Huff Family History

I have been receiving many queries via Google for the “Huff family history.” I am a Huff by marriage, and I am afraid I know very little about my husband’s lineage. I am happy to confer with anyone who has information about the family, as living family members, to date, have not been able to provide much information, either.

The Huffs into which I married are from Nashville, Tennessee. My husband is Steven Eric Huff, son of Bobby Richard Huff and Margaret Lovene Lane. My father-in-law’s parents were Ben Martin Huff, who died in Spring Hill, Maury County, Tennessee in 1994, and Frances Milred Bolton, who was born in Hart County, Kentucky. My husband believes his great-grandfather to have been Will Martin Huff. At any rate, the name Martin does seem to be popular in his branch of the Huff family.

If any visitors querying “Huff family history” see a connection, I would like to hear from you.

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  1. I am also a Huff by marriage. It is strange that there lines are so hard to trace. Could be that in east Tennessee most of the jails first guest was Huff’s? LOL

    Do not know about yours but mine is not close with family members and neither are the others around here. Found a few hints but nothing possitive.


  2. Well, Gina, I showed my husband your comment, and he agrees you might just have a point about jail. 😀

    We are kind of the in the same situation with family, too. Actually, part of the problem is that my husband’s grandfather was an only child, and his great-grandfather appears to have been adopted by his paternal uncle. I would love the full story on that one.

    1. I am Cody huff from Knoxville TN. I am the great great grandson of William s huff. Any advice where to search further into my family history

  3. Let me tell you something about the Huff name, I’m sure the owner of this site already knows this, but they’ve been in the states a long time. Paulus Dirkse Huff was one of the first Huff’s (1620).. When the Revolution started, the Huff’s split allegiances; some of the Huffs moved to Canada after the war, the guys that own the Huff Winery is the “loyal” branch, while many were awarded grants for their services after the war for their services. The Huff’s from Oglethorpe County, Georgia are my descendants. The Huff’s from Tennessee were also awarded land for fighting in the Revolution… Probably the site owner’s husbands relatives. Still, the red stripes on the flag represent Huff blood, we are patriots. It’s a long and drawn out story, but very interesting.

    1. My ggg grand father was a chief named Charles Huff and was from Ohio . He was My grandpa Walters Payton great grand dad and He had a nephew named after him . I’m trying to find out everything I can . My Uncle Jerry has a picture of him that has been pass down in our family . I’m waiting on a call from him now. If I find out any more I will let you know .

    2. Hello my name is Gerald v. Huff in joplin mo. my father was Donald Eugene Huff born Apr 8 1926 passed away in Jan 5 2000 in Neosho Mo. he was 73. Little do i know of my family line all i know is his mother was clara marie huntly i want to know where i came from in their line but that’s all i know and yes you are right about the color red in the flag we are patriots. And i want to know how far back my family line goes.

    3. Charles, I would love to hear more of the Huff story. My maiden name is Huff. I have hit a brick wall on researching a gg grandfather Nicholas Huff in Illinois who was born in MD in 1805 and listed his parents as being born in MD also on various census but there is never a mention of the parents names. He also lived in VA around 1940 and two or three of his children were born there before moving to ILL. His parents had to have been born in the late 1700’s. He died in 1883. Please fee free to email me at
      Thank you!

  4. I am also a Huff. My father was Kenneth Ray Huff and I am named after my grandfather Roy Gene Huff. King Huff and Samuel Huff are my great+ grandfathers as well.

    1. Hello my name is Gerald v. Huff in joplin mo. my father was Donald Eugene Huff born Apr 8 1926 passed away in Jan 5 2000 in Neosho Mo. he was 73. Little do i know of my family line all i know is his mother was clara marie huntly i want to know where i came from in their line but that’s all i know and yes you are right about the color red in the flag we are patriots. And i want to know how far back my family line goes.

  5. The dog tags that belonged to John B. Huff,Jr. WWII have come into my possession. He was from Nicholas County, WV. Please contact me for more info to keep them in the family.

    1. John B. Huff from Nicholas County, WV is a relative of mine. His sister Elizabeth was my great-grandmother on my mother’s side. If nobody has contacted you about the dog tags that were his son’s, I would love to have them and pass them on to his relatives.

      Many thanks.


  6. We are part of the Huff family which moved to Canada from Oregon.

    The family was in Michigan till the 1850 when thet moved to Iawa and after the Civil War they (David Decator Huff and Abram Huff) moved to Oregon.

    My grandfather David William Huff II moved to Canada to get work in the early 1900.

    I would like to know if anyone has history of Huffs that were in Michigan 1700 – 1800s and were they may have come from.

  7. I too am a Huff and my Brother Thomas Huff has been spending the last couple of yrs with and so far he has learned that Pocohontas who married a Rolfe which is part of the Huff tree. Many of our clan lived in tennessee and Kentucky and one in the late 1800’s was a teacher at the university of Tennessee. Much more but my brother has most the info and like most the other Huff family comments Jail and family feuding is also ours even up to today.

    1. I believe Rolfe Huff is the brother of my forefather, Valentine Huff. They landed in Philadelphia on the “Phoenix 2” in ~1710(?). Valentine lived in Maryland, then bought land from Squire Boone (Daniel’s father) in North Carolina. Valentine’s son, Henry, was a slave-owner in Bishop, GA, his son John moved to Dahlonega after fighting in the Civil War and owned a gold mine. John is the father of my great-grandfather, William Stanley, a lawyer, judge and state legislator. My grandfather, Henry Huff was his youngest son. My father is Robert Huff, who lives in Knoxville. My youngest son is a Henry.

