Penelope Who?

I have a long-standing mystery on my hands. As I noted in my post showing my relationship to Mark Twain, I descend from the Clark family, Quakers who emigrated to Virginia via Barbados. Christopher Clark was born in 1681 in Nansemond County, Virginia, following his family’s immigration. His wife was named Penelope, but aside from this fact, we know very little about who she was. There are three main theories as to her birth family, but none have been proven conclusively using primary sources.

The most accepted theory is that Penelope was Penelope Johnson, daughter of Edward Johnson and Elizabeth Walker. There is only one recorded transcription in St. Peter’s Parish’s register listing the name Penelope:

Penelope Daughter of Edw’d Johnson Eliz. Na– ye 4 day of Agost & bapt. Ye 17 of ye instant, 1684.

This Penelope is of the right age and in the right location to be Mrs. Christopher Clark. One early source for Penelope as a Johnson is the work of Lorand V. Johnson, a doctor whose interest in genealogy led him to trace his family history to the 1300’s in Scotland. Unfortunately, there may be holes in Dr. Johnson’s research. For example, there is scant proof that Penelope’s father, Edward, was the son of Dr. Arthur Johnston as reported by Dr. Johnson. Acceptance of Edward Johnson as a son of Arthur Johnston hinges primarily upon a letter by Elizabeth Forbes Johnston Keith, who is proven to be Arthur Johnston’s niece, daughter of his brother William Johnston. Elizabeth wrote a letter to Mary Harris, a Quaker missionary, before the 1686 meeting in which she referred to “my cousin Edward Johnston,” who would be accompanying Ann Keith to Virginia. Researchers have sifted through Johnston family records in search of another Edward who could be the cousin Elizabeth refers to no avail. Edward could not have been Elizabeth’s second cousin, as her grandfather had no siblings. Thus, Edward must have been her first cousin. However, this is not conclusive proof of Edward’s connection to the Johnstons of Caskieben.

The second theory is that Penelope was Penelope Bolling, daughter of Major John Bolling and Mary Kennon. So far, researchers have been unable to locate a Penelope who could be the daugther of John and Mary Bolling in records. Strong circumstantial evidence for this theory is that the given name “Bolling” for sons was prominent in the Clark/Anthony allied families for generations.

  1. Bolling Clark, son of Christopher Clark and Penelope, 1720-1813
  2. Bolling Clark, son of Bolling Clark and Winifred Buford, dates unknown
  3. Bolling Clark, son of Micajah Clark and Judith Lewis Adams, 1751-1818
  4. Bolling Anthony, son of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark, 1769-1827
  5. Bolling Blakey, son of Churchill Blakey and Agnes Anthony, abt. 1793-?

There may be many more Bollings in the family that I have not found as my focus has been on my direct lineage. The preponderance of Bollings in the family suggests some strong connection between the Bolling and Clark families. It need not be relation, but it should be noted that the name Bolling as a given name is certainly rare enough that it is safe to say our first Bolling Clark was named for someone with the surname Bolling. To many, it makes sense that this is his mother’s maiden name. The absence of a Penelope Bolling in Bolling family records and official records is troubling. If Penelope is connected to the Bollings, she would descend from Pocahontas.

The final theory is that Penelope was Penelope Massie, a descendant of Sir Anthony Ashley. His daughter Ann Ashley married Sir John Cooper. They were the parents of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the Earl of Shaftsbury. All of the Massie lines connect to this line. Tradition in the Moorman family (Christopher Clark’s mother was Sallie Ann or Sarah Moorman and his daughter Rachel married Thomas Moorman) says that there were three Massie women who descend not from Anthony Ashley-Cooper’s direct line, but from those of his sister. One woman, Sarah, married William Johnson, who was the father of Benjamin Johnson. He married Agnes Clark, the daughter of Christopher and Penelope. A second Massie married a Moorman. The third Massie woman was said to be Penelope. Johnson tradition holds that Benjamin Johnson married his first cousin, which Agnes would be if her mother was a Massie and sister to Sarah Massie. The name Penelope does seem to occur throughout the Massie family, despite the fact that researchers have said no Penelope Massies could be found in Virginia records. Sarah Penelope Massie was born in 1672 to Peter Massie and Penelope Ashley-Cooper (said to the the illegitimate daughter of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, First Earl of Shaftsbury. However, as the Johnson and Massie lines appear to be related, it stands to reason that Penelope could likewise have been a Johnson. No information I could find relates that Peter Massie and Penelope Ashley-Cooper had a daughter named Penelope.

The problem is that many records from Colonial Virginia have been lost. In the words of Linda Starr, researcher into the Clark/Moorman lines,

Almost twenty years ago when I became interested in genealogy, I rather quickly backed my mother-in-law’s line to Breckinridge County, Kentucky. The Archives there located a pedigree chart in their surname file, taking the Clark line back to Virginia. Although it was bare-boned, showing names but few dates and even fewer county names, it did go back to Christopher and Penelope Clark, Charles and Elizabeth Moorman and Robert and Mourning Adams. For Penelope’s surname, the compiler appended a brief note: “either Massie, Bolling or Johnson.” And that’s where we still are due to the destruction of relevant records. Some members of this group lean toward her being a Bolling, others are firmly convinced she was kin to Lord Shaftsbury, and still others think she was a Johnson.

Researchers at Colonial Virginia Connections, who rely on “primary and ‘good’ secondary sources” and are required to “cite their sources” seem to feel that Penelope is most likely a Johnson, although, as we have seen, researcher Linda Starr admits that “we have no documentary proof for any of these [lines].”

One thing we do have in our favor is the propensity in these families to name children after relatives. The name Penelope occurs again (the first two are Penelope ? Clark’s granddaughters):

  • Penelope Clark, daughter of Micajah Clark and Judith Lewis Adams, 1747-?
  • Penelope Anthony, daughter of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark, 1748-1822
  • Penelope Blakey, daughter of Churchill Blakey and Agnes Anthony (Penelope’s granddaughter), abt. 1803-?
  • Mary Ann Penelope Anthony, daughter of Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony and Ann Blakey Roberts, 1835-1917

If we can, as researcher Heather Olsen noted, find a family with a number of Penelopes in it, we may be able to connect that family to our Penelope.

Mary Ann Penelope Anthony descends from Christopher Clark and Penelope ? through three lines:

Christopher Clark (1681-1754) and Penelope (presumably 1684-1760)

+ Micajah Clark (1718-1808) m. Judith Lewis Adams (1716-?)

++ Elizabeth Ann Clark (1754-after 1810) m. Joseph Anthony (1750-1810)

+++ Micajah Anthony (1782-abt. 1850) m. Rebecca Williams (1782-1832)

++++ Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868) m. Ann Blakey Roberts (1810-1873)

+++++ Mary Ann Penelope Anthony (1835-1917)

+ Elizabeth Clark (1721-1825) m. Joseph Anthony (1713-1785)

++ Joseph Anthony (1750-1810) m. Elizabeth Ann Clark (1754-after 1810)

+++ Micajah Anthony (1782-abt. 1850) m. Rebecca Williams (1782-1832)

++++ Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868) m. Ann Blakey Roberts (1810-1873)

+++++ Mary Ann Penelope Anthony (1835-1917)

++ Agnes Anthony (1761-?) m. Churchill Blakey (1760-1837)

+++ Elizabeth Blakey (1788-?) m. Thomas Roberts (1785-?)

++++ Ann Blakey Roberts (1810-1873) m. Matthew Jouett Williams Anthony (1808-1868)

+++++ Mary Ann Penelope Anthony (1835-1917).

Mary Ann Penelope Anthony is my great-great-great grandmother and is picture below in the middle of the bottom row.


I think all three lineages for Penelope are equally interesting and would be proud to claim any one of them. I just wish I knew which one to claim! Chances are I never will.

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83 thoughts on “Penelope Who?”

  1. I found your article very interesting and helpful. I am also a descendent of Christopher Clark and Penelope (Johnson, Massie, Bolling). Your ggggrandmother, Mary Ann Penelope Anthony, was my 2nd cousin 4 times removed. With DNA testing maybe we will find out who Penelope’s parents were.

    Patricia Sheldon Engels Woody Binns Anthony Clark

  2. hi, Dana. i share your sentiment in the last line.
    i’m a descendant of Christopher and Penelope through the Clark, Wilson, Miller, Day, Davis family names. Thank you for writing this!
    Family legend has it that William Clark is back there, and then i have Lewises from the same county as Meriwether. Then someone wrote about the Pocahontas connection more surely (and with less consideration) than you. None of them are provable…
    i’ll note that in order for the Bolling scenario to be true, Mary would have given birth to Penelope when she was fourteen.

    1. Loved the article and everyone’s reply. I noticed that you mentioned that Mary would be too young to be Penelope’s Mom. If you use Mary Kennon’s date of birth as 1679 and Penelope’s as 1697 or 1703, then Mary would be between 18 and 23 years of age. Perfect for bearing kids during that time period. 🙂

  3. DanaThanks a mil for your research on Penelope Clark. My family has always thought she was a Bolling. Who knows? Anyway I am descended from her through 2 daughters of Christopher Clark & Mildred Terrell. Rachel Clark’s dau.,married her sister(Susan)’s son(1st cousins)

  4. I am also a descendant of Penelope Johnson to Elizabeth Clark, and on down into the McMath and Hogg families, all via the direct female line to my Mother Kay Kyle, the Granddaughter of Lucinda Hogg, the cousin of Ima Hogg of Texas. I am in the process of trying to trace back the huge amount of matches of Jewish ancestry that I found with my MT-DNA test. I matched perfectly with at least 87 people who knew their families to be Jewish.

    I am wondering if you have come across any mention of theses famlies being Jewish ? I have been told that Isabella Hart was recorded as being Jewish, and also perhaps Mark Anthony, her husband, but they could not pass their MT-DNA to me directly.

    Thank you for any leads !

    Glenn Hill

  5. I too,am a descendant of Benjamin and Agnes Clark Johnson, son Jepha married Elizabeth Tarrent,dau Elizabeth married Daniel Potter.I
    copied from somewhere a Wm Bolling mar.Deborah Duff (another ancester Tully Choice m an Ann Duff) Robert Bolling m Rachel Tarrent, Robert
    Bolling m an Ann Clark.2nd marriage or father
    and son.I have Christopher Clark as being married to Penelope Bolling.I’m 77.Working on it
    for 25yrs for my children.A lot of mystery.

    1. I was in error. Jepha Johnson was the son of John Johnson and Agnes Clark. Agnes was the daughter of Bowling Clark and Winifred Buford. John Johnson was son of Benjamin Johnson and Mary Moorman. Sorry.

    2. Error on this. Jeptha Johnson was the son of John Johnson and Agnes Clark, dau of Bolling Clark. Sorry if I have misled any researchers. Bolling was the son of Christopher Clark. Bolling Clark was married to Winifred Buford. My previous message was intended to show how groups of settlers intermarried.

  6. I am also descended from Christopher and Penelope Clark/Joseph Anthony & Elizabeth Clark/Christopher Anthony & Judith Moorman/ Charles Anthony & Elizabeth Ladd/Sara D. Anthony & John Archer Elmore Nordyke(who is buried in Lancaster Indiana, our family cemetary). They were my Great Grandmother’s Great Grandparents. John A.E.Nordyke is also decended from the same Johnson family though his mother Martha and there is also a Lucretia Massey in his line. I am also interested in the Jewish question.

  7. There is a theory put forward by Todd Bolen and Lois Bolen Strange in their research entitled “The BOLLING, BOWLIN, BOLEN Family in America before 1800” that Penelope BOLLING was a daughter of WILLIAM BOLLING, not the John Bolling who married Jane Rolfe, descendant of Pocahontas. This theory might be worth checking out as at least a possibility given the proliferation of “family stories” that speak of Penelope’s identity as being a BOLLING. this would make Penelope’s line from the “White Bollings” and not the “Red Bollings”, if you are familiar with that nomenclature.

    I am descended to Christopher Clark and Penelope through Micajah Clark/Judith Adams; next Christopher Clark/Millicent Terrell; next Mildred Terrell Clark/Shelton White; David Shelton White/Catherine Rucker; Sarah Shelton White/William Ruffin; David White Ruffin(1858-1946)/Olie M. Payne (1860-1930). David White Ruffin from Tipton County, TN was my great grandfather.

