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Content Theft Part 2

Posted in Site Issues/Technical

I have no idea why, but the person stealing content written by me and other genealogy bloggers has mysteriously stopped.  The most recent post, in fact, is the one they stole from me in which I wrote about how they were stealing my content.  I love irony.  I think that means I can safely post here again, so please occasionally stop by and check it out.  Sorry for the quiet, but I’m sure you can understand why posting here bothered me so much.

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  1. Hi Dana, Did you notice that the offending content-stealing blog has been taken down? It seems that someone heard you. The more we involve ourselves in this online world, the more non-online issues come up, it seems.

    January 18, 2009
    • I didn’t notice that! Thanks for the info.

      January 18, 2009

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