      1. my son’s line=Justin Huff – Ricky Huff-Julius Huff-William Lee Huff-Doctor Marion Huff-Leroy Huff-Henry Huff-Valentine Huff, you are cousins

        1. My line is through Doctor Marion Huff (1838-1909)’s daughter Elizabeth…who married Lillous “Jake” Whitehead, who had my great grandfather Dillard Oscar Whitehead and my grandmother Lillie Pearl Whitehead (1923-2014)

      2. This is my line as well. I typed a long reply and lost the whole thing.

        Would like to compare notes.

  8. I, also have a Huff mystery I am trying to solve. My GGG Grandmother was named Elizabeth Huff. She married my GGG Grandfather, Stephen S. Pate Sr. of Carroll Co. TN in the mid 1850’s. According to the Federal Census of 1860 he was 60 yrs. of age & she was 26 yrs. of age. My GG Grandmother, Mary Pate, was born of this union & was 1 yr. old in this census. Also, in this household was a 7 yr. old male, named William Huff. I have speculated that his father had passed away & Elizabeth married Stephen. By the Federal Census of 1870 Elizabeth had passed away & Stephen had married his third wife. I am very interested in finding out more about this Huff connection.

    1. You are correct! My GG Grandfather is James Elvis Huff his father was my GGG Grandfather William (Billy) Huff. His father, my GGG, James Mathis Huff married Elizabeth Huff (Elizabeth Betsy Cox Huff Pate) her surname is Cox. I do not know what happened to my GGG Grandfather James Mathis Huff. Only information I could really find was the marriage certificates to Elizabeth Cox. It is driving me crazy! Elizabeth married your GGG Grandfather Stephen Sweeney Pate (SS Pate) in 24 Oct 1854 in Weakley County, TN. He married numerous times. Your GG Grandmother, Mary Pate was born: BIRTH: 18 MAY 1864 • Carroll, Tennessee, United States
      DEATH: 18 DEC 1934 • Memphis, TN. Mary married Enick Albert Ellsberry on 24 Dec 1879. They are buried together at Forest Hill Cemetery located in Memphis, TN. Praying that you read this. It has been quite awhile since you posted this. If you do please email me at


  9. My great great grandmother was also named Elizabeth Huff, but she was an acrobat and married a circus man, Albert Crandall. I believe she later married a Theodore Weust, but I’m missing a lot of information about her parents and family. Her mother’s name may have been Annie, but is cited elsewhere as Katherine (Morgan) Huff. Annie’s last name may also have been Jacobi or Jacobus from a previous marriage (as listed in the 1900 census).

  10. I to am married into the Huffs. My husband is Wayne Edward Huff. His father is Charles Wayne Huff. His parents names were Charles Neil Huff and Lillard Lizellard. The only other thing we know is that there are relatives in west virginia. Not sure if there is any connection or not. The Huff’s are very very hard people to track.

    1. ANYONE know tommy (ray or wayne) huff. my brother charles wayne huff would love to have contact with any family members .our mothers name is mertis mae parman. my brother has never met his dad and hopes its not to late. charles was born 07/07/1970 if anyone has info i would be greatful

  11. My father was Howard Edward Huff, born 1925 in Mentcle, Pennsylvania. His parents were Earl Huff and Ora (Dunlap) Huff. Earl died in a mining accident in 1934. Earl’s parents ee John Huff and Minie Huff–all from Pensylvania

  12. Would anyone on this site have any information on my 2nd great-grandmother, Eliza Jane Huff who married Foster Keeney in 1843? My sister and I have been trying to find her parents for over a year now with no luck. Any info would be appreciated.

  13. Just before 1850, Mary Bartlett married Alisha Allison Huff in Franklin County, Indiana, and the moved to Ottumwa, Iowa, living with Mary’s mother and father, Abraham Bartlett and Clarinda Spink. They traveled around like gypsies with a Timothy Allison. Elisha and Allison Huff are in Appanoose County Iowa in 1856, then in Boone County Kentucky in 1860. Later in 1860 Mary huff and children are across the river, living with Timothy Allison and his wife. Elisha Allison Huff is gone! Maybe the early Civil War.????

    I think Elisha Huff came from Orange County, North Carolina. I cannot find how the Huffs got connected to the Allisons. Elisha and Mary are my gggrandparents. Their daughter, Lydia Ann Huff was a free spirit. This is on my mother’s side, and they sure love to fight with each other. Funy how traits run in a family. I think a lot of it is DNA. A lot of crazy people from my mom’s side.

    1. I believe you will find your Elisha Allison Huff remarried on the 1870 and 1880 Miami, Hamilton county, OH census’s. I am interested in the Allison connection. but could not find the Timothy Allison near them that you mentioned on the 1850, 1856 or 1860.


  14. Hello! My mother was born a Huff as well. Her father was Charles Ernest Huff and her mother is Alberta Lou Roberts. However, all of the Huff’s that I have known all of my life live in Walterboro, South Carolina and surrounding areas.(Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, ect) I have been trying to do a little family history on my mom’s side as well, but no one knows anything because everyone lost contact throughout the years. Charles and Alberta have 8 children together, 4 girls and 4 boys. 2 of the boys are deceased.