    1. My spouse is connected also to Col. Christopher
      Clark and spouse of VA. Some of these lines seem to prove as Quaker religion. My spouse has the Clark, Terrell, Moorman, Moon, Glenn, Maxcey/Maxey, Radfords, Bollings, Bibbs, and I tie into Stovall, Turnburll, Thompson, Key/s, Strong lines as well as Cox, Trent, Turpin, Reynolds of MD to VA.


  8. A couple follow-up notes:
    1. If Penelope was Edward Johnston’s daughter, here’s a site that connects her lineage back to kings of most of Europe, Scotland to Spain to Italy to Kiev, dating back to the 9th century: Mary Gerlach’s “Ancestors of James Anthony”,
    2. That site has a good bit on Mark and Isabella, too.
    3. This site has a discussion of the white/red Bollings:
    Happy new year!

  9. I am a descendant of Christopher Clark and Penelope(Johnson/Bolling/Massie). Their daughter,Rachel Clark, married Thomas Moorman and they had a daughter ,Rachel Moorman, who married Stephen Goggin. They had a son,Pleasant Moorman Goggin,who married Mary Otey. They had a son ,William Leftwich Goggin,who married Elizabeth Clark. They had a son, Samuel Clark Goggin, who was my grandfather.Contact me at my e-mail address.

  10. I am a Christopher/Penelope Clark descendant through Bowling& Winnefred Clark, Johnathan Clark and Jane Rodgers Clark, Simeon Buford Clark and Nancy Goode Clark, Thomas Goode Clark and Marjorie Brown Rodgers Clark, Samuel McNeice Clark and Harriet Adline Berry Clark, Vallie Clark Smith and Andrew Marvin Smith, Grace Smith Crocker and Robert Lester Crocker. and me. I’ve been researching since 1963. The mystery is still intriguing.

    Handed down tradition in our family also has her as Penelope Bolling and our being related to Pocahontas.

  11. penelope johnston born 1684. yet christophers and penelopes children born 1720s 30s. she would have been to old. the son in law was from edward johnstons family. 1st cousin marriage with so many oppotunites?.
    there were no johnston clarks only bolling clarks. william bolling penlope cooper were to young as was their daughter. here again in england why look at ann clark there were no clark bollings so it doesnt apply. christopher was virle potent man by the amount of children he had ,would he hve waited so late with a old woman to father children, and would it be biologically possiblefor a woman on the frontier to give birth at such a late age given the conditions of the times.
    regards john

  12. its been suggested that penelope came by william bowling and penelope cooper,by the dates of that family record ,that penelope would of been to young.
    another suggestion is, the name bolling was in honour of robert bolling and ann clark, yet there were no clark bollings.
    the name bolling repeats itself in the clark family as well as the clark inlaws children.
    a question why were there no johnston clarks? the names edward rachael micajah appear to be names of christopher s family. agnes bolling elizabeth, are names in the bollings maybe sarah could go both ways, edward could go both ways. as to the births of christopher and penelopes children,i agree it can be confusing with so many conflicting sites. another confusion is johnston being a son inlaw.would he of not been a nephew of edward johnston? therfore a kissing cousin marriage. not tolerated by the there anyway d.n.a. testing could solve penelope s line? i come from samuel clark masac ill, and lucinda shelton, their son john clark sangamon ill. married a indian girl sarah barns high point iowa .a daughter alice clark married, robert lee forrest teater, from garrard ky 1895, son was frank teater, my granpa. as best as i can tell my ggranpa samuel was a inbred his dad david jr married his own cousin racheal clark. cant be sure but racheals mother was a cherokee daughter of cheif golden spear, lance ,eagle something like that.
    regards john

  13. speaking of confusion. david and joseph had another brother named james. james clark and son micajah clark of amherst vig are listed as mulattos or free persons of color, the same trend as the melungeons. if thats the case then wouldnt luarny johnson or winfred buford have been indians or melungeons, then 1754 john bowling was arrested for stealing hogs a party of saponi indians released on bond rifles confiscated. so then who was john bowling the indian? is there another line of indian bowlings seperate from the red bowlings or blue bollings?
    going back to to christopher and penelope. mr cope a expert on quaker history genealogy ect, advised the practise of cousin marriages was strickly forbidden, christopher was a lawyer so he knew about inheritence laws .why would he open himself to conflict with the bolling family by naming a son with intent of inheritence which was the whole reason behind english and scotch irish naming patterns?if there was no relationship wouldnt that have insulted the bollings and have created a conflict? i went over my line again ,yes david jr did mary his 1st cousin rachel her grandfather was just chief golden a minor chief of double head, the part of james clark and son micajah clark being melungeons is amazing regards john

  14. I just found this website after looking for ethnicity of my Hart ancestors. My ggg-grandmother was from the same Harts as Isabella Hart was. Maybe, coincidentally, my ggggrandmother’s name was Penelope Hart. Maybe a common name in that family??? Just guessing.

  15. Page 254.

    Christopher Clark, once in Louisa, now in Georgia, an account of
    his family, June, 1791: Milly Tyrell his wife; Micajah, oldest son
    married; Christopher age 30; David aged 28; Morning, aged 26 – has five
    daughters; Judith, married aged 24 – one child; Rachel about 22, has
    3 boys — a widow now; Agathy about 20; Molly about 18 married; Samuel,
    16; Joshua, 14; Milley, 12; Chiles

    Here is a interesting note this Christopher was the nephew of Bolling Clark. What was his nature? he was a registering man. he made sure it was reorded who his family was.

    Notes for Penelope Bolling:
    According to “The History of Elbert County Georgia”, ” Penelope Bolling was a direct descendant of the Indian Princess, Pocahontas, through Colonel Robert Bolling, who married Jean Rolfe, granddaughter of the Princess. The name “Bolling” appears in latter generations which gives credit to the fact.” p. 392
    So the registering family, just kept registering who they was, this the report they left in Elbert county georgia in the 1790s

    1. Capt Christopher Clark of Louisa Co., Va will dated 14 Aug 1741. Quote: I give my loving son, Bowling Clark 400 acres of land in Hanover Co— Christopher in your message must have been the son of one of Bowling Clarks’ brothers.

  16. I’d like to get in touch with John Kane who responded (#15) regarding Samuel Clark and Lucinda Shelton. I’m a descendent of thier son Thomas Clark.

  17. Anita looked back at it right or wrong this what i got. Maybe you can add or trim somewhere. Joseph Clark married Ann Golden daughter was Racheal.
    Josephs brother David married Charity Boon son was David jr. David jr married Racheal. settled in Sangamon ill.
    children Samuel Charles Tilford.
    Samuel 1812 ky married lucinda Shelton .B 1817 NC
    Children Sara Ann David John Andrew Ellon Mary Jane, Thomas Wilson Lee Riley.
    Samuel married lucinda Shelton daughter of Stephon Shelton and Ldyia Heath sept 1833 Sangmon ill.
    Samuel died jan 1888 buried in Trulliger cem. Decatur Iowa. Lucinda same 1898.
    John Clark married Susan Barnes b about 1848 children Alice Fred Harry Eddie ,
    Alice Clark married Robert lee Forrest Teater 1896 she was 15 he was 25.
    children Mary Frank Everret Eldon
    Robert Teater Madison ky son of William M Jake Teater and Susan Ann May.
    1906 alice contracted tuberculosis placed with sons in Yankee Hill. died about 1976 Lancaster hospitol of Tuberculosis.
    Possible Davids father David was living in Massac Ill and Tenn.

  18. My father just passed but I have papers of geneology that was studied by a distance cousin, I have a picture of MicajahClark which he is in uniform,there was a senior and Jr.
    It shows that Christoper Clark and Penelope Bolling, had a son Micajah Clark Sr, who married Judith Adams in 1735 which had Micajah Jr.
    Their children list as Christopher, Robert, Mourning, Micahah Jr, John Craven, Edward, Judith and of course a Penelope which would be Penelope Clark born in 1747. I don’t know why but I felt that Bolling may have been Penelope Bolling Johnson but not listed because in studying all the other names match up.
    I don’t know if that answered anything but
    if I can help
    Its funny I named my son Micah and didn’t even know that it was common in our family he is now 15.

    The Senior had a mother Penelope Bolling and the father was Christopher Clark.

    1. Tina, I would live to see that photo of Micajah ! Micajah Jr is my 5th G-Grandfather. If you are still reading this thread, or if anyone else here knows how to get in touch – please contact me at


