Graham/Burkhalter/Cunningham Family Reunion

I was able to go to a family reunion and meet some distant cousins, including my third cousin once removed, Helen, who has been a wealth of information with regards to the branch of my Cunningham family who stayed behind in Georgia (mine moved to Texas). I really enjoyed talking to my cousin Walter Burkhalter and his son Ed Burkhalter, who are my second cousins twice removed and third cousins once removed respectively. I don’t have a lot of pictures yet. I didn’t bring my camera, but my mother and her father’s cousin did. The three of us—my mother, her father’s cousin, and me—were the only representatives from the Texas Cunninghams.

Helen said the reunion takes place every year, and has for as long as she can recall. Indeed, I have some pictures from a reunion in the early 1950’s (there seems to be some dispute as to whether it’s 1952 or 1953), which might be the last time any of the Texas Cunninghams came to the reunion.

This first photo is my great-great-grandfather and his sister.

Amos Blakey Cunningham and Cadelia Elizabeth Cunningham Burkhalter
Amos Blakey Cunningham and Cadelia Elizabeth Cunningham Burkhalter

In this photo, Amos Cunningham appears to be saying grace. His sister Cadelia Burkhalter is seated.

Amos Cunningham

I like how the food is set on the back of a wagon in this picture; my cousin Helen said she was at this reunion, so she might be in this photo somewhere:

Cunningham/Burkhalter Reunion

In the following picture, Amos and Cadelia (seated) appear with Johnson Franklin Cunningham, whose mother (possibly both parents) had been slaves in the Cunningham family. My father’s cousin Mary Elder Davis, who came with us to the reunion yesterday, is the girl standing to the right of Cadelia.

Cunningham/Burkhalter Reunion
Johnson Franklin Cunningham with Dessie Gray, Amos Cunningham, Prentice Elder, Mary Elder, Velma Elder, Clifford Case, Manila Case, and Virgil Case and Amos’s sister Lizzie Burkhalter
Irene Burkhalter Hamilton, Dessie Cunningham Gray, Unknown (Burkhalter daughter), Velma Cunningham Elder, Florence Burkhalter Steele, and Manila Cunningham Case.
Irene Burkhalter Hamilton, Dessie Cunningham Gray, Mattie Burkhalter Turner, Velma Cunningham Elder, Florence Burkhalter Steele, and Manila Cunningham Case.

Finally, here is a picture my mother took at yesterday’s reunion of Helen and me (I’m in the turquoise shirt) looking at photos on my computer while my grandfather’s cousin Mary Elder Davis examines one of the genealogy books Helen has created. Alas, we weren’t able to identify who the subjects of the photos were, so they will comprise a future post in the hopes someone can identify them.

Left to Right: Me, Helen, and Mary Elder Davis
Left to Right: Me, Helen, and Mary Elder Davis
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10 thoughts on “Graham/Burkhalter/Cunningham Family Reunion”

  1. My mother was a Huff from Cocke and or Sevier county Tennessee I have that line of Huff’s back to the 1700’s John Huff married to Nancy Allen. I also have a rather interesting history of the Huff’s and the Cherokee indians.

  2. Looking at your old family-reunion photos and noticing how like those in our family yours are leads me to the observation that the way people carry themselves and the way they stand is a huge source of the commonality. I don’t think that pictures from today’s family reunions look the same at all; people’s posture now seems less humble and modest. Body posture of today seems more self-conscious and showy. What is your opinion?

  3. I was looking at the pictures of the women. The unknown daughter is my great grandmother, Mattie Burkhalter Turner. She was married to Charlie Turner.

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