    1. Hi I am a Huff by Marriage I married David Merrick Huff from Harleyville S,C, right down the road from you His Farther was Lee Merrick Huff and wife was Lucille Infinger Huff wonder if Lee was brother to Earnest Huff ? Mr and Mrs Huff have passed years ago and 3 of children have passed my husband was one of them I know Lee Huff had alot of family around Holly Hill Walterboro and surrounding areas also

  15. I am the son of LEO DeFOREST HUFF, who was born in Coldwater, Michigan, My mother’s maiden name was WATERS, her first name was GERTRUDE. My only sister’s name was BEVERLY. I was born in LANSING,MICHIGAN, but now reside in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. My address is: GRAYDON & BARBARA HUFF C/O FAITHFUL MINISTRIES P.O. # 7147 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA., 32238-0147 PHONE NO# [redacted] MY E-MAIL IS PLEASE CONTACT ME OF ANY OF MY RELATIVES..THANK YOU

  16. I am the daughter of Blackburn Huff Jr, son of Blackburn Huff, grandson of William Huff. William Huff married an Indian woman, listed on Cherokee role as “Choctaw by blood”. Her name is Ester Mabel Robinson, said to have been born in Summerville, SC. but other documentation shows her born in Pasaquat NC. William Huff is shown as born in Kentucky. We Huffs do have a couple things in common, hard to trace our people and “jail”…William Huff had a son named Ance, my great-uncle who was known to be the town drunk. He hung himself with his belt in the town jailhouse one night…my grandfather, Blackburn, ran off with his dead brothers widow 3 days later to Florida. Her name is Adema Huff, do not know her maiden name. Any one find any link to this story?

  17. I am Kevin Huff son of Charles E Huff,B1931, of wise county viriginia. My family is documented in the huff family history 608 album, and I reside in monroe county wisconsin. The name charles huff goes back probably 200 years in that area. my great great grandfather was William Huff

    email me at

    1. I have an Uncle Charlie, so yes, the name Charles goes way back…Charlie was brother to Blackburn and Ance…Son of William and Ester Mable Robinson. (William and Ester are my great grandparents) I have learned Ester was of Chowan descent, her ggrandfather was John Robins, one of the chief leaders of the Chowan Indian people in Pasquatank, NC

    2. My natural fathers name was William Huff from Ohio ,he lived in california for a few years .Any information ?
      i was born in ohio 1960 ,adopted by Russell family .
      My mothers name was flossie huff and william Huff

  18. I read with interest the comments on the Huff Line from S.C. since before the Rev. War.
    I have been at my research for 50 years, so guess that suggests that I am an “olde timer” That might be true, but it does men I haven’t been still learning a whole lot, even lately. A couple of observation and encouragement.
    1.Not all Huff/Hough/Hoff are from the same tree, but don’t surprised how many of are. Do not dismiss a connection based on spelling. Right now, our family has been spelling it Hoff, but cousins are Huff and Hough.
    2.LOTS of research has been done, much my the Hough Project.This is not a 2 month hobby. Keep careful notes. Expect to spend hours each week, and at least the next 15-20 years to get anywhere…be hungry, be serious, ask all the “old timers” you can find, what they know.
    3.Have a male Huff/Hough take an DNA test, I did, it opened lots of doors. Females can also take a DNA test.
    4. Think BIG, act local, be a detective.

    1. Hi Don Huff,
      My brother Don Huff and I have both taken a DNA test in hopes of being able to locate info on our ggg grandfather Nicholas Huff, born in MD, lived in VA & Ill. I have hit a brick wall in White County, IL for Nicholas and his lst wife Margaret (Mary). Three of their children were listed as being born in VA on various censuses Mary J, Washington, Henry Boyd, two others by Margaret are William H and Margaret are listed as being born in Illinois. I have DNA matches to people in VA, Ill, MD and KY and various other states that are Huff related but so far have been unable to find any info on Nicholas or Margaret earlier than living in Illinois except for an 1840 census showing Nichlas Huff, Margaret & Mary living in Mason, Virginia. I will keep searching and having fun. It will take some time hunting the different names that Huff along with Nicholas, Nicklas etc might be listed under. I have a copy of Nicholas Huff’s last will and testament which was probated in Carmi, ILL. I made a visit there to the Genealogy Society and the local library and we were unable to find a death certificate or where Nicholas or Margaret are buried in Illinois.

  19. Oh…wanted to add..I forgot to add that while we have been in S.C. since 1760’s or so, we migrated from N.C., Va. and Penn. We trace our line through DNA back to 4 Hough brothers who came to Penna with William Penn in about 1682, and back further to to Cheshire, England.
    While we often assumed and insisted that we were German, our DNA confirmed that we lived in England for many centuries, and are blessed with a mix of Viking, Bantu and whatever genes. Be prepared to celebrate your mixed salad heritage.

    1. Don, My name too is Don Huff. We came over from Cheshire England on The Welcome, one of William Penns ships in 1684. They were John and Hannah Hough. This is proven by a dna test I had done with Max Huff of Houston Texas. Would like to hear from you. Don Huff Evansville Ind.

  20. Help! I am a Huff, 50 years old and still seeking my real parents. My father was Joseph Edward Huff on my birth certificate. I have found out his mother’s name was Margaret and he had a brother named Neal. They lived in Missouri when I was born but I have found nothing else about them.

  21. Terry Huff here from southern Indiana. My sister has done loads of work concerning the Huff family. Please feel free to drop me a line.