  19. I, too, am a descendant of Penelope and Christopher Clark. Their daughter,Rachel Clark, married Thomas Moorman and they had a daughter ,Rachel Moorman, who married Stephen Goggin (Jr.) – see #10 post above.
    My line changes from yours, Frances. My descendancy follows Stephen and Rachel Goggin; they had a son, Stephen,III. He married Jannet Robertson and they had a daugher, Mary Alice Goggin. She married David Parker and they had a son, William David Parker. William married Susan(nah) Joanna (Johanna) Graves, daughter of Francis Lafayette Washington Graves; they had a daughter, Elizabeth Ava Parker. She married Peyton Graves Edwards, son of Harden Haviston (& Roenna) Edwards. Their oldest son was Daniel Peyton Edwards. He married Esther Valentine Griffin. They had a son, Daniel Peyton Edwards, Jr., my father.
    I would welcome anyone’s input regarding my ancestors and also if anyone has an available copy of Todd Bolen’s book, “The BOLLING, BOWLIN, BOLEN Family in America before 1800″ – I’d like to get a copy. I have been in recent (e-mail) contact with Todd and he has been most helpful but, unfortunately no longer has any copies of his book.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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    121 Christine Wilson, b. … , d. …
    122 Thomas Creekmore, b. … , d. …
    123 Mary Edna Ellis, b. … , d. …
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    m. Knox, Tenn., 30 April 1812
    125 Malinda Jones, b. … , d. … [by 1850]
    126 Samuel Thompson Allred, b. Overton Co., Tenn., 6 Oct. 1809, d. Carroll Co., Ark., 4 Nov. 1857
    m. … 1828
    127 Anna Bunch, b. Overton Co., Tenn., 27 March 1814, d. Osage, Newton Co., Ark., 21 June 1893
    128 Otondi, b. … , d. …
    129 … , b. … , d. …
    192 Samuel Dunham, b. Woodbridge, N. J., 11 May 1742, d. Berkeley Co., Va. [now W. Va.], 18 Feb. 1824
    m. … 1775
    193 Hannah … , b. … [ca. 1758], d. Butler Co., Ohio, … 1826
    194 Samuel Goodnight, b. … , Pa., … 1761, d. Fayette Co., Ohio, … 1845
    195 Magdalena Berkheimer, b. … [ca. 1764], d. …
    196 William Stroup, b. … , Pa., 27 April 1785, d. Tipton Co., Ind., 3 Nov. 1863
    m. Ross Co., Ohio, 31 Dec. 1809
    197 Ann Thomas, b. … , Md., … [ca. 1790], d. Tipton Co., Ind., … 1868
    220 Robert Overall, b. … [ca. 1770], d. … [ca. 1835]
    m. … 12 March 1801
    221 Annie Browning, b. Culpeper Co., Va., … 1780, d. … [after 1820]
    222 Gabriel Duvall, b. Annapolis, Md., 3 Oct. 1787, d. Nelson Co., Ky., 1 Aug. 1827
    m. Nelson Co., Ky., 9 Aug. 1814
    223 Mary Grable, b. … , Ky., 13 Oct. 1791, d. Nelson Co., Ky., 6 Aug. 1868
    228 John Block, b. … , d. …
    229 … , b. … , d. …
    230 George Taylor, b. … 1787, d. … [after 1850]
    231 Mary Thomas, b. … 1787, d. … [ca. 1840]
    238 Abraham Wright, b. … , Pa., … 1755, d. Licking Co., Ohio, 23 March 1833
    239 Naomi … , b. … 1757, d. … 26 July 1823
    240 John McCurry, b. … , d. …
    241 Lydia Williams, b. … , d. …
    242 John Wilson, b. … , d. … Mo., … [ca. 1830]
    243 Ruth Wilburn, b. … , N. C., … , d. …
    252 John Allred, b. Randolph, N. C., 7 June 1772, d. Newton Co., Ark., 5 Nov. 1828
    253 Phoebe Thompson, b. Randolph, N. C., … 1787, d. …
    254 Nathaniel Bunch, b. Louisa Co., Va., 23 Apr. 1793, d. Dinsmore, Newton Co., Ark., 16 Feb. 1859
    m. Overton Co., Tenn., 15 Nov. 1810
    255 Sarah Wade Ray, b. Overton Co., Tenn., … 1793, d. Dinsmore, Newton Co., Ark., … 1874
    256 Ogelo, b. … , d. …
    257 … , b. … , d. …
    384 Jonathan Dunham, b. Woodbridge, N. J., 12 Jan. 1709, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 21 Sept. 1748
    385 Mary Smith, b. … 27 Dec. 1717, d. … 1791
    388 Christian Gutknecht/Goodnight, b. … , d. Germantown, Pa., 26 Dec. 1795
    389 Maria Magdalena … , b. … , d. …
    390 Leonhard Berkheimer, b. … , d. …
    391 Maria Catharina … , b. … , d. …
    392 John Stroup, b. … , d. Madison Co., Ohio, 4 Feb. 1832
    393 Mary Stehle, b. … , d. Madison Co., Ohio, 4 Nov. 1835
    440 John Overall, b. … 1735, d. Bullitt Co., Ky., 16 March 1821
    441 Frances Whitledge, b. … , Va., 27 Oct. 1732, d. Bullitt Co., Ky., 5 Dec. 1816
    442 James Browning, b. … [ca. 1745], d. … [ca. 1812]
    443 Susannah Hickman, b. Culpeper Co., Va., … [ca. 1745], d. Harrison Co., Ky., … [before 1833]
    444 John Miles Duvall, b. … [ca. 1745], d. St. Mary’s Co., Md., … 1787
    445 Anne Roselle Philomena Tarleton, b. … [ca. 1754], d. Nelson Co., Ky., 6 June 1823
    486 James Wilborn, b. … , d. …
    487 Mary Isabel Teague, b. … , d. …
    504 Solomon Allred, b. … , d. … 1790
    505 Mary … , b. … 1726, d. … 1792
    508 Charles Bunch, b. Louisa Co., Va., … 1765, d. …
    509 Mary Bellamy, b. Louisa Co., Va., 1769, d. … 1792
    512 Kisodhi, b. … , d. …
    513 … , b. … , d. …
    768 Benjamin Dunham, b. Woodbridge, N. J., 22 Aug. 1681, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 31 Dec. 1715
    m. … [ca. 1706]
    769 Mary Rolph, b. Woodbridge, N. J., … 1681, d. …
    770 Shubael Smith, b. New Castle, Del., 2 Jan. 1692, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 31 May 1769
    m. … 1716
    771 Prudence FitzRandolph, b. Woodbridge, N. J., 20 Aug. 1696, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 12 Sept. 1766
    784 Johann Philipp Straub, b. … , d. …
    785 Barbara … , b. … , d. …
    786 Ulrich Stehle, b. … , d. …
    787 Anna … , b. … , d. Mifflin Co., Pa., … May 1793
    880 John Overall, b. … , Va., … 1701, d. Prince William Co., Va., … 1743
    m. St. Paul’s, Prince William Co., Va., 8 Oct. 1722
    881 Mary Elliott, b. … 1703, d. Prince William Co., Va., 24 July 1738
    882 William Whitledge, b. … [ca. 1712], d. Prince William Co., Va., 5 Aug. 1782
    m. King George Co., Va., 27 Oct. 1732
    883 Frances Overall, b. … 22 Aug. 1716, d. … [after 1745]
    884 John Browning, b. Culpepper Co., Va., … 1728, d. …. Dec. 1803
    m. … 1744
    885 Elizabeth Demarest, b. New Castle Co., Del., … 1728, d. … 1803
    886 James Hickman, b. Culpepper Co., Va., 3 March 1723/4, d. Clark Co., Ky., 16 Apr. 1816
    m. Albemarle Co., Va., 14 March 1743/4
    887 Hannah Lewis, b. Hanover Co., Va., 6 Oct. 1722, d. Clark Co., Ky., 4 June 1822
    888 Jacob Duvall, b. Prince George’s Co., Md., 19 Apr. 1715, d. … 7 March 1796
    m. … 1740
    889 Mary Miles, b. … 1719, d. …
    890 James Tarleton, b. … , d. St. Mary’s Co., Md., 10 Apr. 1756
    891 Ann Henning, b. … , d. …
    1016 Samuel Bunch, b. Hanover Co., Va., … 1726, d. Louisa Co., Va., … 1783
    1017 Mary Hudson, b. Hanover Co., Va., … 1726, d. … 31 Jan. 1792
    1018 John Bellamy, b. Louisa Co., Va., … [ca. 1735], d. Louisa Co., Va., … 1815
    1019 Susan Roe, b. … [ca. 1738], d. …
    1024 Owiny, b. … , d. …
    1025 … , b. … , d. …
    1536 Jonathan Singletary alias Dunham, b. Newbury, Mass., 17 Jan. 1639/40, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 6 Sept. 1724
    m. … [ca. 1657]
    1537 Mary Bloomfield, b. Newburyport, Mass., 5 Jan. 1642 d. Woodbridge, N. J., … 1708
    1538 John Rolph, b. … , d. …
    1539 Mary Sculliard, b. … , d. …
    1540 Samuel Smith, b. Barnstable, Mass., 20 Oct. 1644, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 15 Dec. 1719
    m. Woodbridge, N. J., 8 June 1692
    1541 Elizabeth Peirce, b. … , d. …
    1542 Samuel FitzRandolph, b. … 1668, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 25 June 1754
    m. Woodbridge, N. J., 8 June 1693
    1543 Mary Jones, b. … , d. …
    1760 (=1766) William Overall, b. … [ca. 1680], d. King George Co., Va., 17 Jan. 1724/5
    m. … [ca. 1700]
    1761 (=1767) Mary Jones, b. … [ca. 1680], d. … [after 1743]
    1764 Thomas Whitledge, b. … [ca. 1663], d. … [ca. 1731]
    1765 Sybil Harrison, b. … , d. …
    1766 – 1767 same as 1760 – 1761, above
    1768 Francis Browning, b. Essex Co., Va., … 1686, d. Essex Co., Va., 21 Jan. 1775
    1769 Elizabeth Lloyd, b. … 8 Jan. 1686, d. … [ca. 1740]
    1770 Jan Demarest, b. Hackensack, N. J., 11 May 1701, d. New Castle Co., Del., … 1737
    m. … 1725
    1771 Alice Earle, b. Hackensack, N. J., 7 Dec. 1701, d. …
    1772 Edwin Hickman, b. … , d. …
    1773 Eleanor Elliott, b. … , d. …
    1774 David Lewis, b. … , d. Albemarle Co., Va., 21 Oct. 1778
    1775 Anne Terrell, b. … 1692, d. … 1734
    1776 Mareen Duvall, b. … , d. … June 1741
    m. … 21 Oct. 1701
    1777 Elizabeth Jacob, b. … , d. …
    1780 James Tarleton, b. … , d. St. Mary’s Co., Md., 25 Apr. 1735
    1781 … , b. … , d. …
    2032 John Bunch, b. New Kent Co., Va., … 1690, d. Hanover Co., Va., 14 March 1741/2
    2033 Rebecca Harrison, b. Louisa Co., Va., … 1699, d. Louisa Co., Va., 16 March 1770
    2034 John Hudson, b. … 1692, d. Hanover Co., Va., 11 Apr. 1732
    2035 Elizabeth Harris, b. New Kent Co., Va., 2 Nov. 1698, d. … [ca. 1758]
    2036 John Bellamy, b. … , d. …
    2037 Mary … , b. … , d. …
    2038 William Roe, b. … , d. …
    2039 … , b. … , d. …
    2048 Sigoma, b. … , d. …
    2049 … , b. … , d. …
    3072 Richard Singletary, b. … , d. …
    3073 … , b. … , d. …
    3080 John Smith, b. … , d. Sandwich, Mass., 2 Oct. 1710
    m. Barnstable, Mass., 13 June 1643
    3081 Susannah Hinckley, b. … , d. Barnstable, Mass., 6 Nov. 1675
    3084 Nathaniel FitzRandolph, b. Barnstable, Mass., 15 May 1642, d. Woodbridge, N. J., 21 Nov. 1713
    3085 Mary Holley, b. … , d. Woodbridge, N. J., 12 July 1703
    3086 Jeffrey Jones, b. … , d. Elizabethtown, N. J., 21 Dec. 1717
    3087 … , b. … , d. …
    3520 (=3532) William Overall, b. … , d. …
    3521 (=3533) Jane Baldridge, b. … , d. Westmoreland Co., Va., 5 Apr. 1718
    3522 (=3534) John Jones, b. … , d. …
    3523 (=3535) Mary … , b. … , d. …
    3530 Burr Harrison, b. … , d. …
    3531 Sarah Burdette, b. … , d. …
    3532 – 3535 same as 3520 – 3523, above
    3540 Jan Demarest, b. … , d. …
    3541 Debora Heyet, b. … , d. …
    3542 Edward Earle, b. … , d. Secaucus, N. J., 18 Aug. 1713
    m. … 13 Feb. 1688
    3543 Elsie Vreeland, bapt. Bergen Co., N. J., 12 Nov. 1671, d. … 1704
    3544 Thomas Hickman, b. … , d. …
    3545 Martha Thacker, b. … , d. …
    3550 William Terrell, b. … , d. …
    3551 Susan Waters, b. … , d. …
    3552 Mareen Duvall, b. … , d. Anne Arundel Co., Md., … 1694
    3553 Susanna … , b. … , d. … 1692
    3554 John Jacob, b. … , d. Anne Arundel Co., Md., 29 Oct. 1726
    3555 Ann Cheney, b. … , d. … Apr. 1730
    3560 James Tarleton, b. … , d. St. Mary’s Co., Md., … [by 1702]
    3561 Cassandra … , b. … , d. …
    4064 John Bunch, b. New Kent Co., Va., … 1665, d. Henrico Co., Va., … 1729
    m. … 16 Nov. 1691
    4065 Temperance Bates, b. … , d. …
    4068 William Hudson, b. … , d. Hanover Co., Va., 27 Nov. 1701
    4069 Elizabeth Jennings, b. … , d. …
    4070 William Harris, b. … , d. …
    4071 Mary … , b. … , d. …
    4096 Miwiru, b. … , d. …
    4097 … , b. … , d. …
    6162 Samuel Hinckley, b. … , d. Barnstable, Mass., 31 Oct. 1662
    m. Hawkhurst, co. Kent, 17 May 1617
    6163 Sarah Soole, b. … , d. Barnstable, Mass., 18 Aug. 1656
    6168 Edward FitzRandolph, b. … [bapt. Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, 5 July 1607], d. Piscataway, N. J., … [ca. 1684/5]
    m. Scituate, Mass., 10 May 1637
    6169 Elizabeth Blossom, b. Leyden, Netherlands, … 1620, d. Piscataway, N. J., … [ca. 1713]
    7042 (=7066) James Baldridge, b. … , d. …
    7043 (=7067) Dorothy … , b. … , d. …
    7064 – 7071 same as 7040 – 7047, above
    7080 Jean Demarest, b. … 14 April 1645, d. Hackensack, N. J., 16 Oct. 1719
    m. New York, N. Y., 9 Sept. 1668
    7081 Jacomina de Ruyne, b. … 1652, d. Hackensack, N. J., 4 March 1692
    7084 Edward Earle, b. … , d. Secaucus, N. J., 15 Dec. 1711
    7085 Hannah Baylis, b. … , d. Secaucus, N. J., … [ca. 1730]
    7086 Enoch Vreeland, bapt. 20 Jan. 1647 d. … 17 Aug. 1717
    m. New York, N. Y., 3 June 1670
    7087 Dirckje Meyer, bapt. Amsterdam 24 Oct. 1649, d. Bergen, N. J., 5 Oct. 1688
    7088 Thomas Hickman, b. … , d. …
    7089 Mary Pascal, b. … , d. …
    7090 Henry Thacker, b. … , d. …
    7091 Eltonhead Conway, b. … , d. …
    7110 Richard Cheney, b. … , d. Anne Arundel Co., Md., 6 March 1684
    7111 Charity … , b. … , d. …
    8128 John Bunch, b. … 1636, d. New Kent Co., Va., … 1700
    m. … 1661
    8129 Mary … , b. … 1640, d. …
    12336 – 12337 Discussed in Note 6168 (below)
    14128 – 14143 same as 14080 – 14095, above
    14160 David Demarest, b. … [ca. 1620], d. New Milford, N. J., 16 Oct. 1693
    m. Middelburg, Zeeland, 24 July 1643
    14161 Marie Sohier, b. … 1623, d. New Milford, N. J., … [ca. 1677]
    14162 Simon de Ruyne, b. … 1615, d. Flushing, Long Island, N. Y., 12 June 1678
    m. … 1639
    14163 Magdalena van der Straaten, b. … , d. …
    14170 John Baylis, b. … , d. …
    14171 … , b. … , d. …
    14172 Michael Vreeland, b. … , d. New Amsterdam … 1663
    14173 Fytje Hermans, b. … , d. …
    14174 Jan Meyer, b. … , d. … June 1700
    14175 Tryntje Grevenraedt, b. … , d. … Nov. 1677
    14182 Edwin Conway, b. … , d. …
    14183 Martha Eltonhead, b. … , d. …
    24672 – 24675 Discussed in Note 6168 (below)
    28256 – 28287 same as 28160 – 28191, above
    28366 – 28367 Discussed in Note 14183 (below)
    49344 – 49351 Discussed in Note 6168 (below)
    56512 – 56575 same as 56320 – 56383, above
    56732 – 56735 Discussed in Note 14183 (below)


