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The further back one traces a family, the murkier the waters become. If it isn’t poor record-keeping, it’s a courthouse fire. And that’s if it isn’t wishful thinking on the part of another family researcher. Still most legends have some basis in fact. What then, is the basis of the fantastic legend surrounding the emigration of Mark Anthony?

The most traditional version of the narrative is that Mark Anthony was born in about 1670 to a merchant of the same or a similar name in Genoa, Italy. The elder Mark Anthony (or Marcus Antony, as he is sometimes known to researchers, most likely to distinguish him from his son) relocated to the Netherlands for reasons that aren’t clear. He desired his son to be educated in Genoa — an idea that didn’t appeal to the younger Mark Anthony’s adventurous spirit at all. Instead, the young man ran away to sea. He was waylaid by Barbary pirates and enslaved in Algiers. Different versions vary in the details, but most agree that once in Algiers, Mark Anthony either escaped by killing his captor or simply by slipping away. This story was retold for generations, and it seemed especially strong in the Georgia Anthony branch of the family.

Arlene Anthony, a researcher associated with Linda Starr’s Colonial Virginia Connections group, does not believe this wild tale, and I have to admit I don’t either. Her research tends to suggest that the Anthony family were from England, possibly by way of the Iberian peninsula, and that they were either Jewish or Roma. I think it more likely that they were Jewish. Their movements mirror those of Marranos, though without historical documents, it is impossible to know exactly when the family migrated from Italy or the Iberian Peninsula to the Netherlands.

The Georgia account of Mark Anthony’s arrival indicates that he arrived in Virginia after his harrowing adventure before October 3, 1690 and was indentured (possibly to Charles Fleming) for three years in order to pay for his passage. He is one of twenty people listed in an application for a land patent of 1000 acres in New Kent County in 1690. In 1700, he applied for a land grant of 1000 acres — some researchers speculate he returned to Europe and brought back 20 applicants in order to apply for this land grant. The 1704 book of Quit Rents indicates he had 190 acres of land in New Kent County. He appears in the records of St. Paul’s Vestry in 1709.

Mark Anthony married Isabella Hart in about 1703 and become a prosperous landowner. Some family researchers believe that the Anthonys and allied families were Crypto-Jews because they continued to practice Sephardic naming traditions. I have not found this to be true. Strict Sephardic naming practices call for the first son to be named for his paternal grandfather and the first daughter for her paternal grandfather. The second son and daughter should be named for the maternal grandfather and grandmother, respectively. The third son/daughter should be named for a paternal uncle or aunt, and the fourth son/daughter for a maternal uncle or aunt. The Clarks and Anthonys did commonly “recycle” names across generations in a somewhat Sephardic fashion, but it is not exact. For example, Mark Anthony’s son Joseph Anthony and his wife Elizabeth Clark Anthony did not name their firstborn son Mark — rather, he was named Christopher for his wife’s father. Likewise, their first daughter was named Sarah, seemingly for a maternal aunt. Not until their sixth son was born would they name him for his paternal grandfather, Mark Anthony. It is possible that the family were indeed Sephardic in origin, but I don’t think one can use their naming practices as evidence.

The Anthony family married into the Quaker families of Colonial Virginia. While Quakers would probably have been more tolerant of Jews, and thus, might have married Jews, it appears that if the Anthonys were Jewish, they eventually adopted various forms of Quaker or Protestant faith. For example, Anselm Anthony, a great-grandson of Mark Anthony, was a renowned Baptist minister in Georgia. Mark Anthony’s daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Clark Anthony, was known to have made multiple missionary trips between Georgia and Virginia; her family were said to be devoted Quakers. A funny and almost certainly apocryphal story has been passed down in the Anthony family that suggests that Joseph Anthony, son of Mark, actually possessed a written genealogy of his descent from Mark Antony, the famous Roman general and politician. His pious in-laws supposedly burned the document because it bespoke vanity. (I wonder what they would make of their numerous genealogist descendants!)

Speculation about who Mark Anthony might have been is more abundant than actual evidence. Certainly, he was the progenitor of a family of colorful characters with a love for a good yarn. You can read more about my own speculations (a post which also recounts my ancestry traced back to Mark Anthony) as to his background and you can read those of Arlene Anthony at Colonial Virginia Connections.

This post is third in a series about my known immigrant ancestors.

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  1. Hi Dana, Glenn Hill here.

    I am enjoying this latest post of yours on good old Mark Anthony. I had not gotten the part about the possible Sephardic naming , though I had noted the repeats of the names. I have been hoping that the Anthony Y-DNA project might connect Mark to the RI Anthony`s, but so far there is only a small data base, ( of three) with no connection made between the one RI Anthony decedent, and the two Anthony descendents from the VA Anthony`s. Perhaps with more descendents taking part then the connection could be made to good old ‘Mad Doc’ Francis Anthony.

    P.S. Do you know if the “Quaker Letter ” ever turned up ? It was supposed to connect Mark Anthony to Francis Anthony`s family,I believe.

    Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas !

    1. Apparently there is now a proved DNA link between the RI Anthony`s and the Mark Anthony line. Here is the letter I received recently from Lyn Overton. Lyn is now sending me hard copies of this information.

      “Hello Glenn

      I hope this email is still active and that you are well. I have had some physical problems but I’m still upright and as irascible as ever.

      I do have some news on the Anthony connection. I was going through some old papers and ran across this data from 2015. I realized I had never informed you about it.

      I made contact with a man from Texas on We both had Anthony connections and a DNA match. He managed to triangulate the DNA to verify that the Rhode Island and the Virginia branches of the American Anthony families do come from the same DNA tree. The Rhode Island line is verified back to Derrick Anthony in London by genealogy track. This means that our Mark Anthony was related in some way to Derrick Anthony. The connection is still unknown, but at least we can be certain that Mark was from the same Anthony group. By looking at some of the side children and grandchildren I suspect that Edward Anthony comes into play somehow, since he seems to have been a banker in Italy. There is no record of Edward having a child or grandchild named Mark, but it seems the most likely because of the ‘legends’ about Genoa, etc.

      I could send you copies of the correspondence if you want to see it. Just give me your mailing address and I will send what I have.

