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Family Tree Maker Website

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Before I began using Family Tree Legends software to manage my genealogical research, I used what is arguably the most popular software program, Family Tree Maker. One of the features I liked most about FTL is that it enables the user to automatically update his/her information via the Internet as long the user is connected to the Internet while running FTL. The user doesn’t have to do anything. All information changed or entered into the program will automatically show up on the user’s website. This is handy if one’s computer completely crashes and it is necessary to reconstruct data. I had this happen once, and starting over from scratch was hard.

Family Tree Maker also allows users to create websites, but they are more difficult to maintain, as the user must create a user name and password, upload the information from the program, and upload it again if any changes are made. I have a Family Tree Maker site, but I can’t remember my user name and password, and the e-mail address I had associated with it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t think it is likely that it has hurt any researchers out there not to be able to contact me because of the tree on that site, but it really bothers me that I can’t get in there and put up a redirect to this blog.


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  1. cynthia

    i would like to know how to go about makin a family tree

    April 1, 2007

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