    1930 Kansas, Butler Co., El Dorado, ED 19, sheet 17A, line 32

    Armour Harry E H M W 56 M 25 IL OH MO Pumper Oil lease
    Gabriella W F W 53 M 22 MO MO KY
    Doris E D F W 24 S IL IL MO Stenographer Oil Co Office
    Dunham Ralph E GS M W 13 S KS KS IL Carrier Paper route
    Stanley R GS M W 12 S KS KS IL
    Clark Christopher C FiL M W 84 Wd MO KY KY


    1930 Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, ED 68, sheet 17B, line 59

    Dunham Jacob W H M W 67 M 25 IN IN IN Physician Medical
    Mary A W F W 59 M 18 IN Ireland IN
    Ralph W D M W 38 M 22 KS IN IN Druggist Retail Drug Store
    Jackson Russell S GS M W 13 S KS US KS


    1930 Kansas, Butler Co., Augusta, ED 3, sheet 3B, line 81

    Payne Rolla C H M W 37 M 29 KS MO OH Bookkeeper Oil company
    Leona W F W 32 M 24 KS MO AR
    Madelyn D F W 7 S KS KS KS
    Charles S M W 5 S KS KS KS
    Arlene D F W 3 8/12 S KS KS KS


    1930 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Peru, ED 2, sheet 12B, line 51

    McCurry Thomas C H M W 80 M 22 IL KY IL
    Margaret B W F W 60 M 15 AR KY KY
    Ruth D F W 30 S KS IL AR Teacher Public Schools


    1920 Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, ED 144, sheet 10B, line 100, cont. on 11A

    Dunham Jacob W H M W 54 M IN IN IN Pharmacist Drug store
    Mary A W F W 48 M IN Ireland IN
    Christobel D F W 22 S KS IN IN Sales lady Bakery
    Dewey S M W 19 S KS IN IN Delivery Boy Drug store
    Jackson Pearl D F W 18 D KS IN IN Machine opr Bakery
    Russell GS M W 2 10/12 S KS not known KS
    Dunham Frank H M W 28 M KS IN IN Printer Out of a job
    Pearl W F W 30 M KS IL IL


    1920 Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, ED 150, sheet 10B, line 83

    Armour Harry H M W 46 M IL IL MO Oiler Oil fields
    Gabrielle W F W 43 M MO MO KY
    Doris D F W 18 S IL IL MO
    Dunham Ralph SiL M W 26 M KS KS KS Machanic Automobile
    Ruth D F W 19 M IL IL MO
    Ralph junior GS M W 3 1/12 S KS KS IL
    Stanlee GS M W 1 7/12 S KS KS IL
    Clark Christopher C F M W 74 Wd MO MO MO … Own ship

    Christopher was Harry’s father-in-law, but the census schedule says “father”


    1920 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Belleville, ED 1, sheet 1A, line 19

    Payne Rolla C H M W 27 S KS MO OH Bookkeeper … office
    O’Hara William Partner M W 32 S KS Ireland IL Foreman …


    1920 Kansas, Wyandotte Co., Rosedale, ED 199, sheet 11B, line 100, cont. on 12A

    Payne Charles T H M W 58 Wd MO MO MO Tire repairer Tire shop
    Lillian D D F W 30 S KS MO MO Teacher Public School
    Frank B S M W 24 S KS MO MO Short order clerk Mercantile company
    Ora B D F W 19 S KS MO MO


    1920 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Belleville, ED 1, sheet 5A, line 15

    Floyd Francis M H M W 71 M IA IN KY
    Sarah A W F W 66 M IA KY KY Keeper Boarding House
    McCurry Leona Boarder F W 22 S KS IL TN Teacher School
    Wiley Mable W Boarder F W 20 S KS KS KS Teacher School


    1920 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Belleville, ED 1, sheet 22A, line 39

    McCurry Thomas C H M W 70 M IL KY IL Farmer Farm
    Margaret B W F W 51 M AR KY TN
    Frank W S M W 26 S KS IL AR Pharmacist Drug store
    Ruth D F W 20 S KS IL AR Teacher School


    1910 Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, ED 128, sheet 3B, line 65

    Dunham Jacob H M W 46 M1 22 IN VA OH Manufacturer Drugs
    Mary A W F W 40 M1 22 7 7 IN Ireland OH
    Hattie J D F W 21 S KS IN IN Laborer Biscuit factory
    Mable C D F W 20 S KS IN IN Laborer Biscuit factory
    Frank V S M W 17 S KS IN IN
    Ralph E S M W 16 S KS IN IN
    Christobel B D F W 12 S KS IN IN
    Pearl M D F W 10 S KS IN IN
    Earl D S M W 8 S KS IN IN


    1910 Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, ED 135, sheet 4B, line 88

    Armour Harry H M W 36 M1 11 IL OH MO Traveling Salesman Coal Co
    Gabriella W F W 33 M1 11 2 2 MO MO KY
    Ruth D F W 9 S IL IL MO Student
    Doris D F W 4 S IL IL MO


    1910 Kansas, Johnson Co., Aubry, ED 101, sheet 3B, line 91

    Payne Charles T H M W 48 Wd MO MO MO Farmer General Farm
    Lillie B W F W 20 S KS MO OH
    Stella M D F W 15 S KS MO OH
    Rolla T S M W 17 S KS MO OH
    Burke F S M W 14 S KS MO OH
    Elsa R D F W 12 S KS MO OH
    Ora B D F W 10 S KS MO OH


    1910 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Belleville, ED 1, sheet 4A, line 1

    McCurry Thomas H M W 60 M2 26 IL IL IL Farmer Farm
    Bell W F W 40 M1 26 7 7 AR KY TN
    Wilburn S M W 21 S OK IL AR Driller Oil fields
    Joseph S M W 19 S KS IL AR Driller Oil fields
    Franklin S M W 17 S KS IL AR Farmer Home farm
    John S M W 15 S KS IL AR Farmer Home farm
    Leona D F W 12 S KS IL AR
    Ruth D F W 10 S KS IL AR


    1900 Illinois, Hancock Co., St.Mary’s, ED 32, sheet 5B, line 83

    Armour Harvey H W M Jan 1874 36 M 0 IL OH MO Farm Labor
    Guldine W W F Jun 1876 23 M 0 0 0 MO KY KY


    1900 Kansas, Johnson Co., Shawnee, ED 105, sheet 21B, line 87

    Payne Charles H W M Jun 1861 38 M1 11 MO UN MO Auctioneer
    Della W W F May 1863 37 M1 11 6 6 OH OH OH
    Lillie D W F Dec 1889 10 S KS OH OH
    Rolla C S W M Aug 1892 7 S KS OH OH
    Estella M D W F May 1894 6 S KS OH OH
    Frank B S W M Jan 1896 4 S KS OH OH
    Eloa V D W F Nov 1899 2 S KS OH OH
    Baby D W F Apr 1900 1/12 S KS OH OH

    The birth locations do not correlate, but this is what the schedule says


    1900 Kansas, Johnson Co., Olathe, ED 100, sheet 10A, line 17

    Wolfley Rachel H W F Dec 1835 64 Wd 5 4 OH Unk PA
    Robert L S W M May 1877 23 S KS OH OH


    1900 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Belleville, ED 1, sheet 8A, line 1

    McCurry Thomas H W M Jan 1850 50 M 16 MO IN IL Farmer
    Margarett W W F Jul 1863 30 M 16 7 7 AR TN AR
    Jacob M S W M Aug 1885 14 S KS MO AR
    Thomas W S W M Jan 1888 11 S KS MO AR
    Joseph E S W F Jan 1891 9 S KS MO AR
    Franklin W S W M Jan 1893 7 S KS MO AR
    John R S W M Mar 1895 5 S KS MO AR
    Leona D W F May 1897 3 S KS MO AR
    Ruth D W F Jul 1899 11/12 S KS MO AR


    1880 Kansas, Labette Co., Mount Pleasant, ED 114, page — , line 17

    Dunham Jacob M W M 55 Farmer VA VA PA
    Louisa W F 41 W Keeping House OH OH VA
    Jacob W W M 17 S IN VA OH
    Joseph W M 14 S IN VA OH
    Samuel W M 9 S IN VA OH
    Jeptha W M 22 S Laborer IN VA OH
    Marthy A W F 23 DiL Keeping House OH Ireland OH


    1880 Illinois, Adams Co., Ellington, ED 7, page 38, line 12

    Armer George W M 30 Farm Hand OH [blank] [blank]
    Anne W F 31 W Keeping House MO KY KY
    Minnie W F 7 D At Home MO OH OH
    Hary W M 6 S At Home IL OH OH
    Arthur W M 4 S At Home IL OH OH
    Dazey W F 1 D At Home IL OH OH


    1880 Missouri, Audrain Co., Linn, ED 2, page 43, line 14

    Clark C C W M 34 Farmer MO KY KY
    Susan C W F 31 W Keeping House KY KY KY
    Joseph W M 9 S Home MO MO KY
    Louis A W F 7 D Home MO MO KY
    Gabrilla W F 4 D Home MO MO KY
    Ida W F 2 D Home MO MO KY


    1880 Missouri, Knox Co., Edina, ED 81, page 23, line 19

    Payne Elisa C W F 41 [wid] Keeping House IL KY KY
    Charles T W F 18 S Cattle Byyer MO MO IL
    Alexander W W M 13 S At Home MO MO IL


    1880 Kansas, Johnson Co., McCamish, ED 96, page 9, line 45, continued on page 10

    Wolfley Robert W M 45 Farmer OH PA OH
    Rachael W F 44 W Keeping House OH MD OH
    Ann W F 19 D At Home OH OH OH
    Della W F 17 D ” OH OH OH
    George P W M 10 S KS OH OH
    Louis W M 2 S KS OH OH
    Abbott Adah W F 81 MiL At Home MD VA MD
    (one laborer)

    The birth entries do not all correlate, but the above is what the schedule says.


