Huff Family History

I have been receiving many queries via Google for the “Huff family history.” I am a Huff by marriage, and I am afraid I know very little about my husband’s lineage. I am happy to confer with anyone who has information about the family, as living family members, to date, have not been able to provide much information, either.

The Huffs into which I married are from Nashville, Tennessee. My husband is Steven Eric Huff, son of Bobby Richard Huff and Margaret Lovene Lane. My father-in-law’s parents were Ben Martin Huff, who died in Spring Hill, Maury County, Tennessee in 1994, and Frances Milred Bolton, who was born in Hart County, Kentucky. My husband believes his great-grandfather to have been Will Martin Huff. At any rate, the name Martin does seem to be popular in his branch of the Huff family.

If any visitors querying “Huff family history” see a connection, I would like to hear from you.

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  1. My name john l huff my GGG father john huffborn lockhaven area 1811 his son john Shannon huff same area born 1846 his son James Leonard huff born same area 1869 died smethport area pa have all the wife’s names some buried old crider cemetry near lockhaven pa.trying to find john. Huff born 1811 fathers name and mothers name might be Elisabeth. Born1784.

    1. Hello. John Shannon Huff father was James not John. John Shannon Huff is buried in Keating Cemetery Pennsylvania along with his first wife who died very young and his 2nd wife and many of their children. He was my gg grandfather and his 2nd wife Margaret Hayes Huff was my gg grandmother.

  2. I’m the great grand son of William Hiram Huff, of Stoddard co.missouri. (Puxico).my grandfather was his son Benjamin Harrison Huff, my father is his son,Herman William Huff.My name is Mikel D.Huff.I named my son
    William Harrison Huff after both of my grandfather and great grandfather.

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