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   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married  
1 F14
2 F17
3 F65
4 F68
5 F29
Bolton, H.B. Fred, Bertha Florence   
6 F38
Bowling, William Jones Kennedy, Mary Elizabeth 22 Dec 1863 Tippah County, Mississippi, United States  
7 F15
Campbell, Osa Trusty, Martha 1930 or 1931  
8 F16
Chapman, Frank Trusty, Martha   
9 F58
Cook, John Wesley Edwards, Nancy Ann 1832 Culpeper County, Virginia, United States  
10 F20
Cunningham, Amos Blakey Bowling, Stella Ophelia 30 May 1894 Allen, Collin County, Texas, United States  
11 F11
Cunningham, Herman Jennings, Annie Lola 20 Jun 1920 Tulia, Swisher County, Texas, United States  
12 F36
Cunningham, Johnson Franklin Anthony, Mary Anne Penelope 9 Oct 1851 Madison County, Georgia, United States  
13 F60
Cunningham, M.P. Kanning, Rebecca Ann   
14 F37
Cunningham, T.W. Priester, H.M.   
15 F71
Cunningham, William Sarah 26 Jun 1823 Columbia County, Georgia, United States  
16 F61
Private Cunningham, T.U.   
17 F42
Gearhart, Conrad Langdon Cook, Sarah Frances 19 Dec 1858 Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, United States  
18 F13
Gearhart, George Douglas Willhide, Ruth Ella 25 Dec 1878 Colo, Story County, Iowa, United States  
19 F57
Gearhart, Henry Billman, Elizabeth 10 Jul 1834  
20 F7
Gearhart, Omar Alfred Perkins, Gertrude Nettie 25 Dec 1910 Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, United States  
21 F64
Hardin, K.A. Findley, A.J.L.   
22 F26
Huff, Ben Martin Bolton, Frances Mildred 1934  
23 F33
Huff, Lee Roy Price, Mary Frances   
24 F32
Huff, Willam T. Price, Mary Frances 25 Dec 1888 Williamson County, Tennessee, United States  
25 F28
Huff, William Martin Jeanette, Sallie circa 1910  
26 F34
Jeannette, Richard Hezekiah Hargrove, O.   
27 F35
Jeannette, Richard Hezekiah Johnson, Nettie Angeline 23 Jul 1897 Williamson County, Tennessee, United States  
28 F39
Jennings, John B. Curry, Lucinda Fannie 7 May 1865 Frankfort, Franklin County, Alabama, United States  
29 F21
Jennings, Veto Curry Stallings, Mary ASilla 2 Dec 1888 Fannin County, Texas, United States  
30 F46
Kennedy, John Brian Outland, Deborah 30 Nov 1842 Northampton County, North Carolina, United States  
31 F27
Lane, Lewis D. Ledbetter, Margaret Emma 21 Sep 1931 Hickman County, Tennessee, United States  
32 F30
Lane, William Book Burcham, Annie   
33 F31
Ledbetter, Clarence Greenfield Beasley, Roseanna Belle   
34 F23
Lowe, Guy B. Young, Mary Isabell 4 Nov 1896 Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, United States  
35 F53
McDaniel, Shelby Bates, Mary 5 Jun 1859 Lamar County, Texas, United States  
36 F55
Meeks, Nathan Taylor Graham, Sarah Elizabeth Abt. 1872 Texas, United States  
37 F56
Meeks, Nathan Taylor Batey, Alice   
38 F70
Montgomery, Thomas Dixon Smith, Eliza A. Nov 1847 Greene County, New York, United States  
39 F45
Outland, Exum Overman, Miriam 20 Feb 1803 Pasquotank County, North Carolina, United States  
40 F48
Perkins, Jeremiah Loving, Faithy   
41 F43
Perkins, John B. Outland, Deborah 12 Feb 1847 Neuse, Wayne County, North Carolina, United States  
42 F22
Perkins, John E. Young, Mary Isabell 1885 Minnesota, United States  
43 F44
Perkins, Samuel Pike, Rachel 16 Dec 1812 Wayne County, North Carolina, United States  
44 F47
Pike, Nathan Maudlin, Rachel 15 Aug 1781 Wayne County, North Carolina, United States  
45 F63
Robison, A.D. Findley, R.L.   
46 F59
Smith, John E. W. Stoops, Rachel 16 Sep 1827 Marion County, Indiana, United States  
47 F52
Stallings, John Thomas Thomas, Sarah Long 18 Feb 1868 Marshall County, Tennessee, United States  
48 F5
Swier, David Edwin Trusty, Betty Fay 1945 or 1946 Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, United States  
49 F6
Swier, David Edwin Brownell, Anita Jean 20 Sep 1957  
50 F19
Swier, Dirk Zwier, Aaltje 1 May 1879 Bovenkarspel, Noord-Holland, Nederland  

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