    1880 Kansas, Chautauqua Co., Salt Creek, ED 74, page 6, line 14

    McCurry Herbert W M 56 Farmer IN NC KY
    Elizabeth W F 52 W Keeping House IL VA NC
    Mary W F 24 D MO IN IL
    Jacob W M 19 S Farmer MO IN IL
    Sophronia W F 17 D MO IN IL
    Arthur W M 14 S Farmer MO IN IL
    Daniel W M 12 S Farmer MO IN IL
    Albert W M 9 S MO IN IL
    Annie W F 3 GD MO MO MO


    1880 Arkansas, Carroll Co., ED 28, Page 41, line 19

    Wright Joseph W M 64 Farmer KY NC TN
    Frances W F 46 W Keeping House TN TN TN
    Limmony J W F 22 D TN KY TN
    Arminda W F 21 D TN KY TN
    Sarah M W F 20 D AR KY TN
    Thomas B W M 19 S Farm Laborer AR KY TN
    Mary A W F 18 D AR KY TN
    Catherine A W F 15 D AR KY TN
    Abner F W M 14 S Farm Laborer AR KY TN
    Emma S W F 12 D AR KY TN
    Margaret W F 10 D AR KY TN
    Fridale D W M 9 S AR KY TN
    William M W M 6 S AR KY TN
    Martha S W F 4 D AR KY TN
    Benjamin F W M 2 S AR KY TN


    1870 Indiana, Tipton Co., Jefferson, Berlin PO, page 35, line 37, continued on page 36

    Dunham Jacob 47 M W Farmer 1500 400 VA
    Louisa 31 F W Keeping House OH
    David 16 M W At Home IN
    Jeptha 13 M W At Home IN
    Catherine 10 F W At Home IN
    Jacob 7 M W IN
    Joseph 4 M W IN
    Catharine 74 F W PA


    1870 Indiana, Tipton Co., Jefferson, Utersburg PO, page 17, line 18

    Kerney Falmott 38 M W Farmer 600 — Ireland Can’t read or write
    Sparta 36 F W Keeping House Ohio Can’t write
    Feba 16 F W Housekeeper Ohio
    Elizabeth 15 F W At home Ohio Can’t read or write
    Martha 11 F W At home Ohio Can’t read or write
    Margaret 9 F W At home Ohio
    William 7 M W At school Ohio
    Joseph 5 M W Ohio
    Falmoth 3 M W Indiana
    Mary A 9/12 F W Indiana


    1870 Missouri, Lewis Co., Canton PO, page 1, line 1

    Clark Thomas 59 M W Farmer 3000 1500 KY Can’t read or write
    Elizabeth 49 F W Keeps House KY Can’t read or write
    Thadius 25 M W Works on farm MO Can’t read or write
    Addison 23 M W Works on farm MO Can’t read or write
    Francis 20 M W Works on farm MO Can’t read or write
    Samuel 16 M W Works on farm MO Can’t read or write
    Lizzy 18 F W At Home MO Can’t read or write
    Thomas 14 M W At School MO Can’t read or write
    Alpheus 13 M W do MO Can’t read or write
    Jessy 10 M W do MO Can’t read or write
    Columbus 24 M W Works on farm MO Can’t read or write
    Susan 21 F W At home KY Can’t read or write
    Graham 28 F W At home MO Can’t read or write


    1870 Kentucky, Nelson Co., Barnstown PO, page 24, line 31

    Overall G W 50 W M Farmer 4000 1000 KY
    Martha E 30 F W Keeping House KY
    Malemila 21 F W At Home KY
    Gabriel P 19 M W Farm Laborer KY
    Palestine 8 F W KY
    Maria J 5 F W KY
    George R 1 M W KY


    1870 Missouri, Knox Co., Lyon, Edina PO, page 7, line 17

    Payne Benjamin 37 M W Farmer 3000 1000 Missouri
    Eliza 34 F W Keeping House Illinois
    Charles T 9 M W At Home Missouri
    Warren Alex 3 M W Same Missouri


    1870 Missouri, Schuyler Co., Prarie, Lancaster PO, page 28, line 5

    Preston Joshua 52 M W Farmer — 300 OH
    Matilda 39 F W Keeping House OH
    Elmer E 9 F W OH
    Freeman G 7 M W OH
    Abbott Adah 72 F W Keeping House MD


    1870 Missouri, Andrew Co., Lincoln, Tillmon PO, page 45, line 31, continued on page 46

    McCurry Harvey W 46 M W Blacksmith — 400 IN
    Elizabeth 41 F W Keeping House IL
    Thomas 20 M W Farm Laborer MO
    Edward 18 M W MO
    Mary 12 F W MO
    Samuel 11 M W MO
    John 10 M W MO
    Jacob 9 M W MO
    Sophronia 7 F W MO
    Arthur 5 M W MO
    Daniel 2 M W MO

    Elizabeth was marked as “cannot write”
    Mary was marked as “cannot read” and “cannot write”


    1870 Arkansas, Carroll Co., Osage, Osage PO, page 6. line 27

    Wright Joseph 50 M W Farming 900 1125 KY
    Francis 36 F W Keeping House TN
    Hannah B 21 F W House Work TN
    Lumurray J 21 F W House Work TN
    Amanda 19 F W House Work TN
    Rachail A 17 F W AR
    Lewis B 11 M W AR
    Sarah A 10 F W AR
    Thomas B 9 M W AR
    Mary Ann 7 F W AR
    Catherine A 5 F W AR
    Abner F 3 M W AR
    Emma H 2 F W AR
    Margaret B 11/12 F W AR


    1870 Tennessee, Putnam Co., 15th District, Buffalo Valley PO, page 9, line 5

    Smith Arminta 40 F W Keeping House 200 500 TN
    James 14 M W ”
    John 12 M W ”
    Martha 10 F W ”
    Right Obadiah 83 M W 300 — NC


    1870 Arkansas, Newton Co., Osage, Kingston PO, page 3, line 32

    Bunch Sarah 77 F W Keeps House VA
    Calvin 40 M W Farmer — 100 TN
    Pierce CS 15 M W At Home AR


    1860 Indiana, Tipton Co., Prarie Twp., Tipton, page 174
    Free Schedule

    Jacob Dunham 36 M Farmer 500 300 Va
    Louisa ” 22 F Ohio
    David H ” 6 M Ind
    Detha ” 3 M do
    Catharine ” 5/12 F do


    1860 Indiana, Tipton Co., Prarie Twp., Tipton, page 174
    Free Schedule

    Jacob Dunham 66 M Farmer 1200 300 Va
    Catharine ” 67 Penn


    1860 Indiana, Tipton Co., Jefferson Twp., Tipton, page 187, ilne 28
    Free Schedule

    Eliza Stroub 41 F Farmer 1600 350 Ky
    Wm ” 18 M Ohio
    Anna ” 12 F Ind
    Matilda A ” 9 F do


    1860 Indiana, Tipton Co., Prarie Twp., Tipton, page 173, line 33
    Free Schedule

    Wm Stroub 75 M Farmer 800 200 Penn
    Anna ” 62 F do


    1860 – Clarksburgh P.O., Deerfield Twp., Ross Co., OH, pp. 163b-164a
    Free Schedule

    Falmouth Kearny 30 M Farm Hand 535 Ireland
    Charlotte 25 F OH
    Phebe 7 F OH
    Elizabeth 5 F OH
    Martha 3 F OH
    Margaret 1 F OH
    (Thomas C. Mass family)
    James Kearney 50 M Farmer 6600 1000 OH [actually a “same” quote]
    Elanor A. 37 F OH
    Thomas 8 M OH
    James B. 5 M OH
    Sarah 3 F OH
    Elizabeth 1 F OH
    Jacob Rhorer 37 M Farm Hand MD
    Joseph Kearny 65 M Farmer 2850 305 Ireland
    Pharb 53 F Ireland
    William Cleary 60 M Farm Hand Ireland
    (continuation of Cleary family in Joseph Kearny household)


    1860 Missouri, Lewis Co., Canton Twp, Canton PO, page 60, line 29, continued on page 61
    Free Schedule

    Thomas Clark 49 M Farmer 6000 2000 KY
    Elizabeth ” 36 F ”
    George W ” 23 M 50 MO
    Sarah A ” 21 F ”
    Thadeus W ” 16 M ”
    Columbus ” 14 M ”
    Addison ” 13 M ”
    Marion ” 10 M ”
    Elizabeth ” 8 F ”
    Saml V ” 7 M ”
    Thomas ” 4 M ”
    Alpheus Clark 3 M MO
    Infant 1/2 M ”

    The Color column was left blank for all Whites


    1860 Kentucky, Nelson Co., District No. 2, page 85
    Free Schedule

    G. W. Overall 39 M Farmer 2600 2500 Kentucky
    Martha Overall 27 F ”
    James Bell Overall 17 M Farm Hand ”
    Mary A Overall 14 F ” ” ”
    Susan C Overall 7 F ”
    Gabriel P Overall 9 M ”


    1860 Kentucky, Nelson Co., District No. 2, page 17
    Slave Schedule

    Owner Number Age Sex Color
    George W Overall 1 25 M B


    1860 Kentucky, Nelson Co., District No. 2, page 85
    Free Schedule

    Gabriel F Duvall 32 M Farmer 4800 600 Kentucky
    Mary Duvall 66 F ”
    Rebecca Duvall 26 F ”
    George Wintorn 8 M ”


    1860 Missouri, Knox Co., Greensburgh Twp., Greensburgh, page 106
    Free Schedule

    John Black 55 M Farmer 3000 1500 Kentucky
    Sarah ” 54 F ”
    Thomas P ” 23 M Farmer Illinois
    Alexander ” 20 M Farmer Missouri
    George W ” 17 M Farmer ”
    John ” 16 M Farmer ”
    Ambrose ” 15 M Farmer ”
    Mary F ” 11 W ”


    1860 Missouri, Newton Co., Grandy Twp., Grandy, pp. 131-132
    Free Schedule

    Harbin McCurry 37 M Black Smith 300 400 Indiana
    Elizabeth ” 31 F Illinois
    William ” 11 M Arkansas
    Thomas ” 9 M Do
    Edward ” 7 M Do
    Mary McCurry 5 F Missouri
    Samuel ” 4 M Do
    John ” 1 M Do
    John R Gwinn 14 M Illinois


    1860 Arkansas, Newton Co., Osage Twp., Osage
    Free Schedule
    Adjoining entries

    Anna Allard (Wid 46 F 800 725 Tenn
    Anna 16 F Ark
    Mary E 14 F Ark
    Orliana 12 F Ark
    Ruben K 7 M Ark
    Eliza J 4 F Ark
    Cynthia E 2 F Ark
    Wm T McCullough 12 M (Orphan) Ark
    Margaret L McCullough 7 F (Orphan) Ark
    Joseph Wright 40 M M Clergyman 1500 1160 Ken
    Frances 26 F Tenn
    James M 19 M Farmer Tenn
    Obadiah R 14 M ”
    Hannah P \ 12 F ”
    Lenury J / twins 12 F ”
    Arminda M 10 F ”
    Rachel A 8 F Ark
    Lewis P 1 M ”
    Sarah M 4/12 F ”


    1860 Tennessee, Bledsoe Co., Pikeville PO, page 61, line 20

    Josh Smith 32 M Farmer 1000 1200 Virginia
    Arminda 29 F Tenn
    James 4 M ”
    John 2 M ”
    Martha A 5/12 F ”
    Obediah Wright 73 M N. C.