  22. My maiden name was huff. I was adopted in 1965 in ohio and my name was changed to Russell. My natural parents were flossie and William Huff. I would love anyone who has information about the Huff family from Ohio to leave feedback .They also had two other children before me ,Patricia and Joseph ,then after me my father had a son named Daniel Blake

  23. I have our family history of the Huff line, though not in front of me. An unpublished book actually! Three brothers landed in Virginia I believe in the early 1600’s from Friesland. One group lives in Pennsylvania, one in Montana, and mine which lives in Missouri. We have reunions about every 5 years. My side has evidently been asked to leave many Churches for their outspoken opinions! Ha, ha! I’ll get the “book” out soon and post more info.

    1. My name is Robin Renee Huff I was born in Albany Oregon in 1963. My father is Jack Eldon Huff of Albany Oregon. I don’t really know my family well because my parents divorced when I was young and my mother got custody. My father did tell the story of my great great grandfather and a friend traveled from another state out to the Wild west in the early 1800’s. We are listed in a museum “Brownsville Museum” to be exact. Curios if any of you all are kin.

      1. My GG grandfather, John Huff, owned a gold mine in Dahlonega, GA, but when gold was discovered in CA, he and his brothers made several trips there, seeking more gold.

        1. I am very interested about your family line that traveled to CA. I’m a Huff from CA and have been trying to trace back my lineage. I keep coming to a stop after learning that my Huff family traveled west for gold. Could you possible contact me with more information?

        2. Hello my name is Gerald v. Huff in joplin mo. my father was Donald Eugene Huff born Apr 8 1926 passed away in Jan 5 2000 in Neosho Mo. he was 73. Little do i know of my family line all i know is his mother was clara marie huntly i want to know where i came from in their line but that’s all i know and yes you are right about the color red in the flag we are patriots. And i want to know how far back my family line goes. If someone can help me piece the puzzle together more my e-mail address is

      1. My family of Huff’s are from PA as well. I’ve traced all the way back to Benjamin Huff b.1826 m.Rachel Bowser. I have been searching for a couple years for Benjamin Huff’s father. I have 2 leads that his name may have been James and possibly from NJ. The problem I’m running into is that around that time frame our last name may have been spelled one of several ways. That makes it difficult to track down.

        1. I believe we are related to the Huff family from PA as well as the Ray family from there. Both families go back to the early 1800’s at least in PA and NJ, show up near each other on the censuses and intermarried.

          Would love to compare trees and notes, Matthew. Please get in touch.

    2. I’m also a Huff with ties to Missouri. I live in Overland Park, Kansas now. I would love to read that book if you are willing to share. I’ve got a fairly complete lineage for my branch of huffs going back from Seattle to Albion, Albion to Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City to near Joplin Missouri, Missouri to West Virginia, West Virginia to baltimore, baltimore to England. Let me know if your interested in comparing notes.

      1. My maiden name is Huff, I am the daughter of Michael Martell Huff of Missouri. I have a brother Donald Huff living in Cass Co. MO about 20 min S. of Overland Park. I did the DNA test at and my brother Donald Huff just sent his in we are awaiting the results of his. I have hit a brick wall researching Nicholas Huff last lived in White Co IL, born 1805 in MD and lived in Mason, VA with Margaret Huff his wife. The 1850 census shows both Nicholas & Margaret living in VA with theses Huff children, Mary J. age 15, Washington -12, Henry B -8, William (my grandfather and apparently a hell raiser) 4 and Margaret – 1. I have from another Huff’s tree added a couple of parents for Nicholas coming from Germany but I am not sure that is correct.
        The only name I have for his spouse is Margaret age 42 in 1850 and she was from KY. Nicholas was married was married also to Ruth McGehee was the 2nd wife married 1851 as Margaret a/k/a Mary died circa 1851, Ruth dies circa between 1870 & 1880 and Nicholas age 75 marries Rachel A. 49 of KY, I believe her maiden name may have been Hale note sure…I have a copy of Nicholas’ last will and testament that was probated January 16, 1883.
        I belong to and have the full family tree there if anyone is interested in any of my info or has anything to add. My father was Marvin Martell Huff, grandfather George William Huff, G G William Hiram Huff, GGG, Nicholas Huff. I have one living Huff sibling Donald Huff.

        1. Correction of my father in my first paragraph, My father was Marvin Martell Huff (Michael Martell Huff was my brother who is deceased also).

      2. Hello my name is Gerald v. Huff in joplin mo. my father was Donald Eugene Huff born Apr 8 1926 passed away in Jan 5 2000 in Neosho Mo. he was 73. Little do i know of my family line all i know is his mother was clara marie huntly i want to know where i came from in their line but that’s all i know and yes you are right about the color red in the flag we are patriots. And i want to know how far back my family line goes. If someone can help me piece the puzzle together more my e-mail address is

      3. Michael, my maiden name is Huff and I have one living brother Don Huff who lives not far from Overland Park on the Missouri side. We have both submitted our DNA to ancestry. However there is also a Huff DNA project for males only. We have a GG Grandfather Nicholas (Nicklas) that I have hit a brick wall on research who last lived in White County, Ill., born in Maryland and lived in VA before moving to Illinois he was born in 1808. I cannot find anything on him before his residing in ILL except for the time he lived in Mason County, VA with his wife and two or three children. I cannot find any info about them in VA.

        I understand there are many spellings of Huff, Hough, Hoff and many with the name William, John and Nicholas. I have found thru DNA distant cousins but not sure how the lineage trickles down! My father lived in the Puxico/Poplar Bluff, MO area before moving to Kansas City. There are a lot of Huffs in that area. I have no idea if they are related or not.

