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Letter From Udell Cunningham, July 2006 Part 2

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Last updated on August 20, 2006

Perhaps I should list the jobs I have had in my military career.

  1. Ditch digger and pipe installation on Attu perhaps this makes me a pipe-fitter.
  2. Rigger on Mobile crane — Philippine Islands . Since the Navy bestowed the rank of MoMM3C (Motor Machinist Mate Third Class) I was supposed to be a mechanic.
  3. Mechanic at Motor pool on Hensley Field, (AF Reserve unit or sometimes called “week-end-Warrior.” This base was between Dallas and Fort Worth.
  4. Photo lab at Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma.
  5. Photo lab at Perrin AFB, Sherman, Texas.
  6. Photo Instructor at Lowry AFB, Colo.
  7. Technical Writer of Air Force Manuals and Training courses at Lowry AFB, Colo.
  8. NCOIC of Photo Lab at Toul Rosiers AB France.
  9. NCOIC of Manual Processing division at Schierstein, Germany. Also called IRCEP Intelligence Research Center — Exploitation Photo. We had a Machine secion for aerial reconnaissance film. I put in lots of time processing photos from spies behind the Iron Curtain. Yes, lots of Russian military were also US spies.
  10. Technical Writer at Lowry — again!
  11. Command Manager of all AF photo labs in Europe. 13 labs from Turkey, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and Holland.
  12. Retired from AF at Lowry AFB.

My job in USAFE was in Recce operations, Europe under a Col. Andrews and our next in command was Major General Creech. He was later a full General in charge of the AF in Germany otherwise called CINC USAFE.

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