    1850 Indiana, Tipton Co., Prairie Twp.
    Free Schedule

    Jacob Dunham 55 M Farmer 800 Va
    Catharine ” 56 F Penn
    Jacob ” 29 M None Va
    Amos ” 20 M ” ”
    Samuel ” 18 M ” ”
    Mary ” 16 M ” ”
    David ” 12 M Oh

    Yes, Mary is described as “M”


    1850 Indiana, Tipton Co., Jefferson Twp.
    Free Schedule

    John Stroup 36 M Farmer 500 O.
    Eliza ” 34 F Va
    Louisa ” 12 F O.
    Stephen ” 11 M ”
    William ” 7 M ”
    Anna ” 1 F Ind


    1850 Indiana, Tipton Co., Prairie Twp.
    Free Schedule

    William Stroup 65 M Farmer 500 Unknown
    Ann ” 53 F ”
    Ann ” 24 F O.
    Naomi ” 21 F ”
    Reuben ” 17 M None O.
    Lavina ” 15 F ”


    1850 Missouri, Lewis Co., District No. 48
    Free Schedule

    Thos Clark 38 M Farmer 1600 KY
    Elizabeth Clark 28 F ”
    George Clark 12 M MO
    Sarah A Clark 11 F ”
    Thaddeus Clark 6 M ”
    Columbus Clark 4 M ”
    Harriett Clark 12 F ”
    Sarah Clark 7 F ”
    Joseph Clark 3 M ”
    Addison Clark 2 M ”
    F M Clarke 2/12 M ”


    1850 Kentucky, Nelson Co., District No. 1
    Free Schedule
    Adjacent entries

    Mary Duval 57 F 3800 Ky
    G Duvall 22 M Farmer ”
    I D Teague 4 M ”

    George Overall 30 M Farmer ”
    Lucy Overall 25 F ”
    I Overall 7 M ”
    Wm Overall 6 M ”
    M Overall 4 F ”
    M Overall 3 F ”
    Susan Overall 1 F ”


    1850 Kentucky, Nelson Co., District No. 1
    Slave Schedule
    Adjacent entries

    Owner Number Age Sex Color
    Mary Duval 1 60 M B
    2 58 F B
    George Overall 1 25 M B
    2 15 F B


    1850 Tennessee, Overton Co., Ninth District
    Free Schedule

    Joseph Wright 31 M Farmer —- Ky
    Sarah Wright 32 F NC
    James 9 M Ten
    Laura 7 F ”
    Obadiah 5 M ”
    Hannah 2 F ”
    Linnaury 2 F ”
    Arminda 6/12 F ”


    1850 Tennessee, Bledsoe Co., Eastern District
    Free Schedule

    Olediah Right 65 M Farmer 350 N C
    Louisa ” 57 F S C
    Arminda ” 20 F Tennessee


    1850 Arkansas, Newton Co., Osage Township
    Free Schedule
    Adjacent entries

    Nathaniel Bunch 58 M Mechanic 400 Virginia
    Sarah W 58 F ”
    Calvin B 34 M Farmer Tennessee
    Larkin C 20 M ” ”
    Francis A 16 F ”
    Samuel Alread 41 M Farmer 200 Tennessee
    Anna 37 F ”
    Nathaniel 18 M ”
    John 17 M ”
    Obediah 15 M ”
    Sarah 14 F ”
    Phebe 12 F ”
    Isaac N 10 M Arkansas
    Nancy 8 F ”
    Anna 7 F Arkansas
    Mary E 5 F ”
    Orleana 4 F ”
    Andrew 2 M ”
    Samuel A 1 M ”



    In Dreams from my father, on p. 63, Mr. Obama describes how, while a schoolboy, he told his classmates the false story that his father was a prince, and his grandfather a king, of the Luo. Later, when, as an adult, Mr. Obama learns the true story of his father’s Luo background (p. 394 et seq.), he finds no African royalty. Mr. Obama appears to be unaware of his descent(s) from European royalty (see, for example, Note 6168 and Note 14183, below).

    4 — For his ancestry, see Dreams, p. 394 et seq.

    5 — Mr. Obama’s “grandmother”, whom he visited at Nyangoma-Kogelo, Kenya, as recently as August 2006, is actually his step-grandmother, a different one of the several polygamous wives of his grandfather Onyango.

    6 — For some of his ancestry, see

    15 — For some of her ancestry, see

    In Dreams, p. 13, Mr. Obama says that “a distant ancestor” of hers “had indeed been a full-blooded Cherokee”. No evidence has been found to support this claim.

    31 — For some of her ancestry, see

    49 — For some of her ancestry, see

    50 — Falmouth Kearney (as Falmouth Carney) is on the passenger list of the “Marmion”, out of Liverpool, 20 Mar 1850 (age 19, from Ireland, destination Ohio).

    See and

    193 — suggests that she was Hannah Chenoweth.

    440 has other descendants, such as:

    John Overall m. Maria Christina Froman
    .John Overall m. Elizabeth Ann Waters
    .Jacob Overall m. Nancy Lawrence
    .Wesley Overall m. Arena White
    .D. D. Overall m. Etta Mary Groom
    .Thomas Wesley Overall m. Alma Blakemore
    .Thomas Wesley Overall m. Frances Bernard
    .PARK OVERALL (b. 1957), actress

    504 — See My thanks to James Quinn, who provided the link and copies of further Allred research.

    1536 — For some of the bizarre antics of Jonathan Singletary alias Dunham in the summer of 1683, see Diane Rapaport, “The strange case of Mary Rosse and her ‘Enthusiastical Power'”, New England Ancestors, vol. 6, nos. 5-6 [Holiday 2005], pp. 50-51.

    1538 & 1539 have other descendants, such as:

    John Rolfe m. Mary Sculliard
    .Joseph Rolfe m. Rebecca —-
    |.Mary Rolfe m. Thomas Price
    | .Thomas Price m. Abigail Ogden
    | .Phebe Price m. John Meeker
    | .Maria Price Meeker m. Haines Magee
    | .Anna Josephine Magie m. Lambert Tree
    | .Arthur Magie Tree m. Ethel Newcomb Field
    | .Arthur Ronald Lambert Tree m. Mariette Endicott Peabody
    | .PENELOPE TREE (b. 1950), model
    .Rebecca Rolfe m. William Cutter
    .Elizabeth Cutter m. John Harrington
    |.Elizabeth Harrington m. Thomas Parks
    | .Elizabeth Parks m. George Dana
    | .Francis Dana m. Hulda Root
    | .Charles Root m. Elizabeth Culley
    | .Rose Dana m. Robert Empey
    | .ARTHUR GUY EMPEY (1883-1963), screenwriter, m. Marguerite Andrus
    | .Marguerite Empey (“DIANE WEBBER”) (b. 1932), actress
    .John Cutter m. Lydia Harrington
    |.Rebecca Cutter m. Zachariah Hill
    | .Abraham Hill m. Susanna Wellington
    | .Rebecca Hill m. Samuel Cutter (below)
    | .Susan Frances Cutter m. Nehemiah Wyman
    | .Edward Wyman m. Elizabeth Florence Hadley
    | .Florence Wyman m. James Richardson
    | .Elizabeth Hadley Richardson m. Ernest Miller Hemingway
    | .John Hadley Hemingway m. Byra Whittesley Whitlock
    | .MARGAUX HEMINGWAY (1955-1996), actress
    | .MARIEL HADLEY HEMINGWAY (b. 1961), actress
    .Rebecca Cutter m. Joseph Adams
    |.Anne Adams m. Peter Tufts
    ||.John Tufts m. Elizabeth Perry
    || .John Tufts m. Abigail Wheeler
    || .Henry Putnam Tufts m. Hannah Norton
    || .Emma Louise Tufts m. Howard Spear
    || .Grace Spear m. Charles Huy Addams
    || .CHARLES SAMUEL ADDAMS (1912-1988), cartoonist
    |.Joseph Adams m. Martha Frost
    | .Anne Adams m. Timothy Tufts
    | .Anna Tufts m. Walter Dickson
    | .Walter Dickson m. Sarah Eldredge
    | .Almira Ann Dickson m. John Adolph Grossteinbeck
    | .John Ernest Steinbeck m. Olive Hamilton
    | .JOHN ERNEST STEINBECK (1902-1968), author
    .Richard Cutter m. Mary Pike
    |.Sarah Cutter m. Samuel Jaques
    | .Mary Jaques m. John Dennis
    | .Sarah Cutter Dennis m. Richard Stites
    | .Richard Montgomery Stites m. Mary Wayne
    | .Sarah Anderson Stites m. William Washington Gordon
    | .William Washington Gordon m. Eleanor Lytle Kinzie
    | .JULIETTE Magill Kinzie GORDON LOW (1860-1927), founder of the Girl Scouts
    .Samuel Cutter m. Ann Harrington
    .Samuel Cutter m. Susanna Francis
    .Samuel Cutter m. Rebecca Hill (above)

    1540 & 1541 have other descendants, such as:

    Samuel Smith m. Elizabeth Peirce
    .Susannah Smith m. James Pitney
    .Benjamin Pitney m. Abigail Byram
    |.Sarah Pitney m. Mahlon Pitney (below)
    | .Mahlon Pitney m. Lucetta Banks Cooper
    | .Henry Cooper Pitney m. Sarah Louisa Halstead
    | .MAHLON PITNEY (1858-1924), US Supreme Court Justice, m. Florence Theodora Shelton
    | .Beatrice Louise Pitney m. Horace Rand Lamb
    | .Barbara Pitney Lamb m. Franklin D’Olier Reeve
    | .CHRISTOPHER REEVE (1952-2004), actor
    .Elizabeth Pitney m. Caleb Swayze
    |.Daniel Swayze m. Bethia Horton
    | .Mehitable Swayze m. John Leonard Sliker
    | .John Leonard Sliker m. Nancy Johnson
    | .Renzila Sliker m. Alfred Allen Seguine
    | .Margaret Seguine m. Benjamin Kinsey
    | .Alfred Seguine Kinsey m. Sarah Ann Charles
    | .ALFRED CHARLES KINSEY (1894-1956), entomologist
    .James Pitney m. Deziah Thompson
    .Mahlon Pitney m. Sarah Pitney (above)

    1541 — This Elizabeth Peirce was not a daughter of Daniel Pierce and Elizabeth Shedd. That Elizabeth Pierce married Isaac Mixer.

    1772 & 1773 have other descendants, such as:

    Edwin Hickman m. Eleanor Elliott
    .Edwin Hickman m. Phebe Eastham
    |.Edwin Hickman m. Patsy Ann Isbell (below)
    | .Elliott Hickman m. Nancy Isbell (below)
    | .Christina Adeline Hickman m. William Riley Davis
    | .Mique Ann Hardin Davis m. Thomas Riley Isbell (below)
    | .Ida Mae Isbell m. Henry Thomas Williams
    | .Etta Coleman Williams m. Emory Hillhouse
    | .Hal Knox Hillhouse m. Clara Mae Bell
    | .Jane Etta Hillhouse m. William Alvin Pitt
    | .WILLIAM BRADLEY PITT (b. 1963), actor
    .Lettice Hickman m. Benjamin Isbell
    .Hickman Isbell m. —-
    |.Hickman Isbell m. Amy Tharp
    | .Thomas Riley Isbell m. Mique Ann Hardin Davis (above)
    .Patsy Ann Isbell m. Edwin Hickman (above)
    .Thomas Isbell m. —-
    .Nancy Isbell m. Elliott Hickman (above)

    1776 & 1777 have other descendants, such as:

    Mareen Duvall m. Elizabeth Jacob
    .Mareen Duvall m. Ruth Howard
    .Zachariah Duvall m. Jemima Selby
    .Henry Duvall m. Elizabeth Boone
    .Eli Duvall m. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson
    .Sallie Duvall m. JAMES ELVERSON (1838-1911), publisher
    .Eleanor Elverson m. Jules Patenôtre
    .Yvonne Patenôtre m. Boniface Marquis de Castellane
    .Elizabeth de Castellane m. Jean Comte de Caumont La Force
    .OLIVIER Comte de CAUMONT La FORCE (b. 1949)

    1780 & 1781 have other descendants, such as:

    James Tarleton m. —-
    .John Tarleton m. Ann Boult
    .Caleb Tarleton m. Nancy Bean
    .Artemisia Tarleton m. John Belles
    .Joshua Tarleton Belles m. Julia Reid
    .Helen Artie Tarleton Belles m. Maurice Crawford Macmillan
    .(Maurice) HAROLD MACMILLAN, 1st Earl of Stockton (1894-1986), UK Prime Minister

    3072 & 3073 have other descendants, such as:

    Richard Singletary m. —-
    .Eunice Singletary m. Thomas Eaton
    .Ruth Eaton m. Ebenezer Kimball
    .Abraham Kimball m. Mary Pike
    .Amos Kimball m. Abigail Corliss
    .Abigail Kimball m. Francis Clark
    .Louisa Clark m. Gardner Woolson
    .Gertrude Woolson m. Mead Belden
    .Olive Gertrude Belden m. Henry Wigglesworth
    .Sylvia Wigglesworth m. James William Maitland
    .Andrée Belden Maitland m. Howard Brush Dean Jr
    .HOWARD BRUSH DEAN III (b. 1948), Governor of Vermont

    3084 & 3085 have other descendants, such as:

    Nathaniel FitzRandolph m. Mary Holley
    .John FitzRandolph m. Martha
    .Martha FitzRandolph m. John Vail
    .Thomas Vail m. Sarah Davis
    .Davis Vail m. Hannah Moore
    .Lewis Vail m. Jane McCune
    .Davis Vail m. Phebe Quinby
    .THEODORE NEWTON VAIL (1845-1920), founder of A T & T