      Lyn Overton”

      So, it seems a For Sure DNA tie with Mark Anthony to Derrick Anthony`s family ! 🙂

      Glenn Hill

  2. Dana,

    If I may, I’d like to follow up on Glenn’s post. I am the group Administrator of the Anthony Family Y-DNA Project. We now have five participants, representing two distinct Anthony Lines. One participant connected to the RI Anthonys appears to be significantly different from the other four (myself included) who are very probably all descended from Mark, although our paper trails are incomplete.

    I am hopeful that we will eventually have enough participation to help classify various branches of the Anthony family, but we will need many more participants to do that. Anyone who wishes to participate can contact me at

    Current prices from FTDNA for the 12, 37 and 67 marker tests are $149, $259, and $349 respectively.

    I would be glad to answer anyone’s questions about the project.


  3. To Dana Huff,

    I collect copies of marriage records. I mailed for a copy of James Monroe and Elizabeth Clark Blakey Anthony record and the courthouse could not locate it. You wouldn’t have to have a copy? Would appreciate.

  4. I read your blog with delight. I am an unteenth great grand daughter of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clarks daughter Sarah, along with a bunch of other Georgians. 20 years or so ago, while my husband was in Atlanta on business, I spent several days in Millegeville and Atlanta libraries, looking ancestors up. I came across the Mark Anthony Kidnap tale in several places. I copied a lot of this info and left it with my elderly mother in Nashville. Anyway. the copies got misplaced. But my notes say that Mark Anthony, born in Holland, sent to study in Italy. escaped the pirates and was taken to America by a sea captain. Also that he married a Judith Mooran who had property on the James River. Is this wrong? Virginia Jared, Hillsboro Tn

    1. No my records show the same too. Joseph is the brother of James who is my 6th greatgrandfather! My aunt did most of our genology and in her research she stated that a great deal of research was done on Joseph by his descendants; Mrs. Gerry Hill, 3344 Westgate Drive, Albany, GA 31707 and has a complete history of his family. I hope this address is still good; her research book was done in 1989.

      1. But Mark did not marry Judith Mooran; he married Isabella Hart. Luke Anthony married Judith Mooran; Luke is Mark’s and Joseph’s brother.

  5. In a antique desk ,that I presume originally belonged to my third Great Grandfather REV Whitfield Anthony was found by his Great Grandson a old receipt made out to Marcus Anthony Merchant , Genoa Italy, I thought that you might possibly be interested in that little tidbit of information. We have about nine or ten Generations of our Anthony line, some doccumented, and some not,that may be of interest to you. Wilma Directo Chino Valley AZ

      1. I did my best to research the Anthony branch on Bonaire (Curaçao and Dependencies). I came to my great-great-grandfather Stefanus Martien Anthony and a name of his mother Martha Angela. I have even did a DNA test. I’ve read about Mark Anthony adverture in Europe. Could there be any connection?

    1. Do you have a Floyd in your line marring an Anthony daughter. We have an oral tradition of an Italian grandmother several generation back-supposedly a descendant of a Marc Anthony. Our early Floyds were Welsh seamen who traded same area VA as Marc Anthony. These are Morris 1643, Josiah 1674, or Josiah 1708. The old receipt written by Marc Anthony is a priceless family treasure!

    2. I have just posted to this site, I am descended from Mark Anthony, via Luke and his daughter Mary, who married John Perkins. My DNA report indicated 3% iberian peninsula ancestry, which extends from the Atlantic to northern Italy and northern Africa. So it makes sense that MarK Anthony was from Genoa. I live in France and travel to Italy frequently. If you were willing to share an image of the receipt made out to M A Merchant, I would be willing to see what research I can carry out over here. With best regards

  6. Dana, If I can manage to send you the Anthony Genealogy report I have in my Adobe file it would be better. The file is about forty one pages long. Perhaps you can post it for me. After the Civil War, many of my Anthonys left Georgia and went to Alabama,where many of them are buried. I also have the Cemetery list where they are buried. If you will send me your email address, as you already have mine, I will try to send you what I have,that is already typed. I am a horrible typist.

    1. My sister and I have visited the cemetary where alot of our ancestors are buried. There is the Anthony Cemetary in Ft Benning, GA on the Old Buena Vista Road and there are Anthonys buried behind Moore’s Chapel New Life Freewill Baptist Church in GA close to Columbus. Not exactly sure where.

    2. Is this information still available? I did some research years ago and realized more information is becoming available to me. My ancestor is Jesse Tate Anthony married twice to Tabitha Foster Briskey and Nancy O. Whaley. They were located in Fayette, County, Georgia. Jesse died in Elmore County, Alabama. I have Bible records and have developed an extensive tree. The one block is Nancy Whaley. She is listed in our family Bible as Jesse’s wife, but her tree dead end’s there. Any information regarding this? I’d be happy to share what I have with anyone interested.

  7. Virginia, I am unable to verify this and don’t quote me on it, but I saw it posted by another Anthony researcher somewhere about nine years ago,that it was actually Mark’s brother that was kidnapped by pirates , that he escaped them and made his way home. Mark Anthony married Isabella Hart about 1703 in New Kent County Virginia, He was my sixth Great Grandfather, through his son Captain John Anthony. Wilma

  8. Dana & Wilma, it appears we are related.
    Mark Anthony married Isabella Hart
    their son Capt. John Anthony married Nancy Lewis
    their son Joel Anthony married Mary Bratton
    their son Lewis Anthony (Whitfield’s brother) married Patience
    their son James B. Anthony married Adeline Hart
    their son James Monroe Anthony married Arrice Smith
    their son Ezra Eugene Anthony Sr. married Bernice Mayo Coggins

    1. my father-Jackie Lee Anthony
      Grandfather-Samuel Richard Lee Anthony
      Great Grandfather-Henry Cowan Anthony
      Great Great-John Wesley Clark Anthony
      3rd Great-Rev. Whitfield Anthony
      4th Great-Joel Anthony
      5th Great-Capt John Anthony
      6th Great-John Mark Anthony
      7th Great-Marcus Antony
      I am looking for any info to expand further back past Marcus, If anyone can assist please contact me at Thank you family

  9. Erzra, According to the Anthony Genealogy report put together by my Great Grandfather’s Brother’s descendent’s wife ,Captain John Anthony, born 1718 married Nancy Hart,in 1742 and he died in 1796. There is no question in my mind that Joel Anthony was the son of Captain John Anthony. Viletta Anthony and I have suspected that Lewis was the brother of Whitfield Anthony,but until I saw your post and verified that he was,we were not totally sure.

