Richard Hezekiah Jennett

Steve's great-great-grandfather Richard Hezekiah Jennett (1857-1945), born Joseph Hezekiah Jennett on 11 Jul 1857 in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee. A blacksmith like his father and two brothers, R.B. and James M., who bought a blacksmith shop in Thompson Station, Tennessee in 1878. Joseph apprenticed there and later ran the shop. He was a "big boned" man who played the fiddle with his left hand and enjoyed riding over the ridge to Burwood for a hoedown. Sometime before 1900, Joseph H. Jennett changed his name to Richard H. Jennett. By the time he died in 1945, he was known as Richard H. Jeanette.


This site traces the family history of Dana Swier and Steven Huff and allied families. We have roots in the United States, Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and many more places.

Steve's roots on both sides run deep and long in Tennessee, especially Williamson, Davidson, and Hickman Counties near Nashville. His ancestors include pioneers such as Caleb Winters, John Pitts Beasley, James H. Burcham, Bennett Hargrove, Joseph Skillington, and many other early settlers of Middle Tennessee.

Dana's paternal roots are Pennsylvania Dutch, German immigrants in the 1700's who migrated westward to Ohio, Iowa, and Washington State, North Carolina Quakers, and Scots-Irish in Appalachia, especially Kentucky. Her maternal roots begin in Virginia with the Quaker Clark and Anthony families and extend west through the South to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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Montgomery Women

Three generations of Montgomery women with Gertrude's son John Gearhart, from top: Gertrude Perkins (1887-1971), Ophelia Montgomery Young McIlwrick (1846-1933), John Douglas Gearhart (1911-1985), and Mary Isabell Young Perkins Lowe (1863-1932). Gertrude is Dana's great-grandmother, Mary her great-great-grandmother, and Ophelia her great-great-great-grandmother.

Top 100 Surnames in Our Family Tree

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