      4. Michael, I am also Michael huff. The line from Seattle to Albion, Albion to Missouri, that’s me. I am the direct descendant of Michael hesikia Huff, buried in red oak cemetery near Joplin Missouri. If you ever want to compare notes, I live in blue springs Missouri and work in Overland Park. I’m looking specifically for information about the family that stayed in Missouri, and how the journey to Albion occurred. My email is if you ever want to catch up.

    3. Hey Susi! I’m trying to learn more about my family history and was curious if any of my relatives are in your “book”. 😉
      My father is Dennis Gale Huff, born, August 14, 1949, his father was August Pete Huff, “Sonny” or “Augie,” born, Sept 17, 1923, married, Ella Ray Lewis, born, May 19, 1927 from St. Clair, Missouri. Feel free to contact me! I would love to find more family members!!

    4. I’m Rodney J. Huff son of Rodney E. Huff and Loyce A. Huff ( maiden name Harms). Grandparents Robert Huff and Shirley Huff ( maiden name Walker) We are from the west central parts of Missouri? Interested to find out more.

    5. No doubt there are many stories of Huff’s. My Gr Grandfather William H. Huff of Puxico, MO was involved in what the Sherriff called a feud between the Huff & Melton families growing out of politics and other causes probably caused two killings, maybe three. they lived on adjoining farms. One of the Meltons attacked Huff walking on the way to town. Huff shot Melton in self defense and was jailed until trial. In a Baldknobberish intervention a gang led by Melton’s supporters broke into the jail and took Huff and hung him. His brother John disappeared at the same time and there was believed to be foul play in his disappearance. ( Ya think!, LOL)

      So the stories go on. I have been trying to locate info on my GG Grandfather Nicholas (Nicklas) born in Maryland, lived in Virginia and resided in Carmi, Illinois upon his death. My brother and I have both submitted our DNA thru I have found distant matches but I have no idea thru who we are related yet. I just keep on searching! I enjoy hearing and researching about the Huffs. I have one brother living and many little Huff nephews and nieces carrying on! In the Missouri, Cass County area!

    6. Have you published your book on the Huff’s in Missouri yet? I also have Huff lineage in Missouri. My father was Marvin Huff, son of George W. Huff & Maggie Dees of Puxico, Missouri.

    7. Would love to know more about your book! I am a Huff. My father was Marvin Martell Huff, Gr George William Huff, GGr William Hiram Huff and GGGr Nicolas Huff born abt 1805 in VA.

  24. My maiden name is Huff. My grandparent’s are VC and Pearl Huff. My grandmothers maiden name is Lawson. I too don’t know much about my family name however, some of the post I have read sounds familiar. My great and gg grandparent’s all was born and raised in Leslie Co. Ky. My grandfather moved to London, Ky married and had 9 children. We Huffs are very hard headed as well as very opinionated. I have to say don’t know of many going to jail lol. I was told that Pocahontas is my ggggg however many greats aunt. I to would be interested in the book mentioned. My email is If anyone is family I would love to talk! 🙂

    1. My grandmother was Pearl Huff & Lester Huff of Mason City, IA then from Teigen, MT. Are they the same Pearl Huff ?? Really strange isn’t it?

    2. Hi Brandi my name is Denise Dailey my moms dad was a huff his name was steward huff he died when she was 9 or 10 he married Goldie Cornett and had nine children when grand father died my grand mother had to put most of her children in a home my mother was one of the children that got sent there my mom talks about ky all the time and when I seen ur post ur from around were she was born I been trying to find out we’re we come from I don’t know hardly any of my family and I’m trying to find out not only for myself but for my children and grandchildren my mom is 73 now and I been trying to get all the info I can but she’s starting to forget so if u think we are kin please and I will help with what I have already and if it helps my ggg grandfather was old man John shell from the huff side my email address is thank u

  25. I stumbled onto this site and thought this is pretty awesome I would love to find out more about my family history! My father is Dennis Gale Huff, born, August 14, 1949, his father was August Pete Huff, “Sonny” or “Augie,” born, Sept 17, 1923, married, Ella Ray Lewis, born, May 19, 1927 from St. Clair, Missouri. Feel free to contact me! I would love to find more family members!!

  26. I am also a bride of a Huff. My husband is Jason Huff (no middle name, which makes me crazy but whatever…that’s not why we’re here). His father is Benny Lynn Huff. Benny is son to Louise (Hooker) and Otis Huff. Benny also has a brother named Larry Huff (unknown middle name). Benny was born in Minneola, TX and possibly Otis Huff was also born there. My husband seems to think his clan hails from Tennessee. We would love more info on the background of his family. His dad, in the past, has said they were a bunch of thieves, which I find interesting that most everyone else has said similar things!

    1. Holy moly, Monica! I just found your e-mail on this site. My Huff family is from Mineola, TX. Otis Huff is my 1st cousin, 1x removed. His dad was Charles Otis Huff who was my grand uncle; Charles Otis and my grandpa Rupert Adrin Huff were true brothers and son of Martin Robert Huff and Mary Jane Gravil. I’ve got the whole family for you! Including pics of Martin Robert. I do not have Benny down as a son of Otis, however, I just have Larry and Lynn. They called Otis “The Preacher” when he was little and I have photos of him as a child. His clan hails immediately from Edmonson Co KY, Tennessee before that. The thieves part I don’t know about, but they WERE bootleggers and I’ve got the police arrest documentation to follow that up. Please contact me at I’ve been looking for some kin of Otis’s for YEARS!
      ~Joan Evetts Seitz

  27. I am Eric huff, my grandfather was Cornelius Ernest huff If that helps he was born and raised in Georgia I don’t know anything else

  28. Mu side of the Huff’s are here in TN, from what I know my side of the Huffs landed in Gainesboro,Tn area from oit of West Virginia, my dad is Jackie Wayne Huff son of Robert and Louise Huff, brother James Thomas Huff , and sister Linda Huff, Robert is the son of Bedford Pendelton Huff.