  10. Erzra,In Genealogy I always try to keep a open mind to the different directions that the research can go in. Perhaps your branch of the family has kept better records than ours did. When my Great Grandfather Jefferson Anthony and our part of the Anthonys left Georgia to go to Texas, because of the horrors he and his family went through , on both sides of his family during the Civil War ,he would not talk about his family in Georgia. In my research on my branch of the Anthonys, I basically started with a blank page.

  11. I have family James Anthony born abt 1718 in St Pauls Parish , Va and died Hanover County VA, married to Mary Jennings ?.
    Son John Anthony born abt 1786, married to Ursula Jones . Both died in Casell County, NC.
    John and Ursula had daughter Sarah Anthony born 1756 in Comers Rock VA and died 1842 in Anderson County SC. She was married to Hudson Berry.-
    I had understood James Anthony was a brother of Joseph Anthony.Their parents were Mark Anthony married to Isabella Hart. I did not know the other siblings.
    This is not proven, and I would like to learn if it is true.
    Thank you
    Betty Perry

  12. In my husbands family history is Mary “Mercy” Anthony married Daniel Gardner in Louisa Co., Va., 15 Dec. 1792 and had 6 children. Daniel was born about 1750, don’t know when Mary was born. Mary’s father is said to be James Anthony and he had 3 children: Mary, Elizabeth married Thomas Gooch, and Samuel (don’t know anything about him). If anyone knows more information on this family I would like to share what I have on the Gardner’s.

    Dianne McGinley Gardner

    1. I have Gardner’s from Louisa County, Va. I am interested in your Daniel Gardner. I wonder if he could be a brother to my 3rd great grandfather Thomas Gardner whose will was probated in Sep 1813 in Louisa C. VA. Thomas’s youngest son Daniel b. 1836 in VA was my 2nd great grandfather.

  13. Hi-I am one of the oldest set of researchers online, and researched right along with Arlene Anthony and Patricia Stanley-back in the Prodigy days.

    My line is-
    Robert Milton Carter-Preacher
    he married Martha Lane Collinsworth dtr of one of the Original Ga
    Methodist Preachers-John.
    son of John Carter and Mary Kendrick.
    John is son of Josiah Joseph Anthony Rev Sol & Elizabeth Ann Clari
    son of Mark & Isabella.

    I first found the tale in a hand written book at Washington Memorial Library-Macon Ga And to date-over 30 years-I have never found any of her findings wrong.

    Here are a few Referances. (The Anthony family)
    The Southerner p 32, Virginia Mag of Hist and Biog Vol 9 p 220,
    History of Albermarle by Woods, Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787, Henry Co Va Deed Bk, Wilkes Co Ga
    Mark Anthony and Descendants available Salt Lake City Ut Family History Library shows Marcus Anthony Father of Mark.

    I like this story:
    Mark was one of 20 persons listed on an applicaton in public records for a land patent of 1000 acres in New Kent Co in Oct. 1690. He probably went back to Europe and returned in 1700 with 20 settlers which allowed him to apply for a land grant of 1000 acres. In 1704 he was mentioned in the book on Quit Rents as having 190 acres in New Kent. Also recorded as being in St. Paul’s Vestry Records in Precinct 26 in 1709. In 1721 the church records show this Mark Anthony paid for keeping a bastard child for six months. He is not mentioned after 1739 that we know of.

    1. My aunt’s research says the same. She died many years ago but before she did; in her research in 1989 her records state the same findings. I like the story too; I know some dont like it or dont believe it; but where’s the faith?

    1. Not exactly sure but in my records about 1703 Mark Anthony married Isabella Hart so I would have to estimate sometime before that date.

    2. I found this in a book found in the Auburn University Library genealogical section that refers to the name of a book on Anthony ancestry. Not that it indicates a date of arrival.

      “Prior to Marc Anthony’s arrival in Virginia by October 3, 1690, the accounts are basically family legends. All variations of the legends are in general agreement as to basic facts. Because of the close parallel of statements that are strongly supported by geographical and historical fact, we should have some respect for strong circumstantial evidence. “Anthony Roots and Branches” by Nancy Vashti Anthony Jacobs, published in 1971, contained several previously published accounts (handed down by various branches of the Anthony family) of Marc Anthony was done by Dr. Bernard Schwoof in the monograph (Mark Anthony). This was written after years of research.

  14. This is my Line is this familiar to anyone
    John Anthony 1715-1760 Hanover co Va
    Elizabeth Banks 1705-1801

    John Anthony 1744-1846
    Elizabeth Lochland 1768-1851

    James Anthony 1806-1872
    Louisa Timberlake 1810-1882

    James Timberlake Anthony 1843-1930
    Clara Virginia LaFlanhart 1851-1928 My Great Grandparents

    1. I am a direct descendant of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart through their son John Anthony (1715-1760)) and Elizabeth Banks (1719-1801). They in turn had a son Rev.John Anthony (1746 Bedford Co, Virginia -1822)’who married Susan Austin (1751-1825) and it is from their daughter Sarah Docia Anthony (born 1785 Bedford Co. Virginia) that I descend. Sarah married William Trigg (born 1780). These two would be my great-great-great-grandparents.
      My line continues thus:
      Dianna Trigg (born 1808) m. Samuel Shepherd Gilmore (1803-1842) grandparents
      John Trigg Gilmore (1830-1909) Born in Danville, Virginia died in Allen, Oklahoma, Confederate Army surgeon m. Elizabeth Louise Olivo (Oliveaux) (1841-1921) great-grandparents
      Their youngest son Lon Lafayette Gilmore (1879-1948) m. Frances Carolyn Parsley (1884-1920). They were my maternal grandparents
      I have seen on some online genealogical sites that Isabella Hart was the daughter of Thomas Hart, a Scotsman who was a Church of England sexton. Evidence indicates that Mark Anthony was most likely a Sephardic Jew who came from one of the English Jewish Anthony families who originated in Spain or Portugal but who branched out in Genoa, Amsterdam, Germany and England. There is speculation that Mark Anthony was related to the Mendes da Costa banking family.

