Captain Robert Jouett, also of the Virginia 7th. Matthew Jouett – the grandson, not “old” Matthew – unfortunately died of injuries sustained in battle.

    My line diverges from yours when we get to Rebecca Williams and her husband Micajah Anthony. I descend through their son Thomas B. Anthony, who was the first doctor in Winterville, GA (very close to Athens). I’ve always wondered if the initial “B.” in his middle name stood for Bolling or Blakey, two names which cropped up from time to time in the family, but I’ve never been successful in finding out. Even his gravestone says “Thomas B. Anthony”.

    Do you still live in Georgia? My dad still lives in Oglethorpe County, where the family’s been for the last couple of centuries.


    February 15, 2008
  3. Tanya Burnett
    Tanya Burnett

    I am also a decendant of Capt. Jack Jouett! Actually his son Jack Jouett III. I am interested in the information that you have and was wondering if I could get copies of anything Jouett you have?


    June 15, 2008
  4. I also descend from Rebecca Williams and Micajah Anthony through their son Dr. Thomas B. Anthony. His daughter Muhuldah Ray Anthony was my Gt Gt grandmother.I also descend from Mary Ann Williams who married Lemuel Black.Their daughter Mary Jane Black was my Gt Gt Gt grandmother and married William Glenn. Dana their are also Huff’s in both lines. Would like to here from Deb Comer who made a post on you’re

    August 23, 2008
    • Deb Comer
      Deb Comer

      Glenn, I’m sorry that it’s taken me almost two years to reply to this (I saw your post ages ago but evidently, despite thinking I’m completely computer-savvy, I neglected to notice that I could actually reply to your post — twenty years of education and I’m befuddled by a simple mouse click!). I’d love to exchange information.

      Dana, is there any way you could put me in touch with Glenn? If you have his e-mail address, I’d be very grateful if you’d put him in touch with me. Thanks very much.

      July 22, 2010
  5. Stacey Jouett
    Stacey Jouett

    My maiden name is Stacey Jouett – I am a direct descendant of Jack Jouett and that line. I have a tremendous amount of genealogical information regarding this line if anyone is interested….

    February 10, 2009
    • Tanya Burnett
      Tanya Burnett

      I am soooo interested in what information you have! I am also a descendant of Jack Jouett and would love anything you could pass on to me! I have taken over family tree information since my Aunt has passed. Thanks you so much!

      September 9, 2010
    • Jason Jouett
      Jason Jouett

      Hi my name is Jason Jouett and I am very interested in tracing the roots from Jack Jouett (Capt. Jack Jouett of the Revoluntionary War) to Matthew Harrison Jouett (Famous Kentucky Artist) to James Edward Jouett (Famous Admiral in the Navy, 3 ships named “Jouett” in his honor) to me. My fathers name is John Harvy Jouett, born in Vernon Texas in 1948 and my grandfather was Jouett Harrison Jouett, born in Texas and died about 1984. Any information that you have that might trace that line would be greatly appreicated.

      October 2, 2010
    • Barbara

      Do you have information on the parents and grandparents of Jack Jouett? I am a descendant of Henrietta Jouett and Joseph Williams. Henrietta was the daughter of Mathew Jouett who was the son of Pierre Jouet and grandson of Daniel Jouet and Marie Coursier Jouet.

      August 29, 2015
    • Justin

      I am very interested in the geonology. I think I am have most for a research project I am working on but would love to discuss. Not related but interested.

      January 1, 2019
    • Chris Carr
      Chris Carr

      I am related through Ann Coursier which was Marie Coursier’s sister. Ann married jean Perlier II. My direct line. I am interested in info too.

      Chris Carr
      My mom was Clara N. Parlier Carr

      May 6, 2019
  6. Tracey Wilson
    Tracey Wilson

    Stacey, I am also descended from Jack Jouett. My GGGrandfather is Charles Edward Jouett, son of Jack Jouett and Amy Eliza Browne. I am reseaching Charles and his wife, Theresa Ruddock. Can you help me with my research? Thanks so much. Tracey

    April 12, 2009
  7. Sharon Davenport
    Sharon Davenport

    I am researching the Jouett family, mainly to connect them with the Davenports of VA. Several Jouett women married into the Davenport family and I am trying to find their ancestors. A Frances Jouett married James Davenport abt 1747 in Louisa Co., VA. An Ann Jouett (I think she is a Jouett) married the brother of James, Glover Davenport. The Pamunkey Davenport Assn. has a statement about Glover:” that the first record of Glover is in association with Matthew Jouett in 1743 Louisa Co., VA”. I also have a Charlotte Jouett b. abt 1742 marrying Henry Gambill, son of Henry Gambill and Mary Davenport. I would really be interested to know if any of these women were related to John Jack or his brother, Matthew. Thanks for any insights.