  29. Hello I am a Huff by blood I am only 15 but i want to get to know my family a little better. My mother is Hollie Huff born on December 29th 1976, Her father is Rodney Huff and My great grandparents are Melba and Bill Huff both were born in Alabama but not exactly sure where in Alabama if that helps anything…

  30. Well, I am also a Huff. But my family comes from; Virginia, Kentucky, mostly and Tennessee. But there are a lot of Huffs in Harlan county, Kentucky. Such as; Sandra Huff, and Ricahard Huff, and my grandfather Robert.C.Huff.

    Our family’s oringin is from Austria, and Germany. My grandfather(still to this day)gets invitations to go and drink with the Huffs in Germany. Our family is made up of rich lawyers, doctors, and Ect. Be PROUD. We may not now much about our family but I wish you all the best of luck.

    Huff, Dustin

    1. Thank you Dustin for your input on the Huff’s. My father’s family are from Virginia and Maryland. His great grandfather Nicholas Huff was born in Virginia and his mother was from Maryland. Nicholas’s last will and testament was in Carmi, Illinois and he lived in the area of Mason City, VA at one time with his wife Margaret. I am unable to locate any info on his parents. Huff’s are a hard line to trace!

  31. Trying to make ANY TRACTION on my Genealogy Tree :).

    After working for years on my Father’s branches, it is time to move to my Mother’s side. However, it will be more than a bit difficult because I know little to nothing beyond the man who was my Biological Grandfather.

    I never met him or any of his Family as true Grandpa (yes, this is what I will always call him) raised my Mother from the age of 2, onward.

    Yet, it is still important to learn who my family might be on the Huff side tracing to Tennessee. If you can be of any help, feel free to contact me at

    Here’s what I know:
    My Biological Grandfather name was Dave Huff, Jr.
    His Brothers and Sisters were named: Mangus L., James D., William H.. born between 1917-1924 at or near Nashville, TN.

    Dave Huff, Jr. Father name was: Dave Huff and Mother: Sallie Mae Fuller

    Biological Great-Grandfather Dave Huff Father’s was name: Daniel Huff and Mother Edith Ellen.

  32. I too am a Huff but unlike most of you here my Huff line goes into South Carolina. My line:
    Richard C. Huff my Dad
    Hezekiah L Huff my grand dad married Ella Farr
    Richard Harrison Huff my g grand dad married Martha Jane Batson
    Phillip J Huff my gg grand dad married Susan Lane Tripp
    Henry J Huff my ggg grand dad I think not sure here
    Stephen Huff my gggg grand dad came to SC from Virginia but was born in NJ in 1756
    I have heard Stephen was married to a Phoebe and I also have her name was Elizabeth but not sure about either. I do know he had a daughter named Elizabeth that married Nicolas Tripp and he lived with them late in life.
    This is where I hit the wall. Stephen seems to come from no where but some rumors are we come from the bunch from Holland but can’t prove that yet either. Any help any of you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    Richard Huff

    1. Hi Richard I kn this unrelated 2 wat this about. But my name is Christy Brown my mom had stayed in TN when she was 18 and had a friend name Pat and her twin sister Pam. My mom had meant a man named Billy. While 2 make a long story short I was made and Billy is my Father but my mom can not remember his last name. Your mom and her twin sister Pam was how my mom meant him if your mom is this women that I speak of could u please contact me email your or her contact info I would love more then anything 2 meet my real dad. O and my mom’s name is Charlotte Turner it is Charlotte Brown now but her last name was Turner when she was with Billy. Thank you so much! My email is please let me know.

  33. Valentine Huff b 1773 Frederick, Maryland, son of Valentine Huff b 1723 and Mary Margaret Kerst. Valentine b 1773 mar 1st Jamimah Hughes in Rowan Co, NC 14 Jun 1792 and susposedly had son Hiram Hughes b 1792. Hiram is my GGGrandfather. DNA says this is true, but he never took the Huff surname, why? Anyone have proof that Hiram is the son of Valentine and his 1st wife Jamimah Hughes? I can’t find any! They are on the 1800 census in Rowan Co, NC with no children. Where was Hiram if he was there child?

  34. Sorry i copy pasted my comments so often i am just so eager to know where my family and relatives are and who we came from. I know so little about my fathers line i remember he mentioned his fathers name john wesley huff and his mothers name Clara Marie Huntly. My father was Donald Eugene huff born in 1926 in neosho missouri. he had a brother named arlie huff. Would be great to know if i have any family left that i can talk to from his side of the family. if anyone has a connection to this post contact me by e-mail

  35. My maternal uncle has been YDNA tested through 2 companies, which return the surname Huff. Our name has been Bryant, back to the early 1800’s in Lewis County, KY. I genetically match all the women, but none of the men. Tested SNP positive for the Dutch clan. The reason for testing to begin with, was a wall that I could not get past (like so many others.) Does anyone know of an adoption or NPE of a Huff / Hoff / Hough and a Bryant in either KY or VA, prior to 1800? My “suspect” is Daniel Bryant, orphan of Peter Bryant. Bailey Bryant was also a brother to Daniel, but not finding a DNA connection with them, at this time. FTDNA kit #357536 and the other on Ancestry, who discontinued the YDNA testing and deleted it, shortly after testing. Thankfully, made a list of those my uncle matches: within 6 generation match with Thomas Darr Hoff. This person and I stop at Jacob Huff, abt. 1791 VA. The rest are further back, starting at 11 generations. FTDNA shows the most distant ancestor(s) of Elisha HUFF B1825 , WILLIAM HUFF, Derick Hoff Born 1594, Luttenberg, Netherlands (where my testing takes me), Sparrel Everrett Huff ( 1892-1947 ) and again Paulus Hoff, @ 1620 (Derick’s father.) All of these matches are at a genetic distance of 3, on fast moving markers.

