A Question of Honor

A Question of HonorAfter over six years of sitting on a finished book without time to shop it to agents and publishers (aside from the odd submission here and there), I finally decided to publish my book with Lulu.com.

A Question of Honor is a young adult novel set in medieval Wales and Scotland. Gwenllian has been accused of a horrible crime; she’s not even sure she is innocent herself. How can she resolve this question of honor?

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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3 thoughts on “A Question of Honor”

  1. Congratulations! I have some nieces who love historical fiction (throw in a dragon or two and they love it even more), so I might have to place an order when their birthdays come around.

  2. Our family is hosting a family reunion in Little Rock, AR June 22-24, 2012. It is the Cunningham Waters Family Reunion. William M. Cunningham born 05/15/1854 died 03/23/55 from Rossville, TN. One of his brothers was Rufus Cunningham. My sister has traced it back as far as she can at this point. William Cunningham was a farmer. If you have any of these names in your records please let us know.
    LaWanda Campbell

    1. Well, we certainly have some similar names, but our branch of Cunninghams would have been in Oglethorpe County, GA at the time. Might be a more distant relation. The funny part is that William Matthew Cunningham, my great-great-grandfather’s brother, was born in 1852—very interesting coincidence.

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