  15. Hi: Grazing the internet.Came across your Anthony’s.Mark Antony landed on the shores near Lynchburg Va. Married a Hart and had 12 sons.I am from his son Joseph.I have the date Mark came as a stoaway from Italy.Will locate.Do email me..
    Live in South Carolina. Great!!!!!

    1. Tim, I’ve always doubted the Mark Anthony stowaway story because it’s too fanciful to be believed (one incarnation has him captured by Algerian pirates, and so on, but then it gets hazy about how he ended up in the colonies). Also, some websites (and, presumably, earlier genealogy books give his name as “Marcus Antonius” even though he was from 17th century Italy, not the Roman Empire of the time of Jesus. By the time Mark Anthony was born, the Italian language had evolved beyond Latin, and so had people’s names.

      My point is, “Mark Anthony” is still shrouded in mystery to me. His name, if anything, was probably closer to “Marco Antonio,” but we’ll probably never know for sure. One thing I do know is that his wife, Isabella Hart, was most assuredly NOT from the Hart family in Pennsylvania that everybody wants to connect her to.

      I’m also descended from Mark and Isabella’s son Joseph. I joined the DAR using Joseph Jr. as my patriot ancestor, although Joseph Sr. is a recognized patriot too because, although he wasn’t a soldier, he gave material aid to the patriot cause.

      1. After he was captured by pirates; he and a fellow slave killed the taskmaster ran and hid; then after sometime they ran toward a dock where a British ship captain hid them in the belly of a ship in a hogs head til they were safe to come out; by then they reached the shores of VA and were sold as slaves for three years for their payment of passage on the ship. After serving three years later he became a mill and trade owner. Whether anyone believes it or not it has been passed down generations of Anthonys. It was very cruel times in the 1700’s, war, famine, slavery, and people had to do what they had to do to survive. Our ancestors suffered much to make a better life for their children. For me. I believe in the story.

  16. Hi! My husband’s oldest son Nick, sent me this sight link on facebook. I have been researching my own family tree, when I also started researching my husband’s. It appears that everything I have found on is the same things you have found. I have also traced Chris’s family back to Mark Anthony as well. I think it’s amazing that all you bloggers are related. I would also LOVE to have my husband Chris and his children involved with the DNA Project that Phil was talking about. Sounds amazing and I would love to talk with any of you about the family!! Thanks so much!

  17. Based on my research, I am descended from Joel Anthony and Mary Bratton via their oldest child, Elizabeth Anthony, who was born abt 1799 SC. She married James Hughen (may have been spelled Hughen or Hughens at that time), born abt 1801 SC. I believe both James and Elizabeth made the move to Georgia (likely Floyd and/or Coweta counties) when those lands opened up and I suspect they died there. Their known children–Wesley H., Robert A., James Hamilton, William Lewis, Alexander, George Washington, and Elizabeth Ann–were later found in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. But, I know little about James or Elizabeth or her parents. Does anyone know more about this family? I am particularly interested in where they are buried and any stories, letters, history, etc.

  18. My interest is in Floyd line. Our history has our early acestor, a Welsh sea captain either Edward Floyd(e) b-1613 or his son Morris Floyd b-1642-3, coming to VA to escape capture for refusing to pay the English tarrif on trade goods. We have documentation for Edward 1613-1673 and his wife Marie Coop 1615-1672 and have Morris marrying Mary Cook 1648-1712 but no evidence for the union. We have an oral history of one early Floyd ancestor marring an Anthony thought to be the daughter of Mark(c) or his descentant. Morris 1643 or Josiah 1673 or Josiah 1708?

  19. Hello. My grandmother was Olivia Prudence Anthony, she was the fifth child of William Stevens Anthony and Pearle Mae Ford of Marion County, GA who were married 12/06/1906; his father Warren T Anthony born 10/24/1848 Muscogee County, GA; his father Lewis T Anthony born 1810 Muscogee County, GA; his father Lewis Anthony born approx 1764 married Elizabeth he died between 1830/1850; his father Captn John Anthony of St Paul’s Parrish, Hanover Co., VA married Ursual Clark 1754 moved to Caswell Co. NC 1776 died 1786; his father James Anthony born 1715 of New Kent Co. VA; his father Mark Anthony of New Kent Co. VA; his father, Immigrant Mark Anthony of Genoa, Italy born around 1674, immigrated around 1696 and ended up in New Kent Co. VA His wife, Isabella Hart. His father, Marcus Anthony from Italy emigrated to Holland.
    My aunt did the genology of her mother’s father’s family and the story of Mark being sent to Italy for school the ship was captured by Algerian pirates; sold into slavery in Aleria, killed the guard escaped by boat and rowed into a Britsh ship at anchor in the bay; Telling the captian of his capture and brutal treatment he concealed him in the ships cargo until they landed at a VA port. There the master of the ship sold him to a farmer in New Kent Co., VA for a term of 3 years and after the term he lived on the upper James River near the present city of Lynchburg established a mill and trading post.
    I hope that my records are the same as everyone’s here. It’s so exciting to read other “family” posts here!

    1. Oh, I apologize. I am from Opelika Alabama and so was my grandmother, Olivia Prudence Anthony; her mother and father lived in Juniper, GA (William Stevens Anthony and Pearlie Mae Ford) I get so carried away in explaining the background of my grandmother’s background I forget to express how wonderful it is to read other Anthony Family backgrounds. I am in the process of drawing the “tree” and it’s a huge one!

    2. Hello, everyone!… I have limited history on my side of the Anthony family… I am from Virginia… But am almost certain that my family is descended from the North Carolina/Tennessee line… If anyone is willing, I would appreciate some assistance… Thanks…

    3. From my research it seems we might be related:
      Father: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1908 NYC
      GF: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1874 Atlanta, GA
      GGF: Mark (or Marc) Anthony b 1850 Muscogee Co GA married Mariah “Minnie” Wynn
      2nd GGF: Rev. Samuel E. Anthony b 1808 Abbeville, SC married Elizabeth Blalock
      3rd GGF: Lewis Anthony b 1771 married Elizabeth Leathers

      Someone in the last month changed the family tree that I had built from Lewis Anthony to Lewis Anthony Swinney so further links back disappeared! This was the tree I had built on If you have further information I would love to have it!