    August 5, 2009
  8. The Jouett family is such an interesting search (well, all families are, actually).

    I descend from Joseph Williams and Henrietta Jouett through Matthew Jouett Williams and daughter Elizabeth Williams who married Clement King Harrison.

    The internet (and DNA research) has opened up so many more avenues of research. So different from the days of searching ‘real’ books in libraries and then copying a multitude of notes on an old Remington typewriter and sending off a ‘real’ letter to another interested researcher. In some ways I miss those days; yet there are endless possibilities via the inter. I’m grateful for researchers such as you who share information.

    Thanks for sharing your information with others!
    Hope Coslett Pees
    Seguin, Texas

    August 29, 2009
    • Konnetta Alexander
      Konnetta Alexander

      Would appreciate contact with Hope Pees re: Peays in SC as noted in Ancestry Gen Web Forum notes. Thanks!

      August 12, 2010
  9. Allen Fincham
    Allen Fincham

    I am trying to find information on CPT Matthew Jouett’s son who camae to KY with his uncle CPT Jack Jouett. I think he is my wife’s contact from William Jouett born about 1801 in KY, married Nancy born about 1805. My wife is Gloria Rose Juett Fincham from Owen County, Ownton, KY. Thanks, Allen Fincham

    October 13, 2009
  10. Jo Anne Mackby
    Jo Anne Mackby

    Regarding the #9 post by Allen Fincham: William Jouett (later Juett) b. Aug 1768 VA; d. Oct 1821 (W) KY who was brought to Woodford Co. KY by his Uncle “Jack” Jouett was son of “Jack’s” brother William Jouett b. 1755 VA; d. 1778 m. age 14 abt 1768 Wilma Wilcoxin d. bef. 1718.
    I am interested in more information about their grand daughter Gloria Rose Juett whose brother William Juett b. 1837 m. my kinswoman Mary Ann Kemper b. 1839; d. 1907 and had 8 children.
    They also lived in Owen Co. KY.

    November 4, 2009
  11. Jo Anne Mackby
    Jo Anne Mackby

    Re: my previous post:
    I misread the Post #9 re: Allen Fincham’s wife as a sister of William Juett b. 1837 m. Mary Ann Kemper. This couple, who had 8 children and lived in Owen Co. KY, may be the connection and descent
    for Gloria Rose Juett.

    November 4, 2009
  12. Jo Anne Mackby
    Jo Anne Mackby

    Correction: Wilma Wilcoxin died before 1778 the death date of her husband William Jouett who served in the Rev. War. The young William who came to Kentucky with his Uncle “Jack” Jouett was perhaps an orphan. William lived with his Uncle “Jack” and his wife Sallie Robards until he went out on his own. He married bef. Mar 1789 Ann Falconer/Faulconer b. 28 Oct 1769 Spottsylvania Co. VA; d. 27 Jan 1835. Ann came to KY from Spottsylvania Co. VA with her parents who were members of the Travelling Church (Baptists), who left VA under the leadership of their pastor Elijah Craig.

    November 4, 2009
  13. Allen Fincham
    Allen Fincham

    Jo Anne,

    Thank you for the information on young William Jouett. My wife Gloria Rose Juett is the daughter of Willard & Arlene Juett of Owen County. Willard was one of th 5 children of William (Willie) Cyrus Juett & Sallie Lee Cleveland. Willie was one of the 9 children of William M. Juett, Jr. , b 1936, d 1926 and Mary Agnes Kemper, b. 1839, d. 1907, daughter of Levi Kemper & Sarah Hardesty. William M. Juett, Jr. was one of the 4 childeren of Willaim Juett b. about 180i in KY and Nancy b. about 1805 in KY. William Juett must have been a child of William Jouett and Ann Falconer?
    Gloria and I live in Richmond, KY. We would be willing to compare and share information with you. My e-mail is Phone number is (859) 624-0526.
    William Jouett that was Jack’s brother was also a Captian in the Virginia Militia and was mortily wounded at the Battle of Brandywine (PA) about Sept. 11, 1777.
    Thanks, Allen Fincham

    December 23, 2009
  14. I go bacl I think to Rebecca Willaims and Micajah Anthony,their son David A Black Anthony,a son of Dr Thomas B Anthony of Winterville Ga.Black sired Philip Lamar Anthony who sired Lawrence K Anthony,our father.We descend from Mark Antony from Genoa Italy.

    May 28, 2010
  15. Charlene Gilchrist
    Charlene Gilchrist

    I am descended from the New Jersey Jouet family, namely Cavalier (1734-1810) and his second wife Mary Hampton, through their daughter Anne Crosdaile Jouet who married N.J. Gov. Isaac Williamson. Anyone else from this line? Feel free to email me at I would be happy to share information/photos.

