Huff Family Mystery

Yours truly finally subscribed to I fought it for a long time because the main reason for subscribing is access to census records, which are available in some libraries and other various places for free. I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t have to pay for access to them. However, the subscription price is less than $13 per month. I realized that I would spend a lot more than that in transportation to the nearest place that has census records, not mention the time it would take to travel to such places. allows me to access actual census record scans from 1790 to 1930. After thinking about it, I decided’s subscription price was a deal. I am not going to make this post a plug for, but I must admit the wealth of information I uncovered has made the subscription price well worth it. Who knows when, as a mother of three and full-time teacher, I might get a chance to hunt through the microfilm at the National Archives in Morrow? Plus I get access to all the censuses for every state, which not all libraries have. Enough raving about how happy I am with

I have uncovered a Huff family mystery. My husband’s family has lived in Tennessee for generations. My husband was born in Nashville. He was able to provide me with enough information to go on about his grandparents, but knew little about his great-grandparents, William Martin Huff and his wife Sallie (whose maiden name I do not know). I located them with Steve’s grandfather Ben Martin Huff on the 1930 census and the 1920 census. I had trouble going further back. I found a record for a Willie M. Huff in the household of his step-father Lee Roy (or Roy Lee) Huff in 1900, but I couldn’t be sure it was the same person, despite the fact that both William Martin and Willie M. lived in Williamson County, which was rural and much more sparsely populated than it is today, probably thanks in part to the Saturn (automobile) headquarters located there. I found a few candidates for William Martin Huff on the 1910 census, but they were fairly far from Williamson County. He was most likely not living with his parents anymore, but I do not think he was married yet, either.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated trying to learn anything about this line and felt I had hit a brick wall until my husband told me he was sure his grandfather had an aunt named Verda. You can tell my husband’s not a genealogist, having neglected to share this crucial bit of information with me until now, knowing I had been trying to find information about the Huff line for some time. Verda is not such a common name. I felt confident I could locate her on the 1900 or 1910 census, as I had narrowed down the family’s origins to Williamson County.

Sure enough, I found Verda in the home of Lee Huff in 1910. She was 11 years old, so she most likely had been born in 1898 or 1899. Her mother was listed as Mary F. Huff. Steve told me her married name was Fulghum. I found her Social Security Death Index record, which listed her birthdate as May 1, 1898. Furthermore, her last residence was Thompson’s Station, Williamson County, Tennessee. Steve concurred with me that we could be reasonably confident this was his aunt Verda. I searched the 1900 census for her father. I noticed no Verda listed in his home, but there was a Eula born in April 1898. I believe this must be Verda and the name Eula is either a misinterpretation of the writing on my part, a transcription error on the census-taker’s part, or perhaps she was called by her middle name either in this census or in later ones. The Social Security Death Index was no help here, as she is listed as Verda H. Fulghum. The “H” could refer to a middle name or her maiden name.

Lee Roy Huff is listed as L.R. Huff in the 1920 census, with a wife Mary. The children all have the same names as on the 1910 census, with the addition of Louise, who had not yet been born in 1910. Going back to the 1900 census, Lee Roy’s name is indecipherable because the census-taker wrote something over the top of it, but it looks like it could say “Roy Lee.” His wife’s name was Mary. I found a WWI Draft Registration Card for Lee Roy Huff that listed his wife’s name as Mary Frances or Mary Francis (it’s hard to see if that’s an “e” or “i”). The birthdate is some two years off from that given in the census, but as I joked with Steve, his family had a habit of changing vital information about themselves depending on what year they were asked that makes tracking them infuriating.

Armed with this information, I believe that Willie M. Huff is William Martin Huff, step-son to Roy Lee or Lee Roy Huff on the 1900 census. William Martin Huff was born in June 1890. Depending on when the census was taken in 1890, he may have appeared on the census. His parents were most likely married by the time the census was taken, and with some detective work, I may have been able to find out who William Martin Huff’s father was. Unfortunately, the 1890 census was almost completely destroyed in a fire in the Commerce Building in Washington, D.C. in March 1896.

It will be difficult to find out who William Martin Huff’s father was, but perhaps not impossible. Birth records for the state of Tennessee in this time period may be available from state archives. It is possible my letter to Steve’s grandmother will be a fruitful source of information, but as Steve seemed to be unaware his great-grandfather was adopted by his step-father (and hence, may not have been born a Huff), I’m not sure the information was common knowledge to his grandfather’s wife. Steve’s grandfather was also an only child, so there are no brothers or sisters or cousins to assist me in getting to the bottom of this mystery.

I do, however, find it intriguing that the name “Martin” seems to be popular in the Huff family for generations back. Tantalizingly, there is a Leroy Huff listed as son of Samuel Martin Huff in the 1880 census, Williamson County. The age of Leroy corresponds to that of Lee Roy Huff as given in other censuses. Samuel Martin Huff also had an older son named T. William Huff.