      Thanks! Scott Anthony

  20. I got such wonderful cooperation from genealogy at Medical School of Ga in Augusta.Appears that Milton Anthony helped found this school.I am descended from Joseph Anthony,a son of Marc Antony and Isabelle Hart in Virginia.Descended also from David Anselem Anthony,Black so called by name.Lamar Anthony is my grandfather about whom I have gathered little.I have contacted his second wife’s people about a photo,but have not been able to get a pictureLamar was my grandfather.He first married Willie L Cater of Winterville,Ga..Anyone out there know of him?

    1. Hi Timothy,
      Yes i am very familiar with this family line as your gt grandfather David A. Anthony and my gt gt grandmother Mahulda R. Anthony was his older half sister. We share the same gt gt grandfather Dr. Thomas B. Anthony but different gt gt grandmothers. Which child of Lamar Anthony descend from? Would be glad to help you cousin. Send me your phone number in an e-mail and i will call you. To much inf. to do by e-mail. Here is my phone number 1-706-743-8982 .

      Glenn Paul

  21. I guess I’ll jump in the fray about the Anthony family too. I, like a lot of folks on this blog site descend from Mark Anthony and Isabella. I have been able to trace pretty much everyone in my line except for one father and son link. I see someone else has been trying to connect the dots with them also. It is James Monroe Anthony Jr to Milton Monroe Anthony. I can find on a census Milton having a son, John Milton Anthony who is my direct great-great grandfather. I can also find James Jr in Wilkes County, Ga. and then moving to Monroe County, Ga. later on. What I can’t find is a marriage certificate between him and Catherine Elizabeth Blakey and to make matters more confusing, another relative, Anselm Anthony was married to a Elizabeth C. Blakey. I have been using Nancy Jacob’s ‘Anthony Roots and Branches’ to find members and I came across another book by a great-great-greatgrandmother, Sarah Jane Whatley: ‘We Had The White Rooster For Dinner’. It’ a 25 year journal of her daily life in South Georgia. There is a family Bible that may hold the key to the father and son, but I don’t know who has it now. The Bible was in the hands of Robert McGenis Anthony and later was in the possession of a Mrs. T.E. Green who lived in Houston, Tx. I’m sure she has long since passed away and who has it now is anyone’s guess. If anyone knows the where abouts of this family Bible, I hope they would get in touch with this blog and share with us what is recorded for births and marriages. I’m still going to search the archives here in Georgia for more evidence of these 2 fellows. On another side note concerning the Anthonys in Georgia, we have several ministers, doctors, state representives and governors, as well as Asa Chandler, the Coke Cola founder. In fact according to a relative in a letter, Mr. Chandler considered all Anthonys his kin. So if we believe that story about Mark Anthony and the Pirates, it’s because it probably made for interesting dinner conversations.

    1. Sara, you are indeed correct about the Chandlers. I don’t know anything about the Bible you mention, but Anselm Anthony himself was fairly illustrious (big Baptist minister and religious figure in Georgia), so I have found that it’s a little easier to find information on him. I have him married to 1) Sarah Menzies, 2) Catherine Blakey. Your Blakey connection interests me because my branch of the Anthonys is connected to them as well. The name Blakey was carried down for several generations as a given name in my branch. I have a copy of their genealogy, A Blakey Book.

      Here is what I found for Elizabeth Blakey in that book:

      Joseph Blakey b. abt. 1762 d. 1800 in Wilkes Co. Ga. m. after 1785, Winifred Anthony b. Apr. 8, 1765. Probably left Henry Co. Va. for Georgia after the death of Joseph Anthony 1785. Dr. Whitsett in “Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family,” Amer. Historical Magazine, says: “According to the Blakey Bible records, Joseph m. Winifred Anthony (sister of Agnes who m. Churchill, his brother) and died in Wilkes Co. Ga. She was dau. of Joseph Anthony of Henry Co. Va. father of fourteen children of whom Agnes was the eighth and Winifred was the eleventh. It is clear from the will of Joseph Anthony dated Sept. 24, 1785 that Winifred m. Joseph Blakey after the death of her father.”

      The book is kind of sketchy on their line after that and only lists their children Betsy, Thomas, and Nancy. A lot of family trees on connect this Betsy to your Elizabeth Blakey, but the book doesn’t tell who she married, and I can’t be certain she’s the same person. It does say that after Joseph Blakey died, Winifred Anthony Blakey apparently remarried John Carter, who was listed in Wilkes Co. records as an administrator of the children of Joseph Blakey. It also mentions the first book of marriage records of Wilkes Co. were lost in a fire, so that could explain why you can’t find the marriage record you are looking for (if your Elizabeth Blakey and James Monroe Anthony were married there).

      My gg-grandfather was Amos Blakey Cunningham, son of Mary Ann Penelope Anthony. Her brother was Churchill Blakey Anthony. The Blakeys and Churchills are allied families.

      Mary Ann Penelope Anthony’s mother was Ann Blakey Roberts. Ann Blakey Roberts’s parents were Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Blakey (b. 1788). Elizabeth Blakey was the daughter of Churchill Blakey (1760-1837) and Agnes Anthony. Churchill Blakey was the son of Thomas Blakey (1712-1791) and Ann Haden. Thomas Blakey was the son of Churchill Blakey (b. abt. 1690) and Sarah George.

  22. Well, you want more confusion, in my search, I found that James Jr. not only married the elusive Elizabeth Catherine (I have seen her name turned the other way also), but supposedly married a Lucinda Menzies (no documentation has been found, just a mention in the book-‘Anthony Roots and Branches’) and after her a Nancy Gordon, which I can find documentation on that marriage via court records and deeds located in Monroe Co. Whereas Rev. Anselm married Sarah Menzies and then Catherine Blakey. (I’m wondering if Sarah and Lucinda Menzies were cousins or sisters.)

    I find it kind of ironic a letter from James Jr to his son-in-law, John Taylor Lokey and his daughter, Nancy Tate Anthony, he critictize some of the church leaders for their lack of piety. I wonder if the uncle, Anselm ever knew how his nephew, James Jr. felt about the church’s leaders and their leadership?

    The Blakey family is another confusing group to follow, but they seem to be centered in Wilkes Co. When looking at stories of founding fathers of that county, the Blakey’s aren’t listed. My guess would be they settled later and became prominent through some well placed marriages and land negotiations.