    GEDmatch is picking up my Dad’s connection to Leonard, son of Willem, son of Derick. At least my parents are not related (per GEDmatch.) I think that if I can get at least two generations down from Derick P Hoff, I will be able to pick up cousins on my mother’s autosomal DNA.

    I’ve got the typical surname matches of Smith, Johnson and Jones, as my most common surnames. But if that changes to Huff / Hoff / Hough, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Just how many are there?!? Even my maternal grandmother has ties to the English Houghs/Huff’s.

    This one connection, continues to elude me. Sorry for the long explanation, but I’ve joined all the Yahoo Groups, FTDNA groups, even a co-administrator of a Hoff website of my Dutch ancestors, Wikitree, countless message board posts, called the Lewis County Historical Society, cold calls to distant family members, all to no avail.

    Thank you!

    1. Debbie my father was Marvin Martell Huff of Missouri, GrandfatherGeorge William Huff his wife Magee (Dees) -Mo, GG William Hiram Huff born in Ill his wife Mary Jane Wilson – Ill 2nd wife-Sara Stephens (Sarah Stevens), and GrGG Nicholas Huff born abt 1805 in MD his wife Margaret abt 1808 KY. They were married sometime before 1840 snd were living in Mason County, VA in 1840 . 3 of there 5 children were born in VA. Mary Huff, Washington Huff and Henry B Huff, two others born in IL, William Huff & Margaret Huff. Nicholas Huff laterhad two other wives, Ruth McGehee b. (McGhee) b. TN they had a daughter Catharine, last wife Rachel A. b. KY.

      My brother and I have both submitted our DNA thru but we are still unable to locate who Nicholas’s parents are or where they originated ir deceased. I have DNA matches to Blackburn, Bryant, Romans, and Blankenship who I have natches to other people in their circles of DNA matches but I have no idea who these people are or hiw I am connected. I am still pounding on the brick wall if Nicholas and Margaret though!

    2. I am related to you. I have a pretty good Huff tree up. I would love your current GEdmatch to see if you show up as related to my mother, Kathryn Allan (maiden: Huff). Derick and Paulus and all those people are on my tree. Definitely lots of Dutch and lots of Huffs in KY on my tree. The Dutch part goes back to original colonial settlers to NY on the line.

  36. I’m searching for information about my biological father, Wesley W. Huff. From what I’m able to find and deduce, he was born on 08/14/1960 and died on 03/16/1989. He is buried at Gatewood Gardens Cemetery in St. Louis, MO. He had at least one sister named Windy Huff, born on 09/14/1961 and died on 02/09/2004. I was born on 11/13/1981 in Wichita, KS. My full birth name was Sylvia Helen Huff. I have been told that I was named after his mother, Sylvia.

    I tried looking a few years’ ago and always hit the same wall. I didn’t get the chance to meet him or any of his family before he died. In fact, my mom didn’t tell me about him until after he had passed, when I was around 8 years old. I’d love to find pictures if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Sylvia, I am your Aunt Jean. You have two brothers that would love to meet you and so would i . They both live in MO now but their mom and grandma are still in Wichita.

          1. That is so great…my line come through Doctor Marion Huff (1838-1909) Athens, GA and his father Leroy Huff (1815-1885) Watkinsville, Oconee, Georgia, United States,

  37. I am looking for any information on my grandfather Willard E. Huff born in 1920. He died in Grand Junction, Co. In 2001. The only information I have is that his mother was Cherokee Indian named Brownie.

  38. Just found this comment section. To add to the regional nature of the Huff name. My grandfather was Bobby Eugene Huff born 1933 in Dunnegan Missouri, passed in Washington. His father was Forest Ray Huff born in 1908 in Ulyses Nebraska, passed in Oregon. Gets foggier from here. From what I can figure his father was George Huff born in 1886 in Iowa , passed in Nebraska and his father was John Addison Huff born in 1856 in Ohio , passed in Nebraska.

  39. Anyone familiar with below, I have been unable to obtain her maiden name and stuck.

    Margie M. Huff, 91, passed away March 29, 2016. Visitation will be 9-10AM, with Mass of Christian burial at 10AM, at St. Bernadette Parish, 9020 E. 51st Terr. Kansas City, MO 64133; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Catholic Charities or to the church. Margie was born December 15, 1924. She worked at Western Union for over 30 years. Margie was preceded in death by her son Joseph Huff and a grandson Joshua Bennett. Survivors include her son John Huff, son Neal Huff, daughter Mary Bennett, 10 grandchildren and many great grandchildren

  40. Hello, my name is Charles Edward Huff IV. I am from S.C. which is also where my father (Charles “Trey” Edward Huff III) grandfather (Charles “Eddie” Edward Huff Jr.) and his father, a WWII Vet., (Charles Edward Huff Sr.) resided for most of their lives(to my knowledge). A few years back a family member did some research to find that we hailed from Germany and that our name used to be spelled Hough but was changed on the documents when we were granted land in America. I am curious to find more information on our migration to the United States. When we came here, where we were from in Germany, and what we did when we got here. If anyone has any information about anything at all regarding our lineage I would love to hear from you! You can email me at