I am speculating about two things. Perhaps William Martin Huff was not adopted by Lee Roy Huff. I made that leap based on the fact that their last names were similar. What if Lee Roy Huff was his uncle and married his mother after the death of his father? It is not unheard of. If his father were T. William, it could be the genesis of his name, William Martin — William for his father, Martin for his grandfather, Samuel Martin. Unfortunately, I can’t find a marriage record or birth record at that corroborates this theory, and the theory that he took his step-father’s name is just as likely.

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  1. I don’t know your HUFF’S, but I happen to be looking at Martin HUFF’s line right now, along with Rose WALLS & Max HUFF. Please take a look at my rootsweb file & see if you want to join us.

  2. I knew Verda Fulchum she is out of the Samuel M. Huff and Martha Harris Huff family,son of Ann Pace and William Huff. Check the Burwood Cemetery in Williamson County for birth & death dates from the tombstones or there are cemetery books at the archives that include this cemetery. Quite a few are there. Not sure whether Lee Roy is there or not.

  3. OBITUARY – 25/Oct/1951 –

    Funeral services for Arthur C. (Buck) Huff, 47 who was born and educated at Burwood, were held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock in Nashville, Rev. C. F. Bowen was in charge and interment was in Woodlawn Memorial Park.

    Son of L. R. Huff, of Burwood, and the late Mary Price Huff, his death occurred at the home of his sister, Mrs. Minor (Verda) Fulghum in Nashville. He was for several years connected with the Nashville Electric Service, and for the past 25 years had made his home in that city.

    Besides his father and sister, Mrs. Fulghum, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ellie Huff, three other sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Era Lucas, Mrs. Marvin Ghee, Mrs. Elvis A. Fitzgerald, W. M. and J. L (Pat) Huff, all of Nashville.

  4. I stumbled onto your website…not sure if you have been to the Burwood, TN area but the “Huff” family you are looking for live in Burwood. Mr. Huff (early 80’s) still runs the family general store that his father R.J. Huff opened in 1913. There are several Huff’s still in the area. I’m sure he would be of tremendous help.

  5. MARTIN ROBERT HUFF was my great grandfather, out of Brownsville KY. He is tied into families of Basham, Self, and Gravel/Gravil/ Graville. Fascinating story of his leaving wife in KY and taking their boys along with the handmaiden and her boys to east Texas (Mineola) where they bought oodles of land. Trying to find folks who tie in with this story.

    1. I was born in Mineola, Texas, My father Otis huff was born their in 1922. He had 30r 4 sisters and one brother that died young. If you think we are related e mail me

  6. I’m still looking for any clues about my families history my last name is huff. if anyone could send info my way i’d be grateful.

    1. Hello Joan: My Maternal Grandmother was Mary Susan Huff, who married Peter James Furrh in Wills Point, Texas, which is in East Texas, Mineola, Texas is not too far away. Try google-ing Furrh, Texas, Elysian Fields, Texas and Marshall, Texas. The Furrh’s were early Pioneer family here in East, Texas. My Grandmother Mary Susan Huff Furrh was born in 1870 and passed away February 22, 1937. I have our Huff Family Book of Genealogy as well as the Furrh Book of Genealogy. However, my husband and I have just moved and have not run across the box which contain those books. I will seek it out and will give you some very valuable information. And, I look forward to doing so. Also, Leonard Huff and Peter Huff both served in the American
      Revolution. I am a member of the HPDAR Chapter, which is the Highland Park Daughter’s of the American Revolution Chapter. I will help you in anyway I can.

      Dee Shaver McQuirk
      Dallas, Texas 75287

    2. Hello Tara: My Maternal Grandmother was Mary Susan Huff, who married Peter James Furrh in Wills Point, Texas, which is in East Texas, Mineola, Texas is not too far away. Try google-ing Furrh, Texas, Elysian Fields, Texas and Marshall, Texas. The Furrh’s were early Pioneer family here in East, Texas. My Grandmother Mary Susan Huff Furrh was born in 1870 and passed away February 22, 1937. I have our Huff Family Book of Genealogy as well as the Furrh Book of Genealogy. However, my husband and I have just moved and have not run across the box which contain those books. I will seek it out and will give you some very valuable information. And, I look forward to doing so. Also, Leonard Huff and Peter Huff both served in the American
      Revolution. I am a member of the HPDAR Chapter, which is the Highland Park Daughter’s of the American Revolution Chapter. I will help you in anyway I can.