    One of the members of the local historical society here in Gwinnett was telling me the reasons why you can find more Historical records up North is because they housed them in places that didn’t burn down so readily. Here in the south most of the courthouses and places where records were kept, were wooden structures. And with Sherman stomping through Georgia and torching everything in sight, it’s a wonder there are any documents around at all. So we more or less have to go on tales handed down through the generations, whether embellished or not, there has to be a grain of truth somewhere. I wish I could connect James Jr. to Milton M Anthony. Somewhere the documents are either lost or buried in someone’s family history and has yet to surface.

    I’m really glad to have found your site. The information you provide has been greatly appreciated. I can use some of the names to locate my kin when I go searching in the courthouse records at the Georiga Archives.

  23. Hi Dana,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the Anthony family posts on your Internet. Good work.

    My own Anthony family is from Lewis Anthony Sr. and wife Elizabeth .

    In 1822, they were living in Edgefield Co., SC, one of the counties formed from Pendleton, when they sold land once owned by John Blalock. Elizabeth, his wife, signed her right of dower. Soon after they moved to Gwinnett Co., GA, and are thought to have been there until 1827 or later. Their son Rev. Samuel Anthony Elizabeth Blalock married in Gwinnett Co., GA on March 2 1826. Samuel won in land lottery of 1827 in Muscogee Co., GA, and the whole family moved there.

    Lewis’s son, Richard J. Anthony m: Jane Duke in Harris Co., 1833 and later moved to Tallapoosa Co., AL around 1844. His son John Colquitt Anthony is my great grandfather. John’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth Anthony, m: Seaborn Ira Golden and lived in Reeltown, Tallapoosa Co, AL. My Seaborn Golden, Sr. family was from 1800 Lincoln Co., GA – as far back as I can trace them. i have seen the Anthony descendants there in my research.

    I’m confused as to just who Lewis’s parents were even though I have “Anthony Roots and Branches” book.

    Anita Golden Kellum

    1. I posted this in a reply above, but you may be interested as my Anthony line is also from Lewis Anthony Sr and Elizabeth:

      Father: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1908 NYC
      GF: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1874 Atlanta, GA
      GGF: Mark (or Marc) Anthony b 1850 Muscogee Co GA married Mariah “Minnie” Wynn
      2nd GGF: Rev. Samuel E. Anthony b 1808 Abbeville, SC married Elizabeth Blalock
      3rd GGF: Lewis Anthony b 1771 married Elizabeth Leathers

      Someone in the last month changed the family tree that I had built from Lewis Anthony to Lewis Anthony Swinney so further links back disappeared! This was the tree I had built on If you have further information I would love to have it!

      Thanks! Scott Anthony

  24. Recently I have been researching my Anthony Family lineage. My grandparents are in Lebanon, MO.

    Christopher Anthony married Judith Moorman (Christopher Anthony – son of Joseph, was a member of the Society of Friends South River Monthly Meeting in which her served in the capacity of elder and clerk. This meeting had been established in 1757 from Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting and encompassed the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Albemarle, Amherst, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick Counties.

    He married Judith Moorman, the daughter of Charles Moorman & Mary (Adams). In February of 1769, he and Micajah Terrell were appointed to build a new meeting house on South River which was possibly the second wooden structure constructed there. In 1788 he was considered one of the most eloquent speakers of the Quakers who lived in Bedford County, VA, but finding himself at odds with a country that was in favor of slavery, he moved with this family to Cincinnati in 1812.)

    Joseph Anthony (9/2/1767-) married Rhoda A. Moorman (1814 moved from Henrico County, VA to Cincinnati, OH with his father. Joseph and Rhoda had 13 children

    (Son of Joseph Anthony and Rhoda)Christopher James Anthony (9/9/1816 – 12/4/1884) married Polly Newby

    (Son of Joseph Anthony and Rhoda)Christopher James Anthony (9/9/1816 – 12/4/1884) married Louisa Sparling Anthony (1836-1918)

    (Son of Christopher James Anthony and Louisa)Dr. Arthur Lyman Anthony 1/26/1886-7/1/1955 married Addie Belle Millholland (1872-1901)in 1885

    (Son of Christopher James Anthony and Louisa)Dr. Arthur Lyman Anthony married Allie Marie Miller

    (Son of Dr. A.L. Anthony and Allie)Calvin Anthony married Mildred Ramey Anthony

    Calvin Anthony and Mildred Ramey Anthony are my grandparents.

  25. This is my lineage to Mark Anthony – My great grandmother Mindora L. anthony B 12-2-1882 (NC) D1919 .
    daughter of Jasper W.AnthonyB 4-27-1843 D1905 and Samantha E. chambers B 6-1848D 5-26-1915
    Jasper is the son of John L. Anthony 1822-1911 &
    Sarah standford 1817-1908.
    John L.Anthony is the son of John William Anthony 1796-1870 and Nancy Williamson 1808-1870 John William Anthony is the son of John Anthony 1765-1850 and Rebecca Rouse 1775-1850. John Anthony was the son of John Anthony 1738-1785 and Ursula Jonrs 1735-1785 this John Anthony is the son of James Anthony 172-1785 and Mary Jennings .James is the son of Mark Anthony 1670-1769 and Isabella Hart 1680-1750 mark Anthony son of Marcus Anthony

    1. I would love to have a reply from you. Your Anthony history is exactly like mine. Starting from the first. William Anthony who married Nancy Williamson to John Anthony, Jr. who married Rebecca Rouse, then to John Anthony to Ursley, Urslea Jones to James Anthony to Elizabeth Banks and finally Mark Anthony to Isabella Hart. I almost could not believe it was the same. Do You have any information concerning the father of Ursley, Uslea Jones. I know his name was Richard Jones and wife was Ann Jones. I do not know what Ann’s name was. Also do you have the information concerning Rebecca Rouse, the wife of John Anthony, Jr. Thanks so much if you can help. Jodie Cole

    2. My Father was Buel Anthony, son of Pritchard Anthony, son of Henry Scott Anthony, son of Jasper Anthony, son of John L. Anthony. John L. is as far back as I am certain. I would love to have additional information as to places of burial etc. if you have any. All of the above are buried in the Luada Cemetery in Swain County NC with the exception of Jasper who is in Caddo Co. Ok.

