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Month: June 2006

Way More Than Six Degrees of Separation

Posted in Genealogy and History

Here is proof positive that genealogists will go to any lengths to establish a connection with someone famous. Well, not really. This was sort of an accident. I was researching my Clark ancestry and discovered that the sister of one of my ancestors was an ancestor herself of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, the inimitable Mark Twain. I figured his genealogy had to have been well-researched; thus, figuring out how we’re related shouldn’t be too hard. As it turns out, Mark Twain is my fourth cousin, five times removed. Check out this diagram and see how.

Mark Twain’s genealogy, according to, is as follows, working to Samuel Langhorne Clemens back from our common ancestors.

Christopher Clark (1681-1754) m. Penelope Johnson (1684-1760) in 1709.

+ Rachel Clark (1714-1792) m. Thomas Moorman (1705-1767) in 1730.

++ Rachel Moorman (abt. 1753-abt. 1833) m. Stephen Goggin (1752-1802) in 1773.

+++ Pamela (or Pamelia) Goggin (1775-1844) m. Samuel Clemens (1770-1805) in 1797.

++++ John Marshall Clemens (1798-1847) m. Jane Lampton (1803-1890) in 1823.

+++++ Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910).

I descend from two separate lines in the Anthony family, which joins up to the Clark family (as I will demonstrate). I will trace both lines here for you, but for the sake of clarity (and my sanity), I did not do this on the diagram.

Christopher Clark (1681-1754) m. Penelope Johnson (1684-1760) in 1709.

+ Elizabeth Clark (1721/1722-1825) m. Joseph Anthony (1713-1785) in 1741.

++ Joseph Anthony (1750-1810) m. Elizabeth Ann Clark (1754-aft. 1810) in abt. 1773.

+++ Micajah Anthony (1782-abt. 1850) m. Rebecca Williams (1782-1832) in abt. 1805.

++++ Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868) m. Ann Blakey Roberts (1810-1873) in 1830.

+++++ Mary Ann Penelope Anthony (1835-1917) m. Johnson Franklin Cunningham (1823-1899) in 1851.

++++++ Amos Blakey Cunningham (1871-1962) m. Stella Ophelia Bowling (1867-1938) in 1894.

+++++++ Herman Cunningham (1895-1980) m. Annie Lola Jennings (1899-1982) in 1920.

++++++++ Udell Oliver Cunningham (1925-) m. Doris LaNell Thurman (1930-) in 1950.

+++++++++ Patti Jo Cunningham (1951-) m. Thomas Ray Swier (1951-) in 1971.

++++++++++ Dana Michelle Swier (1971-)

++ Agnes Anthony (1761-unknown) m. Churchill Blakey (1760-1837) in 1780.

+++ Elizabeth Blakey (abt. 1788-unknown) m. Thomas Roberts (abt. 1785-unknown) in abt. 1808.

++++ Ann Blakey Roberts (1810-1873) m. Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868) in 1830 (see remainder of descent above from Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony).

Think I have a shot at any sort of inheritance? 🙂

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