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Month: March 2008

Content Theft

Posted in Site Issues/Technical

Is “Cricket” stealing your genealogy blog content?  I would recommend that you find out.  I filed a DMCA complaint against this blogger today through Google/Blogger.  This person has been taking entire posts wholesale and representing them as his/her own work.  While there is a link to the “source” for the material, it is not considered acceptable practice in blogging to post an entire blog post written by someone else.  Quotations and even block quotations are considered appropriate, but what this person is doing is wrong, and he/she could be doing it to you.  Go see at  Don’t support this person’s efforts by clicking on ad content or by linking to him/her unless you use the rel=”nofollow” tag.  If your content is being stolen, I urge you to protect your work by filing a complaint.  Here’s how: Digital Millennium Copyright Act on Blogger.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if this post is stolen, too?

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The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar

Posted in Family Biographies/Histories, and Genealogy and History

Bobby Dunbar (behind car door) with unknown persons

What if you started to research your family history and discovered the mother of all skeletons in the family closet — that you weren’t who you really thought you were? That’s what happened to the descendants of Bobby Dunbar.

Bobby Dunbar went missing at the age of four during a family trip to Swayze Lake in Louisiana in 1912. After an eight-month search, little Bobby was found with tinker William Cantwell Walters in Mississippi. The only problem was that Bobby’s mother wasn’t certain he was her missing boy, and another woman claimed he was her son Bruce Anderson. A court found in favor of the Dunbars, who raised Bobby. DNA tests done on family members in recent years have proven that he was actually Bruce Anderson. You have to listen to last week’s episode of This American Life (NPR):

Download link

You can download the program (and learn more about it) at TAL: “The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.”

This story made me think of a similar story in my own family (albeit without a kidnapping). At one point during the program, when Margaret Dunbar Cutright is recounting her feelings upon all that Julia Anderson, Bobby’s real mother, lost, I admit I teared up. It’s an amazing story that only listening to the podcast can truly bring justice to.

Photo of Bobby Dunbar with unknown persons, via This American Life.

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