  26. my father-Jackie Lee Anthony
    Grandfather-Samuel Richard Lee Anthony
    Great Grandfather-Henry Cowan Anthony
    Great Great-John Wesley Clark Anthony
    3rd Great-Rev. Whitfield Anthony
    4th Great-Joel Anthony
    5th Great-Capt John Anthony
    6th Great-John Mark Anthony
    7th Great-Marcus Antony
    I am looking for any info to expand further back past Marcus, If anyone can assist please contact me at Thank you family

  27. Hello cousins, I descend from Robert Anthony, who is the 3rd son of Preacher Anselem and his wife Sarah. Showing that Robert was b in 1812 in Georgia but went to Arkansas sometime between 1840 – 1850. Robert’s 3rd son John fought in the Civil War with the Arkansas Calvary. I believe John was captured but survived and was able to get back to Arkansas. Any Arkansas relations out there?

  28. Hello Anthony researchers,
    I am confused by some of the research out there — some list John Anthony son of Mark and Isabella as marrying Elizabeth Banks, and others say he married Nancy Lewis or Nancy Hart. Are there records for which is the correct wife of John the son of Mark and Isabella?
    Thanks in advance for any help on this.


  29. I have only recently broke down a wall and was able to discover my Anthony line. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog!!
    I, too, am a descendant of Mark Anthony. I just am not sure what to believe with HIS ancestry!! Or Isabella’s!! Jewish, Catholic, enslaved captive, banker, on my????????
    My line: myself; my mom; my Grandfather Chumley(Chumney); his mom-Willie Mae McNeal; her mom-Mary Jane Anderson; her dad-Thomas Jefferson-Anderson; his mom-Sarah Tate Anthony; her dad-James Anthony (1752-1827); his dad-Joseph Anthony; his dad-Mark Anthony.

    My line ended up in Henry-now Houston-County, Alabama. Are there any other cousins out there from this line?? I would love to hear from some!!


  30. I am a direct ancestor of Mark Anthony. In fact we are having a family gathering at Stanton Baptist Church in Huddleston Virginia. It is the town next to Bedford va that used to be named Liberty Va. It will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 21, 2013. It is near smith mountain lake. Come all.

  31. I am also of the line of Mark and Isabella Anthony through son Joseph Anthony Sr. to Joseph Anthony II to Micajah Anthony to Dr. Thomas B. Anthony to Muhulda Rae Anthony. I have lots of court documents on my Grandfather Joseph Anthony II
    who lived in Wilkes Co., Ga. When i was a young boy my family and a neighbors family would go on a picnic at a place called Anthony Shoals in Wilkes Co., Ga. While playing in the shoals i discovered this long concrete foundations with large bolts in them. I never thought much about it at the time but many years later when doing this family research i discovered that this place was named for my grandfather Joseph Anthony II. I also found out that he owned and operated a fish hatchery at this location. He also owned huge amounts of land in Wilkes and Lincoln Counties. kind makes you get a sense of how you were drawn to these shoals by an unseen force. Just goes to show you never know what you will find in family research. I have been doing research nearly 40 years and have enjoyed every minute. It’s great to see so much interest in our Anthony family.


    1. .I have only recently learned anything about my Anthony family and this is my first time doing anything on a blog – so bear with me. This is the family line I have found:
      Mark Anthony/Isabelle Hart
      Joseph Anthony/Elizabeth Clark
      Micajah Anthony/Sally Tate
      Micajah Tate Anthony/Mary Rembert Dubose
      Ezekiel Dubose Anthony/Helen Lamkin
      William Lamkin Anthony/Kate Davis
      Henry Linfield Anthony/Adelaide McCalla
      Henry Linfield Anthony, Jr/ Claire Ward
      Ann Ward Anthony Dillon (me)
      Are any of these names familiar to any of you? There aren’t many living family members left that I can find out information . I would appreciate any help.

  32. I believe there is a good chance I am connected back to Mark Anthony, who had a son named Luke Anthony, Sr. of Hanover County, who had son John Anthony, who had a daughter Lucy Anthony, who married John Seay sometime in the late 1700s, who I speculate had a son named Carr W. Seay, who married Jane Dillard in 1815 and lived in Spotsylvania County, VA, who had a second son named William Anthony Seay, who had a son named William Waller Seay, born February 17, 1853, my Great Grandfather.

  33. I am a descendent from Mark Anthony who Son Luke Married Judith () Antony, they had a daughter Mary Anthony who married John B. Perkins, They had a son William Perkins married Martha Hunter. He was born in Virgina but died in Kentucky. My family stayed in Kentucky until my Father George Perkins moved to Indiana. I am very interested if anyone follows this line of Mark Anthony. I have recently become aware that my family is probably of the Jewish line. I recently had my DNA tests ran and they show a part of my line from the Italy/Greece area.

  34. I’m related through Joseph Jr. His son William m. first in Lincoln Co NC and after his wife died went to Missouri. He m. again in Cape Girardeau and then settled in Madison Co MO. This is my line. William has many, many descendants.
    Some time ago I found this on a website but have no proof of anything (someone might want to tackle this). Mark’s ancestry: Marcus; Edward; Thomas b. 1628; Edward b. 1602 London; Charles b. 1552 London m. 1574 to Elizabeth Arnolde/Armond; d. 11/21/1615.

  35. I have only recently learned anything about my Anthony family and this is my first time doing anything on a blog – so bear with me. This is the family line I have found:
    Mark Anthony/Isabelle Hart
    Joseph Anthony/Elizabeth Clark
    Micajah Anthony/Sally Tate
    Micajah Tate Anthony/Mary Rembert Dubose
    Ezekiel Dubose Anthony/Helen Lamkin
    William Lamkin Anthony/Kate Davis
    Henry Linfield Anthony/Adelaide McCalla
    Henry Linfield Anthony, Jr/ Claire Ward
    Ann Ward Anthony Dillon (me)
    Are any of these names familiar to any of you? There aren’t many living family members left that I can find out information . I would appreciate any help.

  36. My great grandfather was Thomas Anderson Anthony. He was from Georgia. The story that he passed down in our family was that the Anthony’s came from Ireland and immigrated to Rhode Island. Before living in Georgia they “lived in every state in the then U.S.” I assume they were Scotch Irish.