    1. Hi Charles!
      My mother is a Huff and also from South Carolina, and the interesting thing that I saw with your lineage was the name Charles. My grandfather was also Charles Huff. I am not sure if there is any connection, but I thought it would be neat to compare notes. I know that the last name Huff is very popular, but my mom knows almost nothing about her father’s side. When you mentioned that the original spelling of the last name was changed I remembered that my mother had said the same thing about either her grandfather or her great grandfather having to do that as well, and Huff was originally spelled “Hough”.
      I have noticed that the Huff family keeps to almost the same names for the boys, (i.e. Charles, William, Edward, Eugene, Richard). Most of the men in my family have those names, or have those names within their name. We are a large family here in South Carolina, and I know most everyone in my mother’s immediate family circle, just no one beyond that.

      My email is if you would like to talk further!
      Thank you!


  41. I am a Huff by blood. My grandfather was Jonathan Morris Huff born Sept. 20 , 1892 and died Nov. 3, 1974 he was married to Ina Alice Smith. His father was William Franklin Huff Born Jan 1, 1865 in Daviess or Dekalb county Missouri. He died March 18, 1940 and was married to Susie Abigale Morris. His father was Joe or Joseph Harrison Huff born 1835 in Ohio I think and married to a Mary Etta Rice from Ohio. They then moved to Pattonsburg, Missouri. This is where my information stops. I can not find anymore info on this side.

    1. I have his father as Edwin Huff born 1810 in Virginia. I can not however find Edwin’s father. I believe his mother’s name was Letica as she resides with him in a census I found.

  42. Hello My gg grandmother was Louise C Huff born 1831 in Montgomery County Va. Her parents were Francis Huff and Elizabeth “Betsy” Charlton who were married 1815. Louise had these siblings-John C,Eliza J,Olivia,Frederick S and James E. I suspect Louise was in the White Sulphur Springs area when she married James Cooper in 1864. Recently we have had hints that Louise was of Choctaw indian heritage. If any of this coincides with information that others may have please contact.

  43. My name is steven eric huff sr, my family line is in georgia, around atlanta. My grandfather Joe huff, had no middle name like his twin john huff. My father steven Lawrence huff deceased June 26, 10

  44. My paternal grandmother was the daughter of
    Peter Carr Huff- 1869-1957 (VA) sp. Nora Belle Vinyard
    Isaac Henry Huff- 1829-1906 (VA) sp. Lucinda Kefauver
    Henry Huff- 1786-1877 (VA) sp. Rachel Harmon (or Jackson)
    Philip Huff- 1747-7/25/1811 (VA) sp. Rachel Jackson
    of his parents only his date of birth, birthplace being Bedford, VA and location of death in Montgomery County, VA. ANY information would be very helpful. Because there were only daughters decended from Peter Carr Huff, we no longer have the Huff last name. I welcome ANY tidbits anyone may have in my quest to keep my search going…… Thank You in advance.

    1. Not sure what happened to some of the text from the above comment so I will paste it and fill it in here… my apologies!

      My paternal grandmother was the daughter of
      Peter Carr Huff- 1869-1957 (VA) sp. Nora Belle Vinyard

      and his ancestors follow:

      Isaac Henry Huff- 1829-1906 (VA) sp. Lucinda Kefauver
      Henry Huff- 1786-1877 (VA) sp. Rachel Harmon (or Jackson)
      Philip Huff- 1747-7/25/1811 (VA) sp. Rachel Jackson

      I am stuggling to find out who his parents are so that I am able to continue this line of my family. I have hit a very tall brick wall and the best I have been able to find thus far is his date of birth, birthplace being Bedford, VA and location of death in Montgomery County, VA. Nothing about who his parents are or any sibling he may have. ANY information would be very helpful. Because there were only daughters decended from Peter Carr Huff, we no longer have the Huff last name. I welcome ANY tidbits anyone may have in my quest to keep my search going…… I do hope this makes a little more sense now…..Thank You in advance.

  45. My GG Grandfather is James Elvis Huff from TN, his father was my GGG Grandfather William (Billy) Huff married to Anna (Annie) Rushing then remarried to a woman by the name of Susan Lundy Noel. William’s father, my GGGG, James Huff married Elizabeth Huff (Elizabeth Betsy Cox Huff Pate) “Cox” is her surname . I do not know what happened to my GGGG Grandfather James Huff. Would LOVE to know more!! Only information I could really find was the marriage certificates to Elizabeth Cox. It is driving me crazy! When my GGGG Elizabeth married GGG Grandfather Stephen Sweeney Pate (SS Pate) in 24 Oct 1854 in Weakley County, TN. I also cannot find ANY information on my GGG Grandfathers William (Billy) Huff wife Anna Rushing. They lived in Weakley and Gibson County, Tennessee. They were married on December 8, 1886. Had 5 children. My GG grandfather James Elvis Huff, Henrietta Huff King, Frank C. Huff, John W. Huff, Mary Huff Johnson and Jessie L. Huff. All but one, John W. Huff lived in the Gibson County, TN area all of their lives. Praying that I can find a connection to this line of the West Tennessee Huff’s.

  46. Lula Ann Huff born 1920s Pocatello Idaho. Father Frank Huff and mother Minerva Tutterow. Also Huff family in Oklahoma part Choctaw. Delpha Mayabb Huff married Olen House. Any information on these families?

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