    May 29, 2010
  16. Would Deb Comer please contact me…

    Could Thomas B Anthony,a Doctor,middle initial stand for BLACK ,a last name from his past?

    Are you aware of Dr Milton Anthony who founded The Medical College at Augusta in Georgia?

    Such remnants of the past…..

    May 31, 2010
    • Deb Comer
      Deb Comer

      Timothy, you could very well be right. I’d never even considered that before, even though it’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

      Yes, I’ve long been aware of Dr. Milton Anthony and very pleased that we’re from the same family.

      How do I contact you?

      July 22, 2010
  17. Charles G Kerr
    Charles G Kerr

    I am a descendent of Jack Jouett through Rebecca Jouett who married James Kerr in the early to mid-1800’s. Have you run across any info about Rebecca Jouett?

    September 4, 2010
    • Chris Carr
      Chris Carr

      This is very interesting. The Carr clan has several spellings of the last name including Kerr. Thomas Jefferson’s sister was married to Dabney Carr which was Jefferson’s best friend. Jack Jouett saved Thomas Jefferson’s life in Monticello. Jehan and Anne Coursier has two daughters namely: Ann and Marie. Ann married Jean Perlier II (which is my direct line). When they came to the United States, they were orphans . Marie married Daniel Jouet.

      May 6, 2019
  18. Tanya Burnett
    Tanya Burnett

    I am trying to pick up where my Aunt left off due to her passing and have hit a wall. We are looking for any information on the parents of Felix Walton Jouett, (1812 in KY and passed 1881 in Fayette, IL). We think His parents were John “Jack” Jouett and Amy Elizabeth Brown. He was Married to Nancy Shartzer and Mary Heaton. Any line of this family with Felix I would love to have information on! Thanks so much!


    September 9, 2010
  19. I have been told that we are descendants of Jack Jouett but I am not sure of which branch we are connected to. My great grandfather was Tom H. Jouett born in August 28, 1865 and Bell Izora Jouett according to my baby book. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone would be willing to share. My grandmother was one of the twin daughters born to them, her name was Nellie Doshie Jouett and her sister was Nettie Leeann. Thank anyone for your help in this search. Sincerely, Rhonda Davis Colson

    October 9, 2010
  20. krista karen jouett
    krista karen jouett

    i just want to know who my past realtives are im only 25 years of age im really lost.

    February 19, 2012
    • Krista, the best place to start is to interview your oldest relatives. They may be able to help you get back to the 1930 census. The 1940 census will be released in a few months, too.

      February 20, 2012
  21. Betsy

    So glad to find your site. I am trying to fill in some blanks, as i am managing some Fredericton, N.B., Canada, graves on Findagrave (Robinson graves, but one of the Jouetts was included because of the name his parents gave him–Beverley Robinson, the name of a loyalist to whom i am remotely related). I wanted to tell about Mr. Jouett and where he came from. Thanks for your help. b

    February 25, 2012
  22. Tisha

    I am a descendant of Henrietta Jouett and Colonel Williams from their son Thomas. Note that Colonel Williams is a descendant of Lady Janet Fleming, daughter to King James IV of Scotland.

    January 12, 2015
    • Barbara

      I am, also, a descendant of Henrietta Jouett and Joseph Williams through Mathew Jouett Williams who married Barbara Walker. Besides Thomas and Mathew, do you know the names of their other children? Also, have you been able to verify the the connection to Lady Janet Fleming?

      August 29, 2015
      • Amy

        Barbara, Joseph Williams’ (husband of Henrietta Jouett) grandmother (maternal side – his Mom was Mary Keeling) was Ursula Fleming (1653 -1700) Her line is then easily traced to all the famous Flemings.
        It reads Sir Malcolm Fleming (1494 -1547) married Lady Janet Fleming, daughter of James King of Scots (1473 – 1513), her brother was also became King. Their son John, 5th Lord of Fleming (1529- 1572) had a son John Fleming (1567-1619) who then had son Thomas ((1595 – 1686) who is the immigrant to America. Thomas’ daughter was Ursula Fleming and she was born in Virginia.

        March 4, 2016
  23. Ginger

    This is so interesting! I, too, am descendant of the Matthew Pierre line, Henrietta and Joseph Williams. Our line then goes to their son Rev. John Williams.

    I find it so amazing that so many people that have commented are very distant kin.

    Thank you!

    March 4, 2016
  24. Lisa A. Bowlby
    Lisa A. Bowlby

    I believe Daniel Jouet to be my 9th great glad I found this page.

    February 2, 2017
  25. Tracy Jouett
    Tracy Jouett

    What a great article. I came across this as I am researching Daniel Jouet before heading to Paris.
    I’m a descendant of Jack Jouett and ended up in Louisiana. Thank you for posting.

    July 13, 2019

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