    3530 & 3531 have other descendants, such as:

    Burr Harrison m. Sarah Burdette
    .Thomas Harrison m. Sythia Elizabeth Short
    .Burr Harrison m. Mary Ann Barnes
    .Sarah Harrison m. Levin Powell
    .Burr Powell m. Catherine Brooke
    |.George Cuthbert Powell m. Marietta Fauntleroy Turner
    | .Virginia Cuthbert Powell m. Charles Minnigerode
    | .George Carter Minnigerode m. Helen Louise Galt
    | .Virginia Powell Minnigerode m. George Graham Hume
    | .ALEXANDER BRITTON HUME (b. 1943), journalist
    .Cuthbert Powell m. Catherine Simms
    .Charles Levin Powell m. Selina Lloyd
    .Selina Lloyd Powell m. Sewell Stevely Hepburn
    .Thomas Horval Hepburn m. Katharine Martha Houghton
    .KATHARINE HOUGHTON HEPBURN (1909-2003), actress

    3550 & 3551 have other descendants, such as:

    William Terrell m. Susan Waters
    .John Terrell m. Elizabeth Harrison
    .Lohaman Terrell m. Jacob Bledsoe
    .Lewis Bledsoe m. Frances Moore
    .Amanda Bledsoe m. James Cash
    .Washington Blakely Cash m. Camilla Shaw
    .Frances Cash m. John Henry Lumpkins
    .Camilla Jane Lumpkins m. Jesse Morgan Parnell
    .Donnie Ethel Parnell m. Emit Houston Kesey
    .Fred Alvin Kesey m. Geneva Wilma Smith
    .KEN ELTON KESEY (1935-2001), author

    3550 — Several sites say that this William Terrell was a son of John Terrell and Martha Washington, and that Martha was a daughter of Lawrence Washington and Amphillis Twigden. Lawrence Washington has a Royal descent, and his daughter emigrated to Virginia, but she was married to Samuel Haywood (not John Terrell), and died without issue.

    3552 & 3553 have other descendants, such as:

    Mareen Duvall m. Susannah —-
    .Benjamin Duvall m. Sophia Griffith
    |.Benjamin Duvall m. Susanna Tyler
    | .GABRIEL DUVALL (1752-1844), US Supreme Court Justice
    .John Duvall m. Elizabeth Jones
    |.Elizabeth Duvall m. John Gaither
    ||.Mary Gaither m. Seth Warfield
    || .Benjamin Warfield m. Ariana Dorsey
    || .Daniel Warfield m. Nancy Ann Mactier
    || .Henry Mactier Warfield m. Anna Emory
    || .Teakle Wallis Warfield m. Alys Montague
    || .BESSIE WALLIS WARFIELD (1896-1986)
    |.Elizabeth Duvall (again) m. Benjamin Warfield
    | .Elizabeth Warfield m. Henry Ridgley
    | .Catherine Ridgley m. Philemon Dorsey
    | .Amelia Dorsey m. Samuel Riggs
    | .Elisha Riggs m. Alice Lawrason
    | |.GEORGE WASHINGTON RIGGS (1813-1881), banker
    | .Mary Riggs m. Henry Griffith
    | .Eleanor Ann Griffith m. Basil Owings
    | .Adwin Uriah Owings m. Achsah Elizabeth Bradford
    | .Florence Owings m. Samuel Davis Waters
    | .Somerset Rawlings Waters m. Lilian Eugenia Thomas
    | .John Samuel Waters m. Patricia Ann Whitaker
    | .JOHN SAMUEL WATERS Jr (b. 1946), filmmaker
    .Susannah Duvall m. Robert Tyler
    .Edward Tyler m. Elizabeth Duvall (below)
    .Edward Tyler m. Nancy Langley
    .Robert Tyler m. Margaret —-
    .Ann Drusilla (Nancy) Tyler m. Jesse Holmes
    |.Mary Jane Holmes m. Anderson Shipp Truman
    | .John Anderson Truman m. Martha Ellen Young
    | .HARRY S. TRUMAN (1884-1972), US President
    .Robert Tyler m. Sarah Pritchard
    .Willett Tyler m. Rachel Montgomery
    .James Alexander Tyler m. Sarah Elizabeth Swift
    .Margaret Ellen Tyler m. Thomas Herbert Cheney
    .Richard Herbert Cheney m. Marjorie Lorraine Dickey
    .RICHARD BRUCE CHENEY (b. 1941), US Vice President

  21. To Tina Clark-
    I would love copy of your picture of Micajah Clark in uniform for my Ancestry File.
    Can either scan & email or photocopy & mail. Will reimburse.
    Family genealogy done in the 1920’s has Penelope Bolling but no source.
    Still hoping somebody can solve it with provable facts.

  22. I am intersted in where you talk about obama descending from royalty and to see “for example, Note 6168 and Note 14183, below). I cannot find a 6168 or 14184 on this page. can you help me – i am very interested in this.

  23. I would like to add to this forum another “Bolling” son…I descend from Churchill Blakey and Agnes Anthony (daughter of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark, Elizabeth being the daughter of Christopher and Penelope(Bolling?) Clark. My lines come down to a g/g/g/grandfather, Mark A. Blakey, Sr, who had a brother, Bolling Blakey,b. 182? a prominent citizen of early Barrow County, formerly Gwinnett County, Georgia.
    An extensive life long work of the late Cleff Jackson Smith, Gwinnett County, Ga. noted in her work the notes of a Blakey genealogist, the Blakey family lore that had been passed down from the 1800’s. Ms. Smith’s work was primarily focused on the descendants of Hartwell Jackson, b. 1777, however she was impressed (and apparently concurred) with the sources cited to include the work of the Blakey family, although this was a line that ascended laterally and only had a connection to the Jackson family by marriage.
    Cleff was a wonderful “Aunt Pittypat” and could recite lines up/down/and sideways.
    It would be interesting to find ALL of the “Bolling”s descended from Christopher and Penelope Clark. Perhaps, this will add a stronger preponderance to support a Bolling Connection.
    However, with todays wonderful technology, I for one as a documented descendant from the Clarks (among the multitude!) would be willing to contribute a DNA sample to be compared with a known Bolling descendant to establish a common ancestor.

  24. Hi,

    I liked your work up on the Clarke’s. I am also a descendant of Chistopher and wife Penelope. Like your self, I think the information we have is a bit lacking.

    John Clarke a descendant of Christopher, came into Anson County, NC in the 1750s. There they intermarried with the Lilly family, Berry family, Chaneys, and others. All of VA. My grandmother believed the Bolling connection was correct, and in her day most genealogy was done by old fashioned mail.

    I have some of this, and worked this line a bit. Mostly these folks into Anson were of Albemarle, Halifax County areas, and nearby areas. This area had a lot of Quakers but by the end of the RW, the Quakers had mostly moved out, or changed to become Baptists. Edmund Lilly and John Bolling of Montgomery County, NC, then Anson were early Baptists, formed a meeting house by 1758in the Forks of the Little River.

    My family has a lot of early Virginians in it, but we are mostly English and Highland Scotts.
    Ken B. Poole

  25. Hi again,

    Hope you are still at it. I researched the Bollings (early) and find that a Robert Bolling was imported into Colonial Virginia by Thomas Batts in the 1690s. This appears to be the so called White Bolling, but some of the researced information disagrees with published information.

    Note that Robert Bolling was imported on the same date as John Clark and his wife An, by Thomas Batts. Was John Clarke’s wife An a Bolling? She might be.

    Further research shows Clarkes, Bolling and Batts on Piscataway Creek in Old Rappahanock Co., VA a few years earlier. Also on the same Piscataway Creek was the Greene family living adjacent to Batts and “Bullin”. Was Bullin, the French name Boulin, also spelled Bowlyne ?

    Note also the movement of a Lewis Green into Old Anson Co., NC, near Clarkes and Bollings. In the 1690s a Lewis Green lived adjacent to Robert Bolling on the Blackwater Sw. That area is in modern Prince George Co., VA.

    It appears possible from these primary land records that the Bolling, Green and Batt families may have been together on the Piscataway Creek area before removing to the area now Prince George Co., VA.

    Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume I and II.


  26. Hello cousins,
    I have just researched our tree and found that I descend (through my father) from Christopher Clarke and his wife Penelope. We will never get our Johnson/Bolling mystery solved unless we start a DNA project. Who could get that going? I know it can be done because I saw through my husband’s family tree, there was a Turk surname society and they traced a line of Turks (his line!) back to the Netherlands and found them to ultimately be Asian and Pakistani. “Turk” means “Moor” in Dutch, and you get the name from either fighting the Moors or BEING a Moor. Isn’t genealogy fun? 🙂


  27. Did Micajah Clark have any sons named John that married a lady named Elender Sisk that had a daughter named elizabeth clark that married a Dixon.. I am trying to find who Micajah married I have him in about 1760’s

  28. Hi Dana,

    I just found this site and I am so glad I did. It appears that we are related and probably cousins, somewhere down the line. Christopher Clark was my gggggggrandfather.

    I am
    John Wayne Clark, son of
    John Hubert Clark (Estie Blondell Hensley), son of
    Eugene Sam Clark (Buelah McLeod), son of
    John Porter Clark (Virginia Daley McGehee) son of
    Dr. Robert Thompkins Clark (Martha Ann/J. Love) son of
    John Moorman Clark (Martha Ann Mary Hurt) son of [1st to move to Tennessee
    Dr. Robert Clark (Nancy Venables Moorman) son of
    Dr. Micajah Clark Jr. (Mildred Martin) son of
    Micajah Clark Sr. (Judith Adams) son of
    Captain Christopher Clark (Penelope Bolling/Johnson) son of
    Edward Clark, son of
    Micajah Clark (Sarah Ann or Sally Moorman(, son of
    Michael Clark (Margaret Clark)

    I live in Paris, Henry County TN, where it appears that from John Moorman to present died here.

    Eugene Sam Clark (my Grandfather) is buried @ Oak Hill Union Church Cemetery in Henry Co. along with Buelah McLeod.

    John Porter Clark is buried @ Oak Hill Union Church Cemetery in Henry Co. along with Virginia Daley

    John Moorman died enroute to Cuba in New Orleans on 1/11/1849 from a pulmonary ailment. Not sure where buried. Martha I assume is also buried here in Henry Co.

    Dr. Robert T. Clark is buried @ Bird’s Creek Cemetery in Henry Co.

    I have pictures of all of the Clarks that are buried @ Oak Hill, and am planning a trip to Bird’s Creek Cemetery to find gggrandaddy Dr. Robert T. Clark’s.

    Thanks for all of your work. I can only imagine how many hours you have invested in this site.

    1. We are indeed cousins. I also descend from Micajah Clark and Judith Adams, and through him and his sister Elizabeth I descend from Christopher and Penelope. A large number of Clark descendants moved into Georgia and became early settlers of the counties near the South Carolina border—Oglethorpe, Washington, Madison, etc. Thanks for stopping by and sharing all the information and for your kind comments.

  29. Greetings from yet another Clark cousin. I descend from Christopher and Penelope this way: daughter Sarah Clark m. Charles Lynch Sr., their daughter Penelope Lynch m. Robert Adams, their daughter Mildred m. William Ward, son of Major John Ward and Anne Chiles (an FFV family line). Mildred and William Ward’s son John m. Tabitha Walden; their son William W. Ward married Elizabeth Adams. Their son, Henry Chiles Ward was my great grandfather.

    I am interested to learn how you determined Christopher Clark’s lineage? It’s been a while since I was working on family history, so last time I checked, his ancestry was nearly as puzzling as his wife’s. I have, however, often heard of the possibility/probability of a connection with Jonathan Clark and his famous children. Additionally, there are a number of Lewis lines that run through our allied families. I believe we are all cousins to both famous explorers, Lewis and Clark. Pretty close to the Lewis proof, and if we can believe a certain letter about “visiting cousins” then perhaps the Clark connection can be made.

    As for Penelope, I love all the possibilities and would like to claim all three 😉

    On my next research trip to London (dissertation work) I would like to explore possible Johnston/Shaftesbury connections. If anyone could provide me with some specific names, dates, circumstances, and locations, I might can discover something new!