      Dee Shaver McQuirk
      Dallas, Texas 75287

  7. In performing a google search on Burwood, I came across this Blog. This is in response to Holly C’s comment from 9/06. The General Merchandise Store in Burwood, TN was opened by M.F.Akin (Millard Fillmore)(my great grandfather) in 1883 who then took on his brother Vance as a partner in 1888. They outgrew their original store and constructed a larger building in 1911. They owned and operated the store for 53 years. It was subsequently owned and operated by Robert Huff and his son Kenneth whom I hope/trust still have it. In 1988, the store was added to National Register of Historic Places. I am looking forward to visiting next week for the first time in many years-

    1. hi im randy and i would love know were your father was from ,the last address was caly ,my father name was charles huff ,i try find out more about him.thanks randy

  8. Hello,
    I do not have a website but I am a member of My e-mail address is My Great-Great-Grandparents were John and Nelly Huff. John was born in NC about 1821 and Nelly was born in either NC or SC in about 1818. The first records I can find of them is in the 1850 Lumpkin County, Ga. census where their name is spelled Hupp. In the 1860 Cherokee County, Georgia census they are listed as:
    John Huff 39 born NC, occupation Miller, Nelly 44 born SC (in 1850 she was born in NC) William Daniel 18 born NC, Joshua 16 born NC (in 1850 Joshua is listed as John), Rachel 15 born NC, S. A. a daughter 13 born Ga. (S. A.’s name could be Lucy Ann or Sally Ann), Smith 10 a son born in Ga. and John S. born in Ga. Rachel Huff was my Great-Grandmother and she married James Milton Sisk (who was living next door to her in 1860). My Mother told me the Huff family were Quaker and I’m pretty sure that John is the son of Joshua Huff and Rachel Martin from Surry NC, but I can’t find proof that he is. Nelly’s maiden name was Richards and her Father, William Richards, was a Baptist preacher. Her Mother’s name was Dicy Cobb. If you know anything about my Huff family, I would appreciate hearing from you.
    Thank you, Beth

    1. Interesting, I’m also researching Huffs, including Nellie Huff. However, this is a different Nellie Huff. My great great grandmother, Nellie Huff, was born in Brooklyn, NY in Sept 1898. Her father, George Washington Huff, was born in March 1861 in Illinois. He was in the Army from the age of 17 (1879) until his death in 1902 (in Brooklyn, NY.) Nellie’s mother was Mary Murphy born in Ireland in 1861 or thereabouts. Nellie also had a younger brother John, a sister Mary Kennedy and William.

      Nellie married my great grandfather George A. Fields (from Everett, MA) and I know their history. Just looking for info on George W. Huff and his Illinois lineage.

      All the best,

    1. I am a descendant of Ohio Huff family. Born in 1960. Female. Father William, mother Flossie. Information desired. They were from Alliance Sebring area.mother had tb in early 60s. They also had two other children, Patricia and Joseph. Son Joseph married to Martha with 3 children. My parents divorced and both remarried. Looking for mothers sideyhistory possibly from large family in west Virginia. And family heritage and genetic back ground.

  9. My name is Sarah Elizabeth Huff and my dads name is Roy Martin Huff. His mom married Randy Huff and Randy lives in Arkansas. His moms name was Elizabeth Huff. Which is why my name is Sarah Elizabeth. Yes, I am only 13. But still. The thing is My dad really isnt a huff he is a smith he got adopted by Randy after his mom died. Because he and my dads mom were married before. We live in illinois.

  10. My dads step father Randy also used to own a general store called Randy’s in New lenox, Illinois. But they had to close it I think. Randys son is Rick. I dont know his last name but he is my fathers step brother.

  11. I was Googleing the name Huff and this site caught my eye… I myself am a huff. Im Kaitlyn H. and my grandfather’s name is Virgil Ray Huff anyone know him? My fathers name is Rocky and yes thats his actual name.

  12. Hi. I am looking for a Ralph Stanford Huff, in Florida? If anyone has ANY information, it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to help my friend find her biological father, and it is a search that is sending us in circles. Thank you!


    1. Hi Stephanie. I’m related to two Ralph Stanford Huff’s from Florida.
      My father, Ralph Stanford Huff, Sr. was born 01/01/1925 and passed away in 2000.
      My oldest brother, Ralph Stanford Huff, Jr. (Stan)
      lives in the Pensacola area. I haven’t seen him in a few years but know how to contact his two grown children.
      I’m the youngest daughter of Ralph Sr. My name is Gwendolyn M. Huff-Fallah. I live in Florida. You can send me a “friend request” on Facebook and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our family.
      I hope you get this message, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about you. 🙂