  37. Dana,
    Hi Cousin!

    My mother Dixie Wilson was the Daughter of Arthur R. Wilson and Florence Remmert. Florence was the daughter of Charles Remmert and Eliza Anthony (b June 1859). She was the daughter of Joseph F Anthony and Martha Jane Stevens.
    The story of Marc Anthony coming to America on a British ship was one my mother told me.

  38. I love reading this and discovering the stories. I still have the name Anthony, I am a direct descendant of Rev. Samuel Wesley Anthony of Georgia. I now live in NYC. Thanks for the info!

    1. My line is
      Father: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1908 NYC
      GF: Alexander Wynn Anthony b 1874 Atlanta, GA
      GGF: Mark (or Marc) Anthony b 1850 Muscogee Co GA married Mariah “Minnie” Wynn
      2nd GGF: Rev. Samuel E. Anthony b 1808 Abbeville, SC married Elizabeth Blalock
      3rd GGF: Lewis Anthony b 1771 married Elizabeth Leathers

      I think Rev. Samuel Wesley Anthony was Mark Anthony’s brother?

      Thanks! Scott Anthony

  39. Hi cousins! Im descended through Whitfield>George Lucious Whitfield>John Asbury>George Whitfield Sr.>George Whitfield Jr> me. Still in Alabama very close to where many are buried.

  40. Hi new cousins! I’m also descended from Mark Anthony via Joseph Anthony >> Christopher Anthony >> Elizabeth Anthony-Ballard, and so on. Mark is my 8th great grandfather.

    What a great blog! This helps me understand the Jewish traces in my background. So awesome to learn this! Thanks for all your research and information.

  41. I am a direct descendant of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart through their second son John who was married to Elizabeth Banks. Their son John Jr married Susan Austin. One of their daughters Sarah Anthony married my great great great grandather William Trigg. Their daughter was Dianna who married Samuel Gilmore, my great-great-grandfather. One of their children was Confederate surgeon John Trigg Gilmore of Danville, Va. who married Elizabeth Louise Olivo (Oliveaux). These were my great-grandparents whose youngest son Lon Lafayette was my mother’s father. Her cousin had a reputable genealogical society trace the Gilmore-Trigg line so my information is correct. Regarding Mark Anthony, it would seem from available evidence that he was a Sephardic Jew who came to Virginia around 1700 on an English ship. Research has shown that the Algerian pirate story was fake. However he was likely to have coms from England and not Genoa or Amsterdam although his extended family had connections to both cities. It’s probable that Mark was descended from the Anthonys who were goldsmiths. One member of the family was employed at the Royal Mint Tower of London during the reign of Henry VIII.. He was described as having been a Romany or Jewish. These Anthonys were related to the Jewish Mendes banking family of Spain and Portugal. Facts are hard to pin down but a small trace of Sephardic Jewish ancestry appears in the DNA of Mark Anthony’s descendants who have had tests. Isabella Hart does not appear to have been Jewish despite claims otherwise. I have seen where she was the daughter of Thomas Hart, a church sexton and his wife Elizabeth. Both were Scottish. I hope this helps.

    1. Mark Anthony was my 7th great-grandfather (via his son Luke, Luke’s daughter Mary who married John Perkins; their daughter Ann married Lovell Gerard Wilkerson/Wilkinson). I did the Ancestry DNA test, which showed 3% Iberian Peninsula ancestry. However, on the site’s map, the Iberian area stretches from the Atlantic to northern Italy to Gibraltar, Algeria and Morocco. This would be right if Mark Anthony was in fact Genoese. I would be interested to learn if the identity of Mark’s wife has been settled, and if his own forebears have been identified. I look forward to hearing from cousins!

  42. My name is Dorcas A. Gerace. My Grandfather was John Sample Anthony, born 1859, whose father was John D. Anthony. His mother’s name was Mahalia. I am the first born daughter of Marshall Gaitha Anthony, John Sample Anthony and Dorcas Matilda’s daughter who was born in 1913.
    I am curious whose son John D. was.
    John Sample Anthony was married to Mary Elrod. Mary died as a young mother in 1898. The union produced 3 children: Joseph Willie, Sammie and Annie.
    So happy to find this site.
    Best, Dorcas

  43. I am curious if anyone knows if Daniel Anthony, Susan B. Anthony’s father has been mentioned in any of the searches.
    I understand John Sample Anthony was related somehow to Daniel Anthony. Daniel was married to Lucy Read.
    Dorcas Gerace

  44. My late father did a lot of family research. He met Nancy Vashti Anthony who wrote Anthony Roots and Branches and had a great Aunt who documented family history.
    Tho he doubted the Mark Anthony story, our family histories say:
    Mark Anthony
    Joseph Anthony
    Christoper Anthony (here this line went north to Ohio)
    Joseph Anthony
    Samuel Parsons Anthony (Indiana)
    Edwin Clark Anthony
    Samuel Perry Anthony (Florida)
    to my dad, Edwin Charles Anthony
    I am interested to know if this VA line of Quaker Anthonys is related to the RI and NY Quaker Anthonys.
    While there were, historically, documented cases of Algerian pirates taking Europeans for slaves, another reason to look at Mark Anthony’s story with scepticism is that it is almost exactly the same story told by James Smith of Jamestown, about 100 years earlier….and no doubt, retold in colonial Virginia as a tale of high adventure.

  45. My tree is as follows:Families Connecting to the Anthony Branch
    Isabella Hart – Marc Anthony Europe
    Elizabeth Clark – Joseph Anthony, Sr. New Kent, Virginia
    Ann Nancy Tate – James Anthony, Sr. New Kent, Virginia
    Mary (Polly) Anderson – Joseph B. Anthony Henry County, Virginia
    Nancy O. Whaley – Jesse T. Anthony Fayette County, Georgia
    James Richard Bradfield – Emily M. Anthony (my great grandmother) Fayette
    County, Georgia, to Lee County, Alabama
    Oscar Lee Shelnutt – Lulu Gertrude Bradfield (my grandmother) Lee County,
    John Watson Moore – Doris Lee Shelnutt (my parents) Chambers County, Alabama
    Joseph Robert Shetina – Susan Elaine Moore (me) Chambers County, Alabama

    My Children Joliet, Illinois

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