    Also, anyone researching the Wards or Chiles families, I am happy to share my research and would love to know more of what you have learned.

    One more thing. I am very, very curious about the Barbadoes connection and the Clarks. Barbadoes was not a place Quakers would have sought for business, and no one went to live there willingly during that period. I have always maintained that Christopher was not a Quaker. If so, what was his business in Barbadoes? Many Virginia and Carolina families had plantations in the Caribbean, particularly Barbadoes, so I totally buy that part of the argument. But Quakerism does not jive with slavery, and I think the Clarks must have been Anglican or some other persuasion. Thoughts?

    1. I agree that slavery and Quakerism doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Christopher was Overseer of Friends Meeting House (Quaker) near Sugarloaf Mountains in 1749. There seems to be quite a lot of documentation for the family as Quakers. As far as the Lewis and Clark connections, I think they’ve been fairly well established. Christopher Clark’s partner was Nicholas Meriwether, where the given name for Meriwether Lewis comes from as well. You can read more here—I have learned most of what I know about the Clarks from this site, which also explores the Barbados connection. From History of Louisa County, Virginia, by Malcolm H. Harris, MD:

      The Quakers were the earliest Dissenters to come to Louisa [County]. They established meetings at several points, and from the records of the meeting at Cedar Creek in Hanover, they were closely allied. The Cedar Creek Meeting contains records of the meetings on both Camp Creek and on Fork Creek as early as 1746. In 1758, the following are recorded as being part of the Camp Creek Meeting: Charles Moorman and family, Sarah Ballard, Charles Clark and family, John Moorman and family, Samuel Bunch and family, James Johnson and family, William Ballard and family, William Haley and family, Francis Clark and family, Francis Clark, Jr., and family, Charles Clarke, Jr., and family, George Taylor, and James Tate and family. Both of these Meetings had Meetings Houses. There was another Meeting under the mountains at which Christopher Clark was overseer. In lower Louisa, the following families were affiliated with the Cedar Creek Meeting: Micajah Clarke and wife Judith, Bolling and Winifred Clark, George and Cicely Bell, Richard and Elizabeth Bloxom, and Benjamin and Agnes Johnson. James Crew (who married Judith Harris) was also a member of this Meeting; however, he was put out of the Meeting because he owned slaves. His daughter Judith was also turned out for marrying outside of the Meeting (her husband was Halcolm Hart, a Presbyterian).

  30. Pardon my error, the above genealogy should read that Henry Chiles Ward, son of Wm and Eliz. Adams Ward was my gr-gr-grandfather. I’m not *that* old, yet!

  31. Whoa, do I stand corrected. There was indeed a Quaker community on Barbadoes in the 17th c. I can’t imagine what for! I’ve spent years working on the Virginia/British sides of the Atlantic and only in the past several months have begun to seriously explore what was going on in the Caribbean during the same period.

  32. Thank you very much! The Barbados connection grows more fascinating by the minute. I’m looking into heading down there for research/holiday sometime in the next few years. Will also check the databases for journal articles. What an amazing heritage we share.

    Apparently, many of the Quakers in Barbados were what I like to call, “Quaker Lite,” and owned plantations and slaves. Certainly Sarah’s son, Charles Lynch, Jr, was of that persuasion, as I suspect Christopher was as well. Is there not a record/will where someone leaves him a bowl of arrack punch? I think it was one of the Meriweathers! It’s been years, I need to look at my research again to be sure.

    I recently checked out the Barbados online database, displaying what is available for research, and their records, unlike so many Virginia counties, are largely intact. Well worth the journey, I’d say.

  33. Interesting to see all those Clarks listed in the Louisa County History! I can add, which probably everyone here already knows, but Sarah was famous for being turned out of meeting (twice, I think!), and she was basically the founder of the Lynchburg Meeting! That’s one of the reasons I like her so much, she was full of sass. Married a Roman Catholic the first time (apparently her parents did not approve the match, yet they bestowed quite a bit of acreage on the two, as well as a set of silver spoons), and then later she married John Ward (whose son married her daughter, Penelope) who was Anglican.

  34. Greetings fellow cousins.

    I too am a descendant of Christopher Clark & Penelope Johnson. I’ve been researching this family for quite some time, and have been able to go way back on the Johnson/Johnston side. I noticed there were some questions regarding Penelope. What I have from my records is

    John Johnson b. 1675 married Elizabeth Lucretia Massie first in 1698. They had children, including my g’sgrandfather Benjamin Johnson. Lucretia died in 1711, and John married her sister Sarah Penelope Massie in 1712. Lucretia & Sarah’s parents were Peter Massie and Penelope Ashley Cooper. The rumor is this Penelope is the Penelope Ashley Cooper, the illegitimate daughter of Anthony Ashley Cooper of Lord Shaftesbury. There is a question of whether Sara Penelope Massie was married to John or his brother, William.

    Benjamin Johnson b. 1705, son of John & Lucretia, married Agnes Clark. Agnes’ Parents were Christopher Clark and Penelope Johnson(Johnston). There is a record that shows Edward Johnson and Elizabeth (possibly Walker) had 4 children Thomas, Elizabeth, Penelope b. 1684 and Rachell. So Edward Johnson could be Penelope’s father. The puzzle is, who was Edward’s father?

    John Johnson, (Lucretia’s husband) was James. James’ father was Thomas. Thomas had 4 sons and 3 daughters. The sons were Thomas, William, John, James. So was Edward a cousin to John or James?

    Other family claim to fame rumors:

    1. distant relative to Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain), never could find anything to this.
    2. distant relative to George Rogers Clark. Christopher Clark was father to John Clark. John Clark was father to George Rogers Clark, so some research has been found. I’m trying to prove if this Christopher Clark served in the Revolutionary War.
    3. distant relative to Pocohantas, never found anything to this.
    4. Johnson/Johnston line comes from King Duncan of Scotland. There is some research on this, but no actual proof.
    5. King Duncan’s line comes from the tribe of Judah, in the bible. Obviously, no proof yet on this, but sure is fun researching this through the bible.

    It’s one giant puzzle, but I love working the puzzle.


  35. Hi Dana,

    Very interesting. I followed the tree for the Samuel Clemmons and you are correct. Although it looks like to me, the line came from Rachel Clark, and my line comes from Agnes Clark, Rachel’s sister. But I guess it would still make him a distance relative by marriage for me, lol. I had another theory on Penelope. Agnes & Rachel’s brother, was Christopher, born 1726 and shows he married a Penelope Bowling in 1749 in Hanover, Virginia. Could this possibly be the Bowling link to Christopher Clark, Jr. the son of (Christopher Clark, born 1681 and Penelope Johnson)? I’ve been trying to find revolutionary war information for Christopher Clark; There are several notes referring to Christopher, Sr as Captain Christopher Clark, but he seems to be too old to be fighting in the war. It seems to me, it should be Christopher, Jr as the Captain Chirstopher Clark. It may be since there were 2 Christophers and 2 Penelopes, it is hard to determine the records. Great link, love your site.


  36. This is a wonderful website, and of course it is especially great that the descendants are from my line. I found Wayne Clark’s post very interesting. He would be a great candidate for the Clark DNA project. I am from the Clark line that went to Oglethorpe, GA where my family lived until 1899 when my great grandfather’s came to Texas. Here is my line:
    LaWanda Reider, dau of
    Joyce Collins Reider, dau of
    John Collins, son of
    Sarah Key Bell Collins, dau of
    Jonathan E. Bell, son of
    Sarah Bell who married a Jonathan Bell, dau of
    Elizabeth Key Bell, dau of
    Mourning Clark (married William Bibb Key) dau of
    Christopher Clark II, (married Millicent Terrell) son of
    Micajah Clark, (married Judith Adams) son of
    Christopher Clark and Penelope Clark

    1. im looking for mooreman. susan mooreman. she was m. william johnson and they had a daughter, sarah johnson. she m. my grandfather, george medley they went to tn from va. thank you tim medley

  37. Wondering about your Moorman connection. In the Sommers/Summers genealogy, Jeruel Porter b.1808 (s/o John and Sarah(Summers)Porter) married a Judith Ann Moorman b.1818.
    In the 1850 Cabell Co.Census lists it shows that John Porter 75
    and Sarah Porter 75 is shown with a Sarah Moorman that is living
    with them. It shows Sarah listed as age 56 and they are living next
    to Jeruel and Judith Ann Porter and their six young children. Is this
    your Sarah Moorman?
    It has been hard to find any info on these people. John and Sarah Porter are buried in Salt Rock Porter Cemetery in Milton, Cabell Co.
    Does anyone have any info on them? Appreciate any help.
    Rita Holmes

  38. Recently found out through matching autosomal DNA that my mother’s patrilineal line goes directly back eight generations to Christopher and Penelope Clark. Apparently, her great-grandfather Robert Clark was actually Robert Bullock Clark and Frances A. Shackelford of Kentucky, son of Patterson Clark, probably a Quaker who settled in County Wexford, Ireland for a time before our Civil War, married an Irish lass, and then resettled with family in Chicago circa 1880. Frances Shackelford apparently goes back eight generations in a direct matrilineal line to Nicketti Powhattan, niece of Pocahontas. Tend to agree on Penelope Johnson as Christopher’s wife.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Can you show me that connection? I’m a direct decendant of Thomas Goode Clarke (b. 1815) though his son Samuel McNeise, his son Simeon Buford, his daughter Jeanette and her daughter Frankie. My uncle has done extensive research on the family and there does not seem to be any possibility that one of Thomas is connected to the Dunham line. Thomas and two of his sons, Albert Henry and Jonathan were killed the first day of Gettysburg. Son Hiram died shortly after his birth and son Simeon died at the age of 4. Joab married a Phillips and Issac married a Brown-as did Thomas. The connection above mentions a Thomas Clark (1811) having a son Christopher Columbus Clark (1846) who’s daughter Gabriella (1877) marries into the line. However, Thomas Goode, of that generation, as mentioned was born in 1811, not 1815 and did not have a son Christopher. None of Thomas siblings were born in 1815 either, so there could be no name mistake. There is only Simeon Buford, Jr. (after whom my great grand father is named) born in 1818 and Jonathan born in 1814. Where does the connection fit?

  39. I just found this blog through Google but her is my ties to Christoper and Penelope Clark.
    Kevin Harrington son of
    John Harrington son of
    Mary Zula Carrico daughter of
    Lucy Hancock daughter of
    Samuel O Hancock son of
    Samuel Hancock son of
    Pamela Goggin daughter of
    Rachael Clark Moorman daughter of
    Rachael Clark daughter of
    Christopher and Penelope

  40. I have a Rev. Francis Clark born 1740 in Hanover Co., Va. and died June 10, 1799 in Boyle Co., Ky. He came in 1783 with John Durham of Mecklenburg, and settled in Lincoln Co., Ky. now known as Boyle Co., Ky. He was the founder of Methodism in Ky. He married someone named Dorcus.
    His children were:
    1. Sara Clark 1765-1838 married Col. John Mahan, Their daughter Mary Polly Mahan married into the Robinson family of Hewick, Middlesex Co., Va.
    2. James Clark 1766-1804
    3. Susan Clark 1770-
    4. Francis Jr Clark 1774-1864
    5. Mary Clark 1779-1861
    Rev Francis is said to have been the son of Bolling Clark and the grandson of Christopher Clark. I have not found concrete evidence of this. I am also a descendant of Robert BollingII via his granddaughter Elizabeth who married Maj. James Munford.
    I would be interested if you have any information that shows a definite connection to my Francis to Christopher Clark


    1. Raegena — I’m also a descendant of Rev. Francis Clark. I don’t have any information or proof of his connection to Christopher, but would love to correspond and discuss/examine the possibilities. (mikeross2 -at- prodigy -dot- net)

      — Mike

  41. Hello,I was Sharon Louise Clark i was adopted at age 6 an my name changed to Sharon Louise Durham. My real father is John Winterton Clark he married Abbie Lou Lane then it became Abbie Lou Clark they both have passed away but we can not find an obituary for him any where in sangamon county an we can find him at all or where he was from or who is parents were or where he lived or even if he is a real person we find him no where any help i would be greatful to Thanks.

  42. I’m a descendent of Christopher Clark/Penelope thru the line Bolling. Bolling was also spelled Bowling and Boleyn.

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