    2. HI Stefanie, I just posted a couple of messages for you on here. I mistakenly thought you were the one looking for Ralph Stanford Huff of Florida.
      I’m the daughter of Ralph Stanford Huff, Sr. of Florida and the sister of Ralph Stanford Huff, Jr. (Stan) of Florida.
      I believe it’s my brother that your friend is looking for.
      I haven’t seen my brother in a number of years but please, let your friend know that what ever comes out of her relationship with him, she still has other family members who would love getting the chance to meet her.
      She has three aunts and an uncle, many cousins, 2nd cousins and other extended family members who would welcome her with open arms.
      I don’t know who your friend is but I can tell you that I didn’t know about her or if I did, I thought she didn’t want anything to do with our side of the family. I seem to remember that his oldest child’s mother didn’t want any communication with us. If that’s wrong, I apologize. I didn’t know any different.
      Please tell your friend that she can send me a friend request on Facebook.
      Gwendolyn M. Fallah (LynnHuff) and I will be happy to talk to her and tell her everything that I can about this side of her family. Some of us are actually quite nice!!
      Thank you Stefanie.
      Lynn Huff-Fallah.
      Gwendolyn M. Fallah (Lynn Huff) on Facebook. 🙂

      1. Gwendolyn, I think her ‘friend’ she is speaking of is either Ashley or Leslie (twins) who’s biological father is R.S. Huff, Jr aka Stan. They were born when he lived in Texas. All they need to do is ask their mother who has all his information, DL#, SSN# etc to match so I’m not sure Stephanie’s game if I have the ‘friend’ right.

    3. Hi Stephanie. I’m the daughter of Ralph Stanford Huff Sr. And the sister of Ralph Stanford Huff Jr.
      You can find my profile on Facebook under, Gwendolyn Fallah (Gwendolyn Huff.)
      If I can help you, I’d be happy to.

    4. I’m the daughter of Ralph Stanford Huff, Sr. , and the sister of Ralph Stanford Huff, Jr.
      My name is Gwendolyn Huff Makowiec.
      My father is deceased but my brother is very much alive (although not in good health) and lives in the panhandle of Florida.
      You can contact me thru Facebook and I’ll be glad to give your friend any information I know and welcome them into the family!
      If anyone knows the Huff’s from Columbus Georgia and the Carolina’s please contact me. I believe I have a lot more relatives looking for us!

  13. I am Isreal G. Huff, I am the son of Terry Lee Huff my mothers maiden name is Debrah Beamis, My father is from Glasgow Kentucky and his father and mother I believe are from there as well I am looking for family from the Huff side of the family I wish to know more of the family history ect. I would be greatful if anyone could help me with my haritage thank you.

  14. i am looking for my family history my name used to be huff i live in arkansas my dad is mark huff his mom was ellie huff and his dad is joesph huff i think if anyone has any info on my line please let me know it would mean alot

  15. I dont know if we could posibly be family, i hate that there are so many huff familys that you dont even know wich ones you could be related to, any who, my father is lonnie huff and his mother was fanny huff maiden name gay, his father was hansford huff, his sisters are betty huff, ann huff and joice huff and jewell and marolene, i dont know all his brothers but here are some of them, william huff, ugene huff who died in the korean war, he was hit by a train, also james, harold, lowell, dalainy, and hansford jr. huff and jerry huff. i know this is a lot but mabe you know some of them oh i guess i should mention that there from laurel and corbin ky.

  16. Stefanie, your friend knows that he is the type that will deny being the biological father. Tell her to call her mom, discretion is the best way to go about this situation not this way. She knows I have all the information.

    Your friend’s mom.

    1. Loeace,
      I’m not sure that you’re talking about Ralph Stanford Huff, Jr. (Stan) but I have the feeling you are.
      I’m sure there’s a lot about the situation that I don’t know but my brother has never denied being anyone’s father to me and I’m sure other family members.
      I personally know two of his children, Lindsay and Justin.
      I haven’t seen or heard from Stan in a number of years but has heard from the grape vine that his health isn’t that well.
      I want Stefanie to know that even if Stan never claimed his children, the rest of his family would be very happy to welcome any of our extended family members into the fold. We just didn’t know how to get into contact with them or even if they wanted to be in contact with us.
      Although I love my brother, I don’t really know that much about him. But I do know that he loved Leslie and Justin and would assume that he loved any other children he may have. If I’m wrong, once again, we would welcome any child of his and their mother and other family members, into our family.
      I hope I’m not rambling on about some Ralph S. Huff that’s not related to me, I don’t think I am.
      If you know how to contact Stefanie, please let her know that she can reach me on Facebook under, Gwendolyn Fallah (Lynn Huff), and I’ll be very happy to let her know what I know about her extended family.
      Thank you very much.

  17. Joan- Re: Martin Huff
    I was married to a man in Mineola, TX with the last name Huff. Which is surely a relative of Martin, they are the only Huff family in Mineola and have lots of land, still. If you would like I can help you with some info.


  18. Hello. I am looking for my father. All I know is his name is Lonnie Huff and that he was in southern California in the late 60s. I was born August of 1970. My mothers name when she met him was Judy Wade. It has been hard becouse the fact he was married and had two girls. Thats all I know. I would like just to know some of my history on his side. I am as of right now deployed in Afghanistan. I would love to meet his side of the family.

    1. Mike,

      I have Huff and Wade’s in my tree also. The Wade line landed in Maryland in the 1600’s and the Huff’s came from Germany and settled down in Bremen, In in the 1830’s. Hope that helps.


  19. Hello, I am looking for my mother. I was adopted at birth and about 8 years ago recieved my original birth certificate. My biological mothers name is Teresa Huff. She is probably 52 or 53 years old now. I have so many questions about my heritage and nationality, but above all health questions only she might answer. I have no intention of disrupting her life or bring sad memories she may have for her decision. I just wont feel complete until I talk with her or meet her. I feel like a piece of my life has never been finished and if I can get info on her then my life might be whole.

  20. My branch did a great deal of research about 30 years ago. the original family came into New Amsterdam (now New York) in the year 1630. If you know the local history of NY, it was settled by the Dutch. The orignal individual did not have a last name as we know it, last names were only required when you became a landowner. This gentleman was a trapper. His children adopted a surname close to what we know now “Hoff”. The sons moved to New Jersey to an area called “South Branch”. they were there for several generations up until 1973 when the family farm passed to a non family member. the name Huff is actually Dutch. It means “land overlooking a river” kind of like “bluff”. the original farm overlooked a river in Jersey. Each generation of the family through the 18th and 19th century had between 8 and 10 children, each generation sent most of those children west or south. I was in North Dakota and was intrigued by Huff, ND. After some research, I traced the name back to one of the generations during the mid 19th century – moving west!

    1. Ron, I found that my husband’s family originally spelled it “Hough” and presumably changed the spelling to match the pronunciation. I have Huffs in my own family that I can’t seem to connect to my husband’s.

  21. Dana – I have seen Hough, Hoff, Huff, Huf, Hof, Hauf – I have discovered that the early dutch and english were not big on proper spelling or grammer. Typically letters were written in vernacular with phenetic spellings. I am the family recipient of some old letters dating from 1799 through till about 1833. Aside from the difficult time reading them, there was a lot of evidence of hardship, loneliness, and just plan insurmountable distances. the letters were between NJ and Lodi NY and Livonia, NY (south of Rochester) in what was at the time the frontier. One letter a young lady indicates they may travel back to the family home in Lodi (about 100 Mi) in the winter as the sleigh would be easier travel. (I have made this trip many times in a car and in 1810 it would have been a rough one).

  22. Hello Dana-
    Interesting blog….My fathers name is William and my brothers name is George Martin Huff. We have a long history in Indiana. Our roots are traced to the constitution. My mothers maiden is spradling. her brothers are in the Indiana hall of fame.

    1. Hello Huffs, my Grandmother’s maiden name was Huff and I am looking for her relatives. She doesn’t know of any because when she was 7 her and her 5 other siblings were put into an orphanage. All I know is that her mother’s name is Marie and maiden name is Edwards, her father is originally from Indiana and was an orphan himself, not sure if he was ever adopted though. They lived in Detroit, Marie died giving birth to a stillborn and my Grama and her sister Beverly were put into Children’s Aid Society. My Grandmother’s name was Rose Marie Huff. Please, if you may know her or her father we would really like to know more about our family. (She is still alive, age: 81) Thank you. Email me at

  23. Welp…My Father…Raymond Huff was born in East Chicago, IN However, he most of his family grew up in Jasper, IN

  24. hello to all the huffs,im arthur randall grimmitt or huff ,im looking for my birth father,he was from boaz or albertsville alabama,when i was born in 1958 he lived in ca. his mother lived alabama at the time of my birth.if any one has any info for me, contact me at t.y randy grimmitt

  25. yes ken huff is my cousin he is kind of hard to talk to being his age but go to the store and im sure his son charlie would be happy to help

  26. yes ken huff is my cousin he is kind of hard to talk to being his age but go to the store and im sure his son charlie would be happy to help. i am looking for information on the stovall family of burwood and also interested in any family historys of burwood any ifo you can contact me on facebook my name is cody stovall

  27. I have just found several notes on the Huffs which origionated in Huff, ND and found their way to the Puxico, Missouri area. William is a family name going back to William H. Huff or Gray Cloud, who married Mary Eagle. They had 3 children. One of which, Benjamin Harrison Huff is the father to my grandfather, Willliam Herman Huff. My father was Billy Gene Huff. It is my understanding that William H. Huff (Gray Cloud) father was Nicholas Huff, and his mother was Mary Huff. I do not have Mary’s maiden name. perhaps Mary was mandan and Nicholas was a dutch settler from the New York area?

    1. My grandfather was Billy Gene Huff i never met him his died when my dad was 5 and i was trying to find info about him but he was in indiana and illinois is this the same huff.

      1. Did they have children? I never knew my grandfather, but his name was Joseph Huff . Born sometimes around late 1800’s or early 1900s. He left my grandmother before my mother was born. He always said he was Mandan Indian. My mother was born in 1925…..she is now deceased. I have been looking for the answer for a long time. He was supposed to have been married to my grandmother in Texas. Possibly , Henrietta tx.

    2. I hope you can help me. I’ve hit a brick wall in my research. All I know is the name Russel O. Huff who was living in Bismarck, ND in September 1900. His daughter, Mildred Ellen was born on that date in Bismarck. Her mother was named Mollie Pearl Gibson. Both were about 23 years old at the time. They got married in Columbus, Johnson County, Missouri.
      Now deceased, my husband’s grandmother, only gave us the clue, “Believe to be a town named after him: Huff, ND just south of Bismarck, ND. He ran an indian reservation for the government”. Somehow I don’t think she had the information right… but maybe it rings a bell with you?
      I met Mildred once. She was 91 years old. She was two years old when Russell O. Huff died. She told some rather tall stories about the Native Americans in North Dakota that her mother may have known.

      1. Please contact me about the Huffs of the town of Huff, North Dakota. Great grandpa was a Huff that was related to the Huffs of Huff, North Dakota and he was also a tribal member of the reservation.

    3. This is in responce to William Edward Huff,

      I have an old picture someone purchased in Missouri. I am in Washington State. I took it apart to refinish the frame and I found hand written notes on a cardboard on the inside of the frame. I believe it is a brief history of your family. Who ever wrote it is the son or daughter of a Pink Huff, daughter of Mary and William H. Huff. There is some interesting information on this note. It says that William H. Huff was involved in the Trail of Tears and was full blooded Cherokee. It also states that he was hanged in April of 1899. I found it very interesting and started doing some research in hopes I could contact some family. I don’t quite understand how this site works so I will check it daily for a response.

      1. What a fantastic find, Lonnie! If he doesn’t get back to you in a few days (not sure if he checks in here regularly or not), I will email him your comment so you all can get in touch.

        1. Oh Thanks Dana!
          My husband and I have been able to decipher a little more of the writing. Mary Eagle Huff was Chief Sun Eagle’s daughter. This band of Cherokee Indians were from the Mingo area and ended up in the Camp Creek area. William H. Huff also served in the Civil War. I believe it says it was the 29th Illinois Infantry.
          This is so interesting, it is just an old piece of cardboard but it is like I am reading a book! And to think I could possibly be getting to send this on to a family member is thrilling! And I was just resorting an old picture frame!

      2. Hello Lonnie. I live in Oregon and actually have a picture of William H. Huff. He is my great great great grandfather. My grandfather, Jim Huff, knows a bit about him. He was actually murdered when he wa hanged. William was walking home one day along the rail road tracks and another man came across him and tried to hassle him. William shot the man and was awaiting trial in jail when the mans family broke in and hanged him outside. I am coming across your post several years after you wrote it, but I do hope you may still have these items. My email is

    4. Hello! I am coming across this with shock because we may be related. I have always been told of my great great great grandfather named William Huff, aka Gray Cloud, and his wife Mary. I know as much as they lived in the Missouri area. Would love to talk to you more. My email is

  28. My grandma maiden name is Huff she was raised in the chest nut mound Tennessee area I don’t know all the history but I do know the family house is still own by the family My grandma now does by Margret Martha cox she also was known as Margret Martha Bradley and before marriage she was Martha Margret Huff . I am a Bradley My dad was Terry Lee Bradley SR. I am JR. my mother last name before marriage was Garrison. But saw this and had to leave some info because my grandma family is from Tennessee so I hope some of that info help some my grandma moved from Tennessee when she was 18 and she now 82 she still alive thank God I love her so much she a sweet heart

  29. I came upon this site trying to trace my huff line prior to the 1500s in Norway n just thought I’d share what I learned the first huff in my line englebert was born in 1637 in Norway before that the name was believed to be hoff any way he came over on a ship sent by prince Phillip of orange he was in the navy or Somthing the ship sank off the coast off new York he settled in fishkill ditches new york he lived 129 years at 70 he met a young girl like in her 20s stole her from her boyfriend according to stories in my family line this was wasington irvings inspiration for the legend of sleepy hollow (not sure if it’s true but fishkill new York is now known as sleepy hollow n there is alot of huff history in my line there) any way at 70 englebert and his young wife went on to have like 10 kids and I’ve traced lines of huffs that branched off from there down to new York new jersey tennesee Texas Florida and my direct line that went up to Canada then west with the morman migration to Utah then some back up to Canada then down to Idaho then me in las Vegas about to move my huff family to Florida. Any way I’m not sure if we all come from one family but I would suggest looking in sleepy hollow cause the huffs from there branched out all over north america

  30. Hi, I found your website by researching my biological father James Harold Huff. I have been trying to find pictures of him and the rest of the family with the possibility of connecting with some of them. He is the son of Hansford Huff, and I know he had siblings named Lonnie, and Jerry. My mom met “Harold” in Cumberland, KY in the early 70’s. I would love to know more about the family.

    1. Call me. Your dad is my great uncle he passed away about 7-8yrs ago. I can get you in touch with your 2 sisters and a whole bunch of cousins. I am your 2nd cousin. 9852146498

  31. I am related to the Huff’s from Prince Edward Island. John Huff, father of Joshua Huff b 1790 in Dutchess Co., NY. They lived on the island and then moved to Michigan. Let me know if anyone is looking for information on this Huff branch.


  32. looking for info on ROY CLEVELAND HUFF. Have draft Reg. dated 1918, Resident of Detroit? b. In Illinois? m. to Harriet(Hattie) Raney. Died before 1920 census, possibly.

    1. I know this is a bit late, but my Grandmother is from Detroit area and her father was Charles Huff. Could there be any relation? She doesn’t know much because she was put into an orphanage at the age of 7.

  33. Hattie shows being widowed on the 1920 census with one son Orville. Did Roy really die or did he split?? Did he have another family before or after Hattie?? Hattie died in 1923, barried as an indigent in a catholic cem. in Port Huron, Mi. Orville went west to Montana maybe with g-pa Raney or some other family.

  34. Someone in my extended family (Carmack Waterhouse) published a private geneology book entitled “Certain Topics on the Huff, Sharp and Allied Families, in 1982. Earliest records indicate that John Huff (Johnnie Hough), was born in 1625 of German parents, in Friesland, the low country north of Holland. In 1645, John Huff contracted with the West India Company, and sailed with his wife, a Miss Stout, for New Amsterdam. Some of the family may have removed to Penn. and New Jersey. Peter and Joseph Huff migrated to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, near Roanoke, when John Huff II was born in 1758. Peter Huff (1723-1789) purchased land from the state of North Carolina. John Huff II, fought in the American Revolution. John Huff II (1758-1843) married Mary Elinor Corder (1766-1842) in 1782 and had 13 children. His two oldest sons, John Huff III and Nathan Huff grew to
    maturity in Cocke County., Tennessee. One of the 13 children was Elinor Huff (1801-1874) married Elisha Sharp (1792-1863) in 1817 in Tennessee. Elinor Huff Sharp and Elisha Sharp are my great-great-great grandparents. There is a lot more information in the book on our family named Huff (Hough). Side note: Thanks to my uncle, the book was held for publication until the birth of my younger daughter in October 1981.


    1. i would love to know if we are related. i am from polkville mississippi .i do know that my grandfather was pascal west huff that married mildred gertrude hudson they came from somewhere in louisanna .

  36. I am interested in finding out about the house behind Huff’s grocery. This is the white house with the blue doors address is 1702 Pope’s Chapel Road Thompson’s Station TN. I moved into the house in March of 2012. When we were moving in, a man drove up in a navy blue small truck and told my husband that he grew up in the house and that a man hanged himself in the barn. This barn is directly across from the Burwood Community Center. I thought the man said that is was a Huff that died but I don’t know the year and cannot find anything on the suicide. I would like to know if anyone knows ANYTHING about that house. We moved out pretty quickly after we felt a lot of negative energy there. I have a lot more info that I would be willing to share if you would email me at

    1. Brooke, I never heard of anything like that happening in my husband’s family’s direct line, but they were large and spread out, so could be. Certainly is the right place. My husband’s grandfather was born in Thompson’s Station. He was an only child himself, and so was his father, Will Martin Huff. Will Martin Huff had some half-siblings, however, and his father and stepfather (who were brothers) had lots of brothers who probably had sons. Hope that wasn’t too confusing!

  37. Well, i am a Huff too, and i find this article very intriguing! Plus my Mother has a lady in her old photo collection with the last name Martin, but i can’t find Details about her.
    The name on the picture is: Jessie Lee Martin

  38. I found out some info after my last posting. I went back and visited the house over my New Years visit to Nashville. I did not mention in my last posting that my husband actually died there on September 8, 2012. He hung himself. Like I said before, I had heard that this had happened there once before. After I visited the house, I walked over and talked to Charlie to see if I could find any info about the previous hanging. He called his dad on the phone and he told him that he was the one who found him and this his name was James W. Huff. I found this photo of his tombstone.
    Does anyone know either of these people? It is so ironic that the date is in late August. It seems like that time of year is very bad there. The previous tenant before us also passed away in the house on the same exact day as my husband in 2011. I can not even make this up. I also have his obituary saved and I got his mail while I lived there.
    September 8th. Why such a significant date?


    Edited comment: Please practice safety online and do not post your phone number and personal address.

  40. Have you found any connection with your Huff’s to my wife’s Huff line in Floyd Co., VA in the 1830s?
    Susannah (Susie) Huff married Benjamin Harman in June of 1838 in Floyd Co. Both were born in 1816.
    There is a community there called “Huffville” which may or may not be connected with Susie. I don’t know any of her parents or siblings names. She ties in via the Harman family we were searching.

  41. Yes, I have been inquiring about the HUFF FAMILY for some time now. Up to this date { MARCH 21, 2014 } I have not had ONE RESPONSE…Hello out there..Is anyone affiliated with the HUFF’S, Please call me at [phone number redacted for privacy reasons] or MAIL ADDRESS AT: DON & BARBARA HUFF /CO FAITHFUL MINISTRIES 5561 MARTINEZ ROAD, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA., 32244..I am very interested in finding my COUSINS, DAVID WATERS, ULALA WATERS, SHIRLEY WATERS, DAN HUFF, BOB HUFF, DOUGLAS, and others DAN HUFF was my 1st. Cousin along with his brother BOB HUFF…DAN IS A PROFESSIONAL MUSIC COMPOSER WHO HAS PLAYED BEHIND ALL THESE MODERN COUNTRY AND POP MUSIC PEOPLE…BOB HUFF WAS THE BUSINESS MANAGER FOR THE BILL GATHER TRIO..Thank you very, very much.

  42. I recently found a box of old papers containing a lot of info on Arthur C. Huff whose Chicago address was 2214 w. 21st., Chicago, Il 60608. He may have been a WW 2 veteran. Possibly moved to Cicero or Berwyn, Il back in the 50’s or 60’s. Married to Delores? Papers include lots of poems and music lyrics. He may have been a musician? I will give this box to anyone related or interested.

  43. Dear Graydon Huff Sr,

    My name is Douglas Charles Huff born in 1968 in, Columbus, Ohio as the birth record shows to Ronald Alan and Sondra Fay Huff I don’t know how we are related but thought that Bob Huff is a name that connects me to another family line of McCully, Carrolton, McFarlane, Ohio, Smiths Pendalton WV, Millers, Ohio, Florida, Stoflets WI, George Washington Kimbler and Polly Estep both with roots in WV in the 1600,’s .

    Feel free to reach out to me. I am on or email me @
    614 704 8451

    FAMILY for some time now. Up to this date { MARCH 21, 2014 } I have not had ONE RESPONSE…Hello out there..Is anyone affiliated with the HUFF’S, Please call me at [phone number redacted for privacy reasons] or MAIL ADDRESS AT: DON & BARBARA HUFF /CO FAITHFUL MINISTRIES 5561 MARTINEZ ROAD, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA., 32244..I am very interested in finding my COUSINS, DAVID WATERS, ULALA WATERS, SHIRLEY WATERS, DAN HUFF, BOB HUFF, DOUGLAS, and others DAN HUFF was my 1st. Cousin along with his brother BOB HUFF…DAN IS A PROFESSIONAL MUSIC COMPOSER WHO HAS PLAYED BEHIND ALL THESE MODERN COUNTRY AND POP MUSIC PEOPLE…BOB HUFF WAS THE BUSINESS MANAGER FOR THE BILL GATHER TRIO..Thank you very, very much.

  44. My grandfather is william Leland woods .. Who died after his 4 year old Joyce Ann huff was shot in cold murder by 3 men driving by the Hawaiian garden California home. I have pictures .. The mother is Bernice huff ., I’d say Dutch by her voice in the 70’s. Joyce Ann was born in 1967 . Google her name as several sites reported her murder. The court venue changed over and over due to the news. I was 5 years older .. The case ended in San Francisco guilty of course. I have the funeral place info however Bernice just vanished after grandpa died. bernice had a older daughter Velma Jean huff I believe . I’m on ancestry . My grandpa married a walls that died in 62 ., I’m guessing he met Bernice afterwards. My dad Fred woods & my uncle Jim woods lived in California like grandpa & their sister. All are deceased & other siblings remained in Kentucky , Ohio ., Indiana. & Tennessee . Only 1 is alive now. So many secrets .. Grandpa was much older & why Joyce Ann had huff vs woods I’ll never know. The older girl would know. It is possible names were changed due to the crime . A park in hawaiN gardens was named after Joyce Ann huff. Bernice was rather reserved & tall . Accent .

    Any info I’d appreciate & ok sharing . Ty Lisa

      1. What is your name & middle name of Velma’s mom. I have it , just need to know if we are speaking of the same person. Not many know her mom’s middle name .
        I would like a way to contact Velma.
        Is she in contact with our other family members? Only 2 other families were in Southern California , on my Grandfathers side. William L . Woods was not born in Calif .

        Do you know why Joyce Ann Huff was not a Woods at the time of her murder in Hawaiian Gardens?
        Who is Velma’s birth father?

        Are you or Velma registered on the Ancestry site?

        Thank you. Lisa Woods.

  45. Looking for relatives of Alvin E Huff who lived in Essex Missouri in the 1950s. His mothers name was Sarah Huff. Alvin married Verna Eaton also who lived in Essex. I’am their daughter. Brenda Huff